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  • Dewi
    I was very satisfied with the capsules dietonus. In spite of the fact that overweight was not so much (about 10-15 kg), they worked very effectively. The flood of vivacity liked to them, I earn it managed to Boost. I could work all day and not be tired, and focus was much easier. After a day of work, I have no problems, visited the gym, so that the tablets indirectly, we buy only slim but also beautiful bas-Reliefs. Recommend!
  • Ricky
    I saw how a colleague lost in front of our eyes weight, but looked bright and cheerful. It was a little strange, you ask for advice, but I have yet to decided. It turned out that he takes the capsules Dietonus. Decided to buy, and now, as if I was flying – such a lightness in the body, appetite is reduced, and especially in the late afternoon do not Wake up to an acute feeling of hunger, as it used to be. The whole day I could not eat almost, but overnight, well-filled belly (and so scored an additional 20 kg), but thanks to the capsules and my fat is now in the past.
  • Putri
    I fought it for so many years with being overweight, that each, even the hard diet for me was easy. But effect you not brought me, apparently the game with the health and serious limitations in the food killed the metabolism. Saw on the Internet capsules dietonusladies and composition – the drug was completely natural. So I decided to try and not regretted it – now I eat tasty and good, and not something to take, try hard, and the pounds are. In energy, there has been a lot of so that you can plan to go to the gym.
  • Kiki
    Somehow, not much for me, I was weighing 100 kg and more, and if caught, I realized that to me the direct way to the nutritionist. He told me the power supply system, and recommended the capsules dietonus. Effect I was very pleased – thanks to the capsules I was not difficult to eat small portions and don't eat too much, in the evening, the fridge is not attracted to, and especially after a month of such a scheme, no nervousness, and depression not appeared.
  • Andri
    My lifestyle contributed to my tendency to gain weight. Not working as long-haul flights, i.e., the physical activity virtually. All the time at home on the Couch spend. If the hard is to become put in the cabin, decided that it is time to change your lifestyle. Wife bought me the capsules dietonusso I started to take them, and when I came back from the trip, she was thrilled. I'm too thin to go on a walk with her every night, as a wave of energy was awarded. I advise everyone, do not bear your weight, just try to get rid of, and always with capsules dietonus!
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