Corn Silk slimming

In this product, Sitosterol, essential (0.12%) and fat (up to 2.5%) contains oil, Pantothenic acid, resinous (up 2.7%) and other (- 3,8%) substances, bitter glycosides, Inositol, Cryptoxanthin, saponins (up to 3.18%), traces of alkaloids, as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which influence on blood coagulation.

The seeds contain starch (61,2%), pentosans (up to 7.4%), fatty oil (approximately 4.7%), the substances of a special kind (in the vicinity of 0.2%), pyruvic acid, flavone derivatives ( Zeaxanthin, izokvertsitrin, Quercetin and others), Biotin.

Corn germ oil contains Sitosterol and other biologically active nutrients.

Corn contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances, essential oils, and resin. Vitamin C, B, P, PP, K, E, Alkaloid and ascorbic acid.

What are the benefits for the fight with excess weight are?


Corn Silk allow unnecessary weight get rid of, as their use caused such consequences:

  • Suppression of appetite. A decoction of the described product gives the body all necessary for normal functioning of the useful elements, it contains a lot of calories. Therefore, the body is saturated, but receives no extra calories. It is worth noting that the use of corn stigmas suppressed the desire of the people to sweets, and this means that a diet, in the diet, the such ingredient, much easier to transfer, and there is no health risk.
  • Improvement of the metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the slag from the exit faster the body and toxins. This relieves, in turn, the organs (for example kidneys and liver), the faulty function can be the cause of obesity. Corn Silk can act as a laxative, causing toxins to leave the body, and the kidneys begin to work more effectively.
  • Restoration of the salt balance. Exactly disturbed fluid and electrolyte balance is the reason for the increase in appetite and overeating. By all the excess fluid that comes from the body not to bother any more swelling.
  • The reduction of cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol – the official slagging, in addition, it can also lead to the formation of blood clots. The regular use of corn scars helps to avoid this.

Useful properties of corn and corn ralec

Corn, in any case, it's a helpful product, because it contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements. In corn grains, approximately 40% fat, warn, atherosclerosis, Diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Not refined crude corn oil displays the body of cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels, prevents the formation of atherosclerotic Plaques.

Corn Silk dust leaves at the top of bobbins, similar to hair knots. Not to compare, of course, in the taste with the taste of the ears, but you have the ability to act as a diuretic and scheltschegonnoje the Mediterranean, kidney stones are dissolved, the elimination of edema, even of the dead.

Yes and vitamins in them more than in the corn-grains. Preparations of corn medicine to be scars in the school in the treatment of Hepatitis, cholecystitis, gall stones, stasis of bile in the liver and Prostatitis.

Corn Silk have a huge list of medicinal properties, acts on the kidneys, the gall bladder and the metabolism. Therapeutic effect is mainly due to: 1) the kidney (cystitis, Pyelonephritis, oliguria, edema, kidney stones, Enuresis, cystitis, fluid retention);

  1. It has been shown that the Infusion of corn stigmas immune modulator has the properties. Studies In animals have been found to stimulate the production of Interferon (keyword substance in the body's response to infection), as well as an increase in the "Migration of macrophages" (which means that an increase in the activity and the movement of specialized cells that absorb foreign bodies).
  2. Pharmacological studies (in vitro and in vivo) showed that corn silk antioxidant properties, reduces hyperglycemia, antidepressants, to relieve fatigue and is an effective diuretic effect. Some studies confirmed previous results, that this Tool is safe and non-toxic.
  3. Laboratory studies have shown that corn silk is able to by certain bacteria to inhibit the bladder from sticking to cells of the urinary bladder. In addition, this Tool some of the blocks the cancer-connection – Tumor-necrosis-factor-Alpha-induced.
  4. Diuretics have been proven medicinal properties of corn ralec also in a number of studies.

Long silky, shiny fiber on the top side of the corn called "corn silk" and have a lot of options to use as a therapeutic agent. In the course of the centuries, corn Silk is widely used in various Folk the world of medicine, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

Corn Silk is a kidney for the treatment of infections of the urinary bladder, inflammation of the urinary tract, inflammation of the prostate, stones, obesity, bed-wetting. Corn Silk is also therapeutic properties in diseases such as congestive heart failure, Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, increased fatigue, and high cholesterol.

In General, we simply eat the seeds of corn and throw these fibres, as to be useless. But corn Silk contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also contain chemicals to reduce the as water pills (diuretics), blood sugar, but also help to reduce the inflammation.

Corn Silk is a kidney for the treatment of infections of the urinary bladder, inflammation of the urinary tract, inflammation of the prostate, stones, obesity, bed-wetting. Corn Silk is also therapeutic properties in diseases such as congestive heart failure, Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, increased fatigue and high cholesterol

Ways to lose weight

Corn Silk, have a diuretic healing property. Fresh corn silk contain natural good fats and essential oils, resin, rubber, Alkaloid, which has the peculiarity of the feast of the blood vessels, Chlorophyll, phosphoric acid and lots of potassium and manganese pull.

The consumption of this tea provides 3 times in the course of the day, the increase in the release of urine with no harmful effects, which is especially important for those diseases in which the accumulation of water has a negative impact on the body.

In Chinese medicine, corn Silk (yu mi xu), apply for thousands of years. You have a natural sweet taste, and a neutral entity. It is the internal heat, the water and the moisture in the body helps.

  1. In addition, corn Silk, have a therapeutic effect on the digestive system, helps you to function more effectively, nourishing and balancing function of the stomach and the liver. In Chinese medicine, corn Silk apply for the treatment of stones in the gall bladder and the kidneys, but also for the treatment of Diabetes.
  2. Corn promote Silk urination, reduce swelling (especially Jade). They are effective in painful water, accompanied by burning when you leave the sand from the kidneys. They are also used for the treatment of Diabetes.
  3. Also corn Silk therapeutic properties in the treatment of Hepatitis, Cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and hypertension with signs of humidity.

In Chinese medicine, is that contraindications and side-effects of corn ralec missing. Caution is in the use of diuretics.

  1. Medical studies confirm the fact that corn inhibits the development of cancer cells. As a tincture it should be used as a fortifying agent for the prevention of cancer.
  2. Corn reduces the level of sugar in the blood, contains biologically active substances and trace elements. This tincture want to use it to lose weight, are those who suffer from Diabetes. For this raw material with boiling water. Then drink half an hour before each meal. The effect of the plant is not a bad pharmacy drugs.
  3. Corn Silk is best fresh for the process of weight loss. The collect hair cut, is in the jar and pour honey. You eat 1 teaspoon in 25 minutes before eating. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.
  4. Herbal broth is bile. Use tincture of kidney stones, diseases of the gall bladder. The Infusion, diluted with water and drink.
  5. Especially, the plant strengthens the hair. Corn Silk mixed with nettle and whey, rinse with this means of the head, it prevents hair loss. In obesity, atherosclerosis, strengthens the blood vessels, shows cholesterol.
  6. Extract is used in the treatment of Hepatitis, cholecystitis, prostate, disease of the reproductive organs, high blood pressure, swelling. Has anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties.
  1. Of obesity. You take raw materials, cook it, let it brew. Less than half of the Cup. But pay attention to your reaction to the assumed means.
  2. Kidney Disease. Freed from the stone, relieves inflammation of the kidneys. The raw material with water to cover, bring to a boil. Strain and drink throughout the day. After that, it is advisable to have a warm bath or put bubble a heating pad on the location of the urinary bladder.
  3. Renal Stone Disease. Bouillon prepared the same as above, take 2 tbsp. L. broth 3 times a day.
  4. The Clotting Of Blood. Chopped raw materials with boiling water and filtered. After drinking every hour in small SIPS.
  5. Cholecystitis is treated with a finished fluid extract. Use it as a decoction.
  6. At illnesses of a liver. The concentrate reduces the viscosity of bile, increases the secretion. Prepare the Infusion of corn stigmas: casting a raw material of boiled water, allow to stand. Then ottsezhivajut and take 1-2 tablespoons of the tincture several times a day.

Every drug has contraindications. To drink is not recommended corn oil in the medium in such injuries as:

  • high blood clotting;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Idiosyncrasy;
  • during the menstrual cycle;
  • People with deficiency of potassium;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • Kidney and gallstone disease.

The product can connect with other herbs and take in the system. Prior to the use of corn medicines, you need a consultation with the doctor.

corn to lose weight

Corn was increasingly appear on the shelves. In the summer traders can make corn hot on the streets of the city. After years she is back on our table. And that is no coincidence. Even in those days, as information about what nutrients are in one or other of the product, it was simply, our ancestors knew about the properties of corn, in particular corn stigmas.

They are dried and pounded, and also used the broth fresh. Despite the fact that the people do not suspect, to have overlooked that corn is the source of the acids as well as vitamins of the group B, A, E, K, and P, the positive effect of its use was.

Decoctions of corn on the hair is not only a positive effect on the digestion, but also help with such problems with health, such as:

  • Insufficient formation of bile;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Obesity;
  • chronic cholecystitis;
  • heavy bleeding;

The regular consumption of foods of corn, normalizes appetite, speeds up metabolism, cleanses the digestive system, but also the percentage of salts in the body and helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Apart from the broth, prepared on the Basis of corn ralec, perfectly, many of the dieting supplements. Limitations in food, lead to weight loss, often significant content reduce in the diet of substances for the proper working of the kidneys and the liver.

In the rule, medications and food supplements on plant-based do not take it seriously. Therefore, the results of the research on the impact of these drugs on the body, it is difficult. But since corn Silk officially recognized cure, as with any drug, the contraindications.