Menu for a week to lose weight

For many women and men is a hot topic in the nutrition and closely associated with emaciation. Of the well-being, mood and attractive appearance that brings confidence. The topic of proper nutrition, diets, the choice of food for the menu is devoted to the an incredible number of books, reveals the secrets of weight loss. But where to start? The best Option on the menu for a week for weight loss. Then you can use it as the basis of the system of the power supply.

Menu for losing weight for a week

The basic principles of the diet for slimming

General recipe on how and what we eat in order to lose weight, do not exist. To come up with a suitable menu for a week for fast weight loss, you need to the individual characteristics of the organism. During the years of research in this area scientists a basis to develop the principles of proper nutrition, taking into account the most important factors:

  • Menu for weight loss should remain varied, with a balanced content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates.
  • Mode the right nutrition, looks at the consumption of those who want to grain the pounds to lose.
  • The balance of vitamins in the body, should be in the daily food plan, vegetables and fruit.
  • If losing weight is not milk, to exclude products from the menu, but with age, better to use them in limited quantities.
  • In the weekly menu, a fish, the acids are a source of healthy Omega-3.
  • The whole fat from the diet does not exclude absolutely, but slimming you'd better replace the animals to crop.

Interfere with the proper nutrition and prevent weight loss habits bad habits, but the physical effort is always welcome. To lose without visiting the gym, weight is difficult: the menu of dietary food and proper nutrition are only removing a part of the necessary programs. When not in the mood for a long overweight is reset, note these important factors. For quick weight loss menu Plan for at least a week, and eat fresh products, including in the diet of lean meat, fish, vegetables, cottage cheese, and fruit.

How do you make a menu?

Menu planning for the week — this is where to start. Will depend on how effectively succeed in losing weight get rid of extra pounds. Another positive side-effect of the planning of the menus for weight loss includes the saving of time and money, because meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, dairy products, beverages to buy in a certain amount in advance.

Before you make in the supermarket or browse the menu. In the selection of products and dishes based on the daily requirement of Protein, fat, carbohydrates, and the compatibility of the products. To lose weight, we recommend a Snack in between Breakfast, lunch and dinner, fresh fruit or nuts, to take into consideration in the compilation of the menu.

Exemplary menu for a week for men and women

If you decide to lose weight, you must begin with the realization of the task, using exemplary menu for a week for effective weight loss. The pounds don't immediately go. Compliance with the right nutrition, make the menu, in everyday life, not to complaints. In the ideal case, this mode you have to all the time, also in the diet a variety of foods. Approximate weekly menu for diet looks like this:

1. Day (Monday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1200 kcal.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal (100 G), green tea. In the broth, the raisins can add.
  • Snack: 1 Cup of low-fat yogurt, cereal, bread (2 pieces).
  • Lunch: 100 G of cooked rice, chicken breast, tomato, a glass of mineral water without Gas.
  • Snack: Kiwi or low-fat yogurt.
  • For Dinner: Crab Meat, Vegetables, Salad, Mineral Water.

2. Day (Tuesday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1200 kcal.
  • Breakfast: 2 bread, 1 boiled egg, tea or coffee without sugar. May drinks to replace tea for weight loss.
  • Snack: Nuts, Pears.
  • Lunch: beef steak, cucumber or other vegetables.
  • Snack: Grain Bread, Carrot Juice.
  • For dinner: braised fish (low-fat varieties), green salad, mineral water without Gas.

3. Day (Wednesday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1185 kcal.
  • For Breakfast: buckwheat (100 G), green tea, or coffee.
  • Snack: low-fat cottage cheese, mineral water.
  • Lunch: salad with octopus, soft cheeses (60 G), tea.
  • Snack: natural yoghurt (125 G), salad seasoned with lemon.
  • For Dinner: Omelette, Tomato, Mineral Water.
Recipe Meat

4. Day (Thursday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1185 kcal.
  • Breakfast: oatmeal (100g), Grapefruit, green tea or coffee.
  • Snack: 1 boiled egg, vegetable juice.
  • Lunch: Risotto with mushrooms, mineral water.
  • Snack: Apple, Cottage Cheese (125 G), Tea.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad with cheese, bottled water.

5. Day (Friday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1150 kcal.
  • For Breakfast: cheese (30 G) muesli, crispbread, dried apricots (60 G), green tea.
  • Snack: Cottage Cheese (125 G Each), Mineral Water.
  • Lunch: boiled veal (150 G) with green peas, vegetable juice.
  • Snack: toasted, with tomatoes and onions, mushrooms, mineral water.
  • For Dinner: Shrimp (200 G), Vegetables, Mineral Water.

6. Day (Saturday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1120 kcal.
  • For Breakfast: buckwheat (100 G), seasoned with vegetable oil (1 tbsp), tea.
  • Snack: fresh tomatoes with Basil, Mozzarella cheese (100 G).
  • Lunch: fish (100 G) grilled, potato (cooked), vegetable salad with lemon juice
  • Snack: low-fat yogurt (125 G), mineral water.
  • For Dinner: Vegetable Stew, Tea.

7. Day (Sunday)

  • Daily rate of calories: up to 1140 kcal.
  • For Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (150 G), dried fruits (100 G), coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Snack: Yogurt (1 Cup), Corn Bread (2 Pieces)
  • Lunch: bean stew with fresh herbs and lemon, green tea.
  • Snack: boiled egg (1 PC.), Apple, Tomato, Mineral Water.
  • Dinner: cooked veal (150 G), cabbage salad (100 G), mineral water.

Recipes diet cuisine for weight loss

For weight reduction, it is important to eat fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products, you need to follow to plan a menu a diet. The principle of proper nutrition means giving harmful food, the transformation of the regime, the absorption of food in the small portions. To lose along with recipes, diet food, weight, weight closer to the optimal parameters, which is faster, and the reward is a lean of figure and serenity.

Diet meals for losing weight are based on two principles: low in calories and easy to prepare. You will save the maximum number of useful substances in meat, fish, vegetables, fruit in the process of creating the menu — this is another important point that characterizes diet recipes. In this Form, they will be useful for those who want to lose weight.

Beef with rice and herbs

From the calculation of 800 G fillet of beef:

  • Round Rice (2 Cups),
  • Paul stalks leeks,
  • fresh cucumber (2 small pieces),
  • Dill, Parsley,
  • Thyme (2 Branches),
  • Soy sauce,
  • Bay leaf,
  • black polka dot.


  1. Rice in the evening, pour plenty of water, so that until the morning in the fridge.
  2. In a pot with cold water put the meat, cooking to degrease at high heat, after 2 minutes, take it off, pour the broth into the sink.
  3. Again, put a piece of beef in cold water, before into four parts, cut up, re-cook the meat.
  4. Branches green Association leek the thread with the stem and immerse in boiling water, adding only 10 minutes to readiness of meat black pepper, Bay leaf.
  5. Preparation of dietary dishes doesn't take longer than 60 minutes.
  6. In Parallel with the beef cooked and garnished. With rice, the night Stand, drain the water, rump washed, pour in a pot of water (4 cups) and put on fire, bring to a boil.
  7. After 15 minutes, remove from heat, add finely chopped cucumber, leek, soy sauce.
  8. As a spice for the dietetic dish is lemon juice.

Diet salad (eggplant, Apple, green peas)

To cook diet-salad, 300 G of eggplant must take:

  • Apple (1 PC)
  • green peas (100 G),
  • boiled egg;
  • Luk.


  1. With the eggplant, remove the skin and fry with a little oil in a frying pan.
  2. Add the diced onions, stir and immediately remove from heat.
  3. When the vegetables are cooled, mix in sliced Apple, peas and egg.
  4. Supplement diet salad Dressing to taste. For this purpose, the vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) or lemon juice with salt is suitable.

Omelette with cottage cheese and spinach


Excellent recipe, the menu for weight loss is the airy omelet, the preparation of:

  • low-fat cottage cheese (50 G),
  • Eggs (2 Pieces),
  • Olive Oil (1 Tbsp),
  • Spinach (70 G).


  1. Beat the egg yolk with a little water, mix with fried spinach, then add proteins.
  2. Omelette in the pan with cheese in the middle, fry the patties. Before serving, be folded in the middle.
  3. The sprinkle diet omelette grated cheese.