Running for weight loss: whether or not the effect, run how and when?

Run — one of the basic factors with which the mind and body in harmony. This simple exercise has a beneficial effect on the whole organism by the activation of a variety of processes, the potential of the people.

running for weight loss

Can run it at any time of the day: in the morning, when in the blood the level of hormones increases, the natural remedy for the discharge and the ability to have the body back in harmony.

In the evening, Jogging are the ideal prevention-day voltage, so you can relax, recharge and sleep in a strong healthy sleep. Since Stress and fatigue accumulate degradation products in the body that cause fatigue.

Can run in any season and at any place: at home, in the stadium, on the embankment, in the woods or in the Park. The nature and the singing of the birds provide a lot of positive emotions.

In addition, long running promotes the release of Serotonin in the blood — the hormone of happiness, a certain amount of concentration, which causes the Person is simply in a state of euphoria.

What is still useful?

Continuous training to develop the personal qualities: education, determination, self-control and strength of will. In the case of such people, adequate sober self-assessment,not for nothing they say that a healthy body – healthy mind!

Increases mental activity by itself the solution of the most important questions. In the course of the current of the blood with oxygen, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Making more active the nervous system and the brain.

The systematic employment step contributes to the increase of immunity, by improving the blood hemoglobin and red blood cells. Physical loading during running lead to a reduction in the cholesterol level, normalize the metabolism, improve digestion, resulting in a reduced feeling of hunger, which leads to weight loss of the body and the rejuvenation of the skin.

Jogging increases the oxygen capacity of the blood to all organs and cells in a variety of fabrics-enriched blood with oxygen and nutrients. Thus:

  1. Improves the work of the heart and the blood vessels of the heart muscle is strengthened.
  2. Relieves the kidneys, the way to improve their function.
  3. Regeneration of the liver is partly. But the secretion of the toxins from the blood not only happens through the liver.

While running all the organs, as well as the result are involved in almost every run, as any physical exertion is sweating, which promotes the cleaning of the whole organism of slags and toxins.

Constant training to strengthen the hart and the musculoskeletal system, which is particularly important and useful for elderly people because of degenerative change in muscle and bone tissue, prevents.

How strange, but also significant skin damage, torn tissue, and capillaries, bruising and internal bruising be treated by increased blood flow while Jogging.

Running just helps to get rid of high blood pressure, shortness of breath, colds and even flat feet, but the activity must be carried out in a special Shoe.

And what is the most important, Jogging is useful for women, especially for the chest. So Michelle Norris — researchers from the University of Portsmouth in the UK, in the course of the research came to the conclusion that the intense movement of the chest, a total of up to 15 cm on each step, not only can you of your strengths (and more to the exercises to tighten the breast), but also prevents breast cancer.

Morning or evening Jogging — which is better?

To the question: What is Jogging better: morning or evening? There is no certain answer can. In the morning-to Wake up Jogging, the perfect opportunity and the body to cheer. But increased physical activity for not fully aroused organism to some of the problems can be fraught, especially if a Person suffers from any serious illness.

However, even in this case, you will not do without the morning jog. The main thing – to any strain good for Jogging with walking warm up, alternate.

the use of running

Evening jog, in the opinion of most coaches, and more useful, since the processes of the body are activated, and the entire load is concentrated on the muscle mass, running only allows you to reduce Stress and relax the body.

But a "flip side of the coin" — a big congestion of cars pollute the environment, and even more harmful for the health. While the pure morning air has a positive effect on the body and stimulating for the whole day.

What is Jogging or walking better?

Jogging and active go, be it in nature or on the stairs of the house, equally useful for the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks, weight loss and slimming belly. But here there are some nuances.

Running is recommended if you want to develop the muscles of the legs and of the buttocks. But, if you need to strengthen your muscles to reduce thoracic, and back, shoulder girdle and arms, slimming belly or waist — to Alternative styles of movement: up and running with high climbs of the knee, one internal pocket with and step.

Therefore, if you want a hardy body, strengthen the respiratory system and the circulatory System, then the intense pressures required, i.e. preferably run.

However, the Moment to run, if both legs are floating in the air, and run alternately lands on the mass of the whole body is on the one or on the other leg. In obesity, the movement is exerting a certain pressure on the spine, injuries spinal discs can. Jogging is not as desirable as sick:

  • arterial and ENT-pressure
  • Asthma and circulatory System
  • severe injuries to the legs, diseases of the bones and joints
  • other severe diseases.

In these cases, it is desirable not to go, since the legs, the spine and other organs can experience constantly in contact with the earth — a strong stress. And it is only after the body muscles and joints a little stronger, you can alternately go with a run on the short routes, and then, after consultation with the attending physician.

In relation to the efficiency of lose weight walking and running, then they are almost equivalent, so how to get rid of excess weight, and you can run and a daily fast walk. With the only difference that running burns fat faster, and go a little slower.

But in any case, such training must be systematic, after three-four times per week, every day. Program for beginners — not less than half an hour, the duration of the employment must continue to increase.

The proper diet for Jogging

Running provides a healthy way of life. Therefore, if you decide the Training is not less important, the attention to your diet. It must be balanced, as much as possible, not to greasy, and the vegetable food, rich in vitamins and trace elements:

  • Vegetables and herbs: tomatoes and peppers, cabbage and celery, carrots and red beets, parsley and Dill, and other
  • Dry Fruits: Dates, Raisins, Prunes, Nuts, Peanuts, Honey
  • Fruits: citrus fruits and apples, currants, rose hips, sea buckthorn, cranberry, and other
  • Fish and seafood, vegetable oils: olive, Flaxseed, sunflower oil cold pressed and not refined.

All of these products are sources of: potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, And e. specially valuable for weight loss, health and youth of the skin and of the entire organism, and the restoration of bones and joints.

How to run properly?

Prior to the beginning of the exercise, choose comfortable shoes and breathable cotton sportswear, because in addition to the cheap running, you need to take care of their health.

Despite the relative simplicity of running, here there are its own rules:

Natural Acceleration. Prior to the beginning of a run, try to step to accelerate, then in a natural way enable you to run, the movement should be smooth and uniformly, without jumps or abrupt movements.

The Position of the body. The housing of the body slightly forward tilt, bend your arms at the elbows and press lightly on the torso, while running running can natural intense movement – forward-backward. But we should not give up on the body along or make the "expansive" movement. Try to cut each leg at the top.

Breath. The breathing should be calm and, of course, try to breathe through the nose. Although a lot of athletes, increased Training, practicing breathing — nose, loud exhale through the mouth. If you are short of breath, try to reduce the Tempo and to normalize the breathing.

The end of the run. You stop Jogging, the changeover to the quick step, then the normal go. You set the breathing and the heartbeat.

Techniques of running

Running should be fun, without the tension and tingling in the page. Start small, gradually increasing the load, and remember — the possibilities of our body are limitless.