The best diet to lose weight for women

Excellent diet for weight loss help, look good on every important event. They come in those situations in which you get rid of in a few days to a few pounds.

Diet for weight loss for women

There are many effective diets. What to choose? Each of you is most righteous. But even with the best diet to make lose weight for women menus, taking into account the age and physical characteristics of the organism.

Potato Days

It is one of the options is Mono. In the course of 2 days, there are just potatoes. You can have it cooked bake in the oven, cooking in water or steamed. You can prepare vegetables without salt, herbs and spices. You can use a small piece of unrefined vegetable oil. This domestic diet can lose 2 kg.

Only Juice!

While the diet allows you to drink only freshly squeezed citrus juice. No Food! Drink make from 7-8 oranges, 2 Grapefruits and an equal number of lemons. The amount of juice to drink for a recording. Per day three consume such portions. If Hunger bothers you greatly, then you can drink unlimited water. This mode should stay 2-3 days.

Egg-Honey Diet

Only two days and you can for a long time to say goodbye to a few kilograms. Uncomplicated menu diet supplemented with a special Cocktail, so that it is easy, restrictions in the diet. The drink is made of egg yolk and a spoon of honey. It must you drink on an empty stomach before each meal. The dinner is not recommended to go later than four hours before bedtime.

Bananas and milk – fast fat burning

High-quality diet for weight loss take 2 to 5 days. In this period, it can lose almost 3 kg. what's the secret? Two bananas and three glasses of fresh milk – this is the daily ration. This meet is not necessarily a specific diet. You can eat a small piece of banana or drink a little milk, if the feeling of Hunger begins to remember.

Rice Days

A special rice diet can give your weight to two pounds per 48 hours During this time, the diet is committed to consists of 250 G of cooked rice and 2 or 3 tomatoes. And although the diet is very effective, but to abuse it it is not necessary. Rice strongly dehydrates the body, which adversely affects the health.

Express Diet

For quick weight loss, we recommend the use of a special Express diet. Their peculiarity is that the dinner replaces the Cup of boiling soothing herbs. Sounds complicated? A couple of days of impressive results make us forget about the fears and doubts.

Instead of eating a special Cocktail

This variant is considered to be rather hard. Finally, you complete meal give up, and you replace him with a Cocktail. But the special recipe of the drink allows for the transfer of the above-mentioned limitations much easier. For its preparation you will need 1.5 liters of mineral water, 20 G of honey, 1 teaspoon pepper, freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix the ingredients. Please drink the whole dose for a day.

Diet Models

Diet for weight loss

Models must be slim and attractive. Therefore, they will attack once a month on a very strict diet. For Breakfast, you can eat cooked egg. The lunch and the afternoon meal consists of fat-free yogurt, unsweetened green tea. Food is prohibited. Follow these tips for 3 days you can use your weight to 3 kg.

A Low-Carb Diet

Compliance with the Low-Carb diet, it is necessary to give up sugar and sweets. The menu consists of hearty, but low-calorie dishes. Breakfast – a little bit of cheese or a glass of fresh berries. For lunch, we recommend eating the plate of vegetable soup or cooked beans, a piece of bread (preferably rye), cheese, coffee without sugar. The dinner consists of a vegetable salad or 100 G of lean meat, and unsweetened teas. In the course of time, it is essential to drink a lot of water.