As you start to lose weight, or the basic steps to lose weight

Uncontrolled weight gain, obesity, obesity - these are all different names for a Problem. Your name - being overweight, increase the connection with the Lazy lifestyle and poor nutrition. Attempts to diet and strenuous workouts in the gym are inconclusive, if the interested Person does not lose weight clear goals. As you start to lose weight and change their own behavior for the sake of a beautiful figure - the new theme on our Website.

As you start to lose weight, or the basic steps to lose weight

The first steps and Motivation

The main cause of the unsuccessful losing weight is not a goal, and a thought-out Plan to achieve it. Always set realistic goals. For example, if you expect to lose 10 - 15 kg a few days before each important event, can hardly relieve the situation, such a solid Ballast excess fat in a short time. Also with more weight. Get rid of 30 kg and more can break up the process of weight loss on several stages, and inventing new goals in each victory.

We talk about the Plan. The paper was not ejected with ingenious calculations, it should turn in an important document. You expect that you have a week exactly in the position to lose weight 1 kg, and lurid weeks Plan. If the arrow on the scale is not overturns, for the prevention of skin aging and sagging skin discharge per week is dominated optimally more than 0.5 kg.

Experts recommend not to lose weight on the graph to change, if not behind the mountains on vacation. Long-lasting results you will achieve, because the destroyed plenty of any time of purpose.

The essence of the Motivation is in the subconscious setting to remove it. As soon as you remain aware of the deviation of the Situation (her face is attractive, but the body does not fit into your favorite dresses, skirts, pants), do you remember how long have not more sports and eating habits compare with the ideals of healthy eating, it will be easier to overcome the psychological barrier and closer to the Standards of the weight on the growth and age.

The Evaluation Of Your Weight

Before you start to lose weight, need to have a reliable assessment of the weight, which allows a simple calculation:

BMI = weight (in kg) divided by body size (translated into centimeters and a built in 2-th power).

For example, for a weight of 100 kg woman has a body size-163 cm (1 m 63 cm). The BMI is for you: 100 / (1.63 * 1.63) = 100 / 2.66 = 37.6

With this indicator, go to the doctor and discuss lose weight the feasibility. Specialist informed individually, to strive for what the outcome of BMI.

Prior to the visit of the doctor measure the circumference of the waist. If the number is higher than 90 cm in men and 80 cm in women the risk of incidence of Diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular pathologies.

Calculation of the calorie content of your daily diet

The FIRST STEP - calculation of the actual calorie diet

To find out how you can start to lose weight, or the basic steps to reduce weight, to start with of the sequence - keep a diary and write all of the products eaten per day, and drunk the liquid. Take notes for 5 - 7 days. Then on the counter caloric content of food determine the energy potential of your usual diet.

The SECOND STEP - calculation of the physiological cost of energy per day

These data give the actual energy spent by the body on the functioning of the various departments. Also if you sleep in the night always in the body nor any of the processes running. Their execution requires a certain amount of energy. To reduce the formula to calculate the physiological energy is the knowledge of the exact amount of energy that the body requires daily.

Mathematical problems are solved on the morning after the weigh-in on an empty stomach. Daily consumption of energy by the criterion of age.


For Women:

  • 30 years ago: (x 0.0621 exact quantity kg + 2.0357) x 240
  • With 31 to 60 years of age: (0.0342 x weight in kg + 3.5377) x 240
  • Ladies over 60 years old (0.0377 x weight in kg + 2.7546) x 240

For Men:

  • 30 years ago: (0.0630 x weight in kg + 2.8957) x 240
  • With 31 to 60 years: (0.0484 x weight in kg + 3.6534) x 240
  • Older group: (0.0491 x weight in kg + 2.4587) x 240

More: in the case of weak mobility, the resulting number is multiplied by 1.1, in the case of intensive sports and physical stresses - on 1.5. Moderately active slimming you multiply your recording to 1.3. The final result of calorie intake diet for every single occasion.

The THIRD STEP is the calculation of the daily caloric-nutrient ration for successful weight reduction

You take the digital result from the previous step and otminusuyte 20 - 30 %. Interest rates according to the calorie content should not kcal more than 500. Calculated the calorie content of 1100 - 1300 kcal reaches the limits. Value less than 1000 is invalid.

If the count value was more than 1100 - 1300, reduce gradually, the calorie, with a weekly reduction of 500 kcal. The fierce geflle the calories dangerous for the health. Therefore, only 500 kcal per week.

The FOURTH STEP - the calculation of the daily requirement in fats

Recommended fat intake to 25 % from the already well-known daily calories. Among them, 8 to 10 % fats drained vegetable nature. You take the number of the calorie intake from the previous step and consistently parts 4 and 9.

To facilitate the understanding of the topics. For example, you know that losing weight is daily necessary, get the 1500 kcal. Part of the fat - 25 % of total calories: 1500 / 4 = 375 kcal. Now 375 divided by 9 and get fat, 41.7 G.

The FIFTH STEP of calculation of protein needs

Ideally, if each kilogram of the weight of the human body must protein 1 G. Substances of animal origin in a common ground needs to be at least 55 %. If you make an effort the weight to 60 kg, that means that you need 60 G of protein. Of them animal protein - 33 G

The SIXTH STEP is to calorie distribution on the principle of fractional power

  • Early Breakfast: 25 %
  • Lanch: 15 %
  • Lunch: 30 %
  • Afternoon snack: ~ 15 %
  • Dinner: 15 %

Information to interpret in concrete numbers by, for example, the food with the reference number 1500, and the results in килокалориях:

  • Breakfast: 375
  • Lunch: 225
  • Lunch: 450
  • Snack: 150 - 225
  • Dinner: 225

Recommendation of proper nutrition

Protein-Rich Food

Protein products for weight loss preferably eating lean meat (Steam veal, beef, rabbit) and fish. Cottage cheese can be a low fat content (up to 4 %), cheese with a fat content of less than 30% Bird meat is better with chicken breast. Kefir is useful, with a fat content of 0.5 - 1.5 %.

In the preparation of meat dishes, you remove the visible fat. Refrain you were to sausage, stew, subproducts, meats. Vegetable proteins in the daily diet allowed for up to 45 %.


Substances in this category must be paid 25 - 30 %. Indispensable exclusion-refundable sour cream, Butter, meats, fats, cheese, Chips, cakes, sausages, Mayonnaise. From vegetable oils in preference кукурузному, OLIVE, rapeseed. The maximum number per day - 1 TSP.

Remember: only one gram of fat is 9 kcal, resulting in 2.25 times larger compared with carbohydrates and proteins.

Increased attention to the compression of the share of animal fats, took up of milk and meat products. On fish ban is not superimposed because of the high usefulness of your fat.


For a smooth slimming you are going to slowly digestible carbohydrates, i.e. complex. These are:

  • Vegetables.
  • The Beans.
  • The Berries.
  • Grits entire.
  • Baking bread and noodles made from whole grain (bread, bran, grey, full-grain food is allowed in an amount of from 2 to 3 thin chunk per day).

Fruit not recommended more than 4 units per day.

Here is a list of useful carbohydrates for the figure is:

  • Pumpkin.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Bush pumpkins.
  • The Kohlrabi.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Cucumbers.
  • The Aubergine.
  • Carrots.
  • Celery.
  • Cutting beans.
  • Headed Lettuce.
  • Chicory.
  • Radishes.
  • Peppers.
  • Rose cabbage white.

Only vegetable of the day is consumed up to 500 G, which corresponds to 2-m portions.

Minimize or exclude from the diet must be completely grapes, bananas, dates, melon, dried fruits,. It is desirable, beer and other alcohol, and all the candy.

How to lose weight: exercises

The planned program of weight decrease successfully, strengthens the power consumption by regular execution of the exercise. Task sporting events accelerating the metabolism, the optimization of the General health and recovery of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Classes, the help, the fight with the hated kilograms:

  • Run.
  • Walking.
  • Aerobics.
  • Race skis.
  • To ride a Bicycle.
  • Jump rope.
  • A swim in the Pool and pond.

From intense workouts to nothing. It is important to regularly and with pleasure. First of all, exercises devote 15 minutes 3 P. per week. With each week, the time to 40 minutes.

In the course of employment be sure to check for a pulse. Grasp the wrist joint of the Hand and count the number of beats at the radial artery. After 15 seconds remove the Hand and multiply that number to 4. Loads affect the frequency of the pulse. It is 70 - 90% of heart rate should.


The maximum heart rate is calculated as follows: 200 minus your age to the full number of years. For example, for the 37-year-old woman pulse frequency during the lesson, not to 163 beats/min exceed.

Now you know how you start to lose weight in the great weight, and when that happens all of the basic steps to weight loss, you will see an attractive mirror image of the slender and happy people.