Diet weight loss belly and flanks

A guaranteed way to lose weight without diet and remove abdominal Trainer and friend, well it helps, and the French classic diet for weight loss belly: Sex & cake, to speed up the results – flour is better to exclude.

But not so simple, being overweight does not accumulate only through bad diet, there are still a number of good reasons that our character is anything other than ideal.

In this article, we have a number of effective diet brought for the removal of fat deposits on the belly and hips, pay special attention to diet for men.

Slim figure and a beautiful belly – a guarantee of health, good mood and success with the opposite sex

The Foundation Stone

how to lose weight

There are many diets to remove belly and sides. Some even costs only proper nutrition and physical activity that is enough to keep your figure in shape.

But for most, requires serious work on yourself: diet, slimming belly should be read in connection with the exercise but also necessary, in order to bring metabolic processes in the body, the water budget to adhere to, Plus cosmetic healing treatments: wraps, massages, etc.

The basic rule of slimming: every day you have to less calories than you spend.

But lack of movement, inactivity, lack of movement, of progress, gave us a lot of machines-helper – do not allow the energy to spend the full amount, so to lose the goal weight and cleanse the stomach, hips, dragging the image, losing weight the correct diet for belly these reduce the number of calories consumed.

The average Person requires 2000 calories

Usefulness — how to lose weight without dieting and belly to remove

Balanced diet and exercise – the key to a beautiful, slender figure, slim waist and a flat stomach. It is scientifically proven that certain products, regulate the metabolic processes in the body, burn the thighs, the fat from the thighs, belly, legs, arms, buttocks, help you lose weight:

  • Milk, with the exception of milk.
  • Ginger – promotes good blood circulation and secretion of the stomach.
  • Cabbage: broccoli and cauliflower – trove of vitamins and trace elements, white herb brush for the body, slag directs.
  • Cucumbers help in combination with a low calorie diet to lose weight fast and cleanse the stomach.

The young fruits are recommended to eat better with the shells

  • Green tea — a powerful fat burner, natural caffeine in the drink subcutaneous fat deposits dissolve and the inner visceral fat, which is why diet weight loss belly and flanks in the menu almost always recommended 3 cups, add green tea per day.
  • Grapefruit for weight loss with membranes, remove the shell. Thanks to the large concentration of Vitamin C, Insulin in the medium is reduced, and choleretic.

Any effective diet for weight loss belly and flanks need additional "helper"

In order to speed up the metabolism, add in the diet:

  • Add the cinnamon, to eat in order to lose weight and melts the drinks, the fat-Cocktail: 1 Cup of boiling water, ½ TSP cinnamon,1 TSP.of honey.
  • Horseradish — its enzymes fat burn belly out.
  • Legumes – Protein-product to make it digestible, the body requires a large amount of energy to expend, hence the slimming effect.
  • Red wine contains a substance which splits the fat cells and gives you no opportunity to develop, to lose weight you need to 100 ml per day.
  • Ammer source of soluble fibre, satiates and gives energy for physical activity, to get rid of belly fat.

Diet in combination with physical activity – here is the way to lose weight and gain a flat stomach

Ways to speed up the metabolism for weight loss

Even the best diet slimming abdomen and flanks are to be observed properly and is also important to stimulate the work of the body:

  • Diet to lose weight – at least 5 meals a day, small amounts.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Water – 1.5-2 liters per day.
  • Physical movement, more movement.
  • Massages and body wraps.
  • A steam room and a Sauna promote weight loss and reduce belly.

Water is mandatory for all diets, except dry

In order to lose weight and reduce belly, cleanse the bowel:

  • Cabbage, lettuce, beets, carrots, preferably green apples, pineapple, peas, beans, lentils;
  • Full-Grain-Culture: Barley, Millet, Oatmeal, Buckwheat, Whole-Grain Bread;
  • Dried fruit, flax seed, bran, dosed sunflower seeds and nuts;
  • Natural Prebiotics: Cabbage Sour, Kombucha Mushroom, Chicory, Onions, Garlic.

Vegetables, the rich enrich the high-fiber diet


On a diet without harm to health is necessary, a medical examination, nutritional advice, and learn the recommends diet for weight reduction and exercise from the abdomen.

Simple diet for fast weight loss belly those who live a sedentary lead

Breakfast for weight loss:

Diet for weight loss
  • Polenta, grated cheese sprinkled;
  • Oatmeal on a diluted milk or water with fruits;
  • Omelette Of 2 Eggs;

On perekus diet for belly low-fat yogurt is allowed.

Lunch is a choice of:

  • baked Pollock or steaming, salad from cucumbers and cabbage;
  • Chicken breast or Turkey and a light salad

Up for dinner, a simple diet for weight loss belly and flanks eat orange, Apple or banana to allow.


  • Kalmar cooked, seasoned with yogurt;
  • Salad of aquaculture with a small amount of Avocado, adjust lemon and olive oil;
  • non-greasy piece of chicken, fish, meat and a bit of poached or raw vegetables.

Important: When a diet is forbidden, fry in oil, food cooking, baking, grilling, steaming, in multicookings.

In the case of a diet to lose weight not counting calories forget

Lose weight in tomatoes

Fast diet tomatoes, remove the belly and flanks, Express power for 4 days:

  • 1: S — the thin slice of black bread + cheese + medium vegetables + coffee without sugar but with milk. About — 2 cloves of garlic finely mode and fry in a tablespoon of vegetable oil, pour 150 ml water, squeeze the lemon juice 1 tbsp. L, salt and pepper in this sauce, add the Spaghetti. For dinner, the macaroni with spinach, 400 grams of vegetables, pour boiling water+60 G of Spaghetti, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven.
  • 2: in the morning – cottage cheese with 80 G raspberries or other fruits, day – boiled chicken 100 G, fresh tomatoes and chopped parsley, in the evening – Gazpacho.
  • 3: Breakfast repeat of 2 days, lunch — roast, small green pepper and pumpkin – 150 G per tablespoon of vegetable oil + finely chopped tomatoes 100 G + 50-75 G of light yoghurt + garlic and onions, in the Sauce of the Spaghetti 60 G, and simmer until soft, for dinner, 2 medium tomato slices, 100 G mushrooms, braising were roasted, with pasta mix and bake with a little cheese.
  • 4: to Start the day — bread, a slice of cheese, tomato, and coffee, in the middle – bread, cheese, slices of the top of vegetables and salad, dinner: 2 medium-sized carrots, cut into slices and fry, 100 ml of water, simmer 5 min, dressed with parsley or Basil, pepper, salt and serve the Sauce with 60 G of ready-made Spaghetti.

Diet for abdomen and waist before and after photo

To help the well-known diet to lose weight and get rid of the belly

Table number 8 is a therapeutic, light diet for losing weight belly and helps get rid of fat. Developed by nutritionists for people with obesity and those prone to overeating.

Important: In the case of a diet, watch the calorie content does not enter in the menu of fast carbohydrates and additional fats. Even if it was the strict diet remove belly and flanks, the menu must consist of at least 1.5 liters of water.

You can eat for losing weight:

  • Lean fish, meat, poultry – 150 G per day.
  • 2 eggs any shape or Form.
  • Rye and wheat bread, wholemeal bread.
  • Low-fat dairy products, cheese is desirable.
  • Vegetables in unlimited quantities, a large part of it raw.
  • Whole grain products are allowed, but remove the bread.
  • Stewed fruit without sugar, diluted 1: 1 with water.

Sweet, pastries, sausage, convenience food diet under the strict prohibition. With such a variety, can be a quite nutritious and well-balanced diet and in a short time to get rid of belly and deposits on the hips.

Vegetables is recommended, in the raw state

Lose weight on buckwheat

Buckwheat menu — effective diet for a flat stomach and a slim waist, in case of strict observance, helps to lose weight more than 10 kg for 14 days.

Cook porridge for the day: a pound of grits fill with boiling water — 1.5 L, wrap the pot in a blanket, in the morning it is ready.

At the end of the diet to remove belly fat, it is sufficient, only 100 G of groats

Split throughout the day to 5-6 meals, you can use the Kefir, Plus 2 cups of water.

Important: Rigid buckwheat effective diet, but not suitable for everyone, so up to the beginning of the diet for weight loss is necessary to consult a doctor.

For greater effect to remove, water in your diet and replace green tea

Delicious diet for weight loss, helps to the belly

Menu for weight loss

Orange diet to fast belly lose weight in a week out of 3 kg. the Breakfast is always the same: 1 Citrus, 1 bread, tea or coffee, sugar eliminate.

Continue helps to lose weight menu for 5 days:

Day Lunch Dinner
1 hard-boiled egg – 1 PC., Cup of yogurt, orange 1 PCs. egg — 2 PCs., toast, medium-sized tomatoes
2 Fruit – 1, yogurt – 200 ml, bread, boiled egg — 1 Beef -150 G boiled, orange -1, tomato – 1 medium, toast, a glass of butter milk
3 orange – 1, 400 ml of yogurt, hard-boiled egg – 1 bread Beefsteak on a pair of 150 G fruit — 1, - Kefir – one glass, toast
4 Quark low-fat – 150 G, medium-sized cucumber – 1, tomato – 1, bread Turkey or beef — 150 G, Apple – 1, Toast with tomato
5 Boiled fish – 200 G, 400 ml of butter milk, 2 tomatoes, 2 lettuce Ei -1, Lettuce – 5 Leaves, Tomatoes – 2 PCs.

Orange diet for weight loss and belly not suitable for people with allergies against citrus fruits and chronic diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract

A weekly Protein diet for weight loss

Protein diet to remove belly fat and lose weight, good for those who like meat and vegetables.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 150 G beef + Assorted Sauerkraut with peas – 100 G green tea – 200 mm 150 G beef + cold cuts from fresh cabbage with Paprika and chopped herbs – 100 G 150 G of boiled saithe (hake, cod) + 2 small boiled potatoes + grated beetroot, low-fat yogurt makes
2 100 G of beef, carrots, raw and grated with yogurt — 100 G, green tea 200 G of steamed fish, 1 Apple, 1: 1 diluted compote 100 G of steam bread fish with beetroot salad – 100 G, a slice of black
3 100 G boiled lean pork, Apple 200 g. beans + 200 G of vegetables (all raw) 150 G pork meat and 100 G of stewed cabbage with peas
4 100 G Cottage Cheese, Tea 150 G salad from fresh vegetables, 150 grams of lean meat stew Salad from tomatoes with onions – 150 G, filled with Butter
5 2 bread drink a glass of butter milk Fish 150 G + sliced tomatoes with Butter -100 G 200 G of lean meat, drink or Apple juice + 1 Apple
6 150 G of cottage cheese and 200 ml of green tea 100 G legumes-cooked, shredded carrots — 100 G 150 G of steamed fish and salad – 100 G
7 2 bread 200 ml of milk to drink 200 G of meat with vegetables – 100g The soup in meat broth with vegetables. 100 G lean lamb meat, 1 slice of black bread

Weeks diet slimming abdomen and flanks for an active lifestyle, so important, intense physical movement.

Meat lean

Diet for a strong half of mankind – beer belly

You need to pick up an optimum diet, don't eat to reduce it to 18 hours (horror of horrors!) Amount of beer, diet 5-6 times per day.

Without diet and physical activity is not get rid of the beer belly to succeed

Diet for a flat stomach allowed:

  • Proteins are lean meat, eggs and fish, fermented low-fat products;
  • complex carbohydrates – grains and vegetables-in small quantities;
  • Fatty Acids – Vegetable Oil.

Effective belly-salt relieves free diet. And of course daily exercises:

  • belly — Swing abdominal muscles reduce with lying position – 30 times;
  • Deep squat – 30 times;
  • to lift lying down, hands under your ass and begin to buttock upwards, as high as possible 30 times.

5 minutes in this Position every day and the belly disappears

To remove, the flanks and the abdominal Wrap helps: Apple cider vinegar 1:3, cotton cloth, thin moistened, wring, and put around the problematic zones, ukutyvaemsâ foil, the top of warm clothes, we go in this Form for about an hour.