Proper diet for weight loss: menus for every day

Beautiful lady, slim figure like, but the old the beauty of the skin and hair and will not harm your health. However, a strict diet, drastic restriction of diet, deprivation of the organism of the important and nutritious mineral substances leads to the process of the weight overshadowed the acceptance failures with the internal System. But that's not all.

proper nutrition

The acquisition of the harmony by means of a specific diet is often only short-term results. In General, after the return to normal diet, the body tries to the lack of many elements, because of what he digested every eaten calorie in the future, and provoked the re-weight gain. If the task is for women to actually lose weight with the use and health for the body and save the result for the coming years, then the return is worth handle on the System of proper nutrition.

In the right diet, the following components should be:

  • vegetable proteins (legumes, nuts);
  • Proteins of animal origin, but in smaller amounts (fish, lean beef, chicken);
  • fast carbohydrates, but they can be useful products (fruits and dry fruits, is best eaten in the first half of the day):
  • slow carbohydrates (cereals, vegetables);
  • vegetable oils and fats.

As you can see from this list, animal fats (Butter, Margarine), and carbohydrates excluded, provide empty calories in the body. There are various fast Food, sweets, confectionery. You wear a number of extra pounds.

Eat, in principle, a portion of everything should be possible, but in this amount not more than 350 grams. Even if the meal consists of two courses, then 200 grams, for example, you must on a piece of chicken breast, and 150 on a salad, or Vice versa.

Diet be better useful products, the largest part of vegetables, whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, fruit, meat and fish are meat-free varieties should take. This diet is better to eat five times in order to avoid during the day, the feelings of Hunger, and the people rush on products that are harmful to eat and taking much more than required in the internal System.

Of all the possibilities of the preparation is recommended:

Fry is also permitted, but with a mini the addition of vegetable oils to paint. And it relates to more Protein products. Carbohydrates better not to process and eat them fresh. When it comes to the pulps, cooking perfect only provisionally zaparivat as long.

Breakfast in such a diet is of great importance. He invites you with the necessary energy for the whole day, so the morning meal, do not deny is necessary. And before the Breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, which speeds up the metabolism. In addition, there are a couple of tips that may be useful for those who have decided to lose weight, with ease and without adhering to a strict diet:

  1. Fruits should not eat to heavy, something special, and meat. It is harder for the stomach and triggers the process of fermentation. As a result, occurrence of constipation, which will slow down the entire process of obtaining the harmony. Fruit-eating the fruits at best 15 minutes before your main meal or separately as a stand-alone snack.
  2. The lunch should consist ideally from protein and complex carbohydrates. This will saturate the body for a long time, and then out to dinner to occur in the sense of hunger.
  3. The Breakfast should be 30 minutes after waking up, and if a man is drinking a Cup of coffee, but before that you should eat a piece of cheese, boiled egg or Toast with vegetables.
  4. When she gets closer to the night of the appetite, instead of any harmful or caloric content of product, you can have a glass of butter milk or natural yogurt drink, add minced meat / rye-bran. This drink fills the stomach, provides a feeling of satiety and helps the intestine.

In compliance with the proper nutrition, the human being, in theory, the diet of all and favorite dishes, but the same amount is dosed. However, the main part of the menu, useful products that not only provide the body with vitamins and minerals, but not sagging at the waist and the hips in the Form of body fat. In the context of the most common products should be:

Diet for losing weight
  • Vegetables and fruit in fresh Form (especially cabbage, cucumbers, and zucchini, celery, apples, plums, citrus fruits);
  • Chicken without the skin, Turkey, veal and rabbit;
  • Fish white varieties, but once a week of salmon or Ketu;
  • Seafood;
  • Grain cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice, pasta from durum wheat, millet and barley);
  • Beans, beans, peas and lentils;
  • Natural milk and milk products without large amounts of sugar and reduced fat content;
  • Bread made from wholemeal and rye flour;
  • Cheese with low salt content (better white varieties);
  • Sweets, dry fruits, sweets and Marshmallows, jellies;
  • Nuts (they are in the amount dosed);
  • fresh juices, tea and coffee;
  • Fruit drinks and fruit drinks;
  • Olive -, Sesame -, Sunflower-Seed Oil;
  • Soy sauce.

The right diet for weight loss. Menu and table food for losing weight

There are many different diets tried, but they don't all work the way I want to. Often people faced with problems: either the diet is not so poor that you do not want to sit on it a long time, or the effort to give effect to the minimum, that in consequence of the desire disappears, to continue to eat for a long time. It is the breakdown happens. What to do?

If you eat healthy and follow a healthy life-style, so you don't have to think about your figure, because the food itself contributes to the reduction of obesity and maintenance of health.

In this article, proper nutrition is considered, the tables, products, the promotion of weight loss, and the various menus provided, which contribute to the Balance between the heart and diet products.

To lose on the correct diet, weight, not make you the authority over yourself and deprived in the long run of your favorite dishes. Consumed the usual products can be used in a certain, correct combination, and you forget the feeling of Hunger.

Such a diet led to the expected result, you should follow a few rules:

  • count your calories-consumed products;
  • check the composition of foodstuffs;
  • the to prepare food properly;
  • to a Regime of the day.

But such a diet is not conducive to a strong weight loss because the reduction of calories is only 500 calories per day. This means that a reduction in weight is only 1.5 kg, or 2 kg per month.

Menu for weight loss

But to add to that, if this diet and Sport, the result is significantly on the rise. In this case, it is possible to lose weight even on 7-8 kg per month.

To the right diet food belong and baby. Cooked vegetables, meat or fruit puree is very good for reducing weight, since it can be quickly absorbed by the body.

But in such a diet also has drawbacks. One of them is a small amount of fiber. Therefore, if the diets for more than a week, you need in green vegetables. Another minus is the minimal selection of dishes. So, this diet can soon become boring.

A interesting fact! Diet for baby food developed Tracy Anderson is the Personal Trainer of Madonna. Many celebrities have already tested on itself action of this diet.

How to eat right to lose weight (the basics of proper nutrition)

Better cooked, preferably a food with a low fat content. Raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten in any quantity, because they are low in calories.

For example, cucumbers or tomatoes you can also do it in the evening, to satisfy your Hunger. But to eliminate fried, fatty and flour better from the diet, such products are very difficult for the organism and promote the formation of harmful cholesterol.

To make it easier to understand how much to eat, slimming products, one must count all the calories consumed per day and take of this number, 30%. The resulting sum is the number of calories, and not in obvious discomfort and contribute to a weight loss of 1-2 kg per month.

Process of weight loss depends not only on the selection of products, but also from the diet. In addition to the traditional Breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacking is allowed, but you must minimally rich calories. The best raw fruits and vegetables are suitable.

The food intake is best at this time:

  1. Breakfast 7-9 Am. In this time, it is better, unsweetened cereals, raw vegetables, omelet. Drink tea, yogurt, or juice.
  2. Lunch – 11-12 Days. For such a between-meal is ideal for the first dishes, or fruit, yogurt.
  3. Lunch 13-15 Days. For a full meal suitable protein food and carbohydrates, since they in this time, well digested. You can make bread, all kinds of cereals, vegetables, and noodles made from whole grain.
  4. Mid-Morning Snack – 16-17 Days. After a hearty lunch, usually at this time not to eat, but if desired, you can eat berries or fruit and drink juice, yogurt, or simply water.
  5. Dinner from 18-20 o'clock. Eat protein rich food and vegetables, fish, chicken, vegetables or fruit salad, yoghurt, casserole. And here are potatoes, cereals and sweets during this time, you can't use.

To lose list of food for proper nutrition and weight home

helpful diet

To make it easier to navigate that there is food with the proper nutrition, and what is not, a table of useful products. In shows you the number of calories and nutrient ratios. Such tables help, guidance in the selection of a product for a main meal or between meal.

The right diet for weight loss menu for a week recipes.

I think we all know that now in Russia and in other countries, a large number of people with obesity. According to the Russian Institute for power more than 60% of women and 50% of men after 30 years of obesity. In connection with this Problem there are many diets, and shouting at each corner: throw 10 kg per week, etc., Or: buy these tablets, eat what you want, and slim. And the people who don't know how to lose weight, throw in all of these appeals. The result — the seller of expensive pills abound, and overweight as he was, and remained. If you are reading this article, it means that it is time to pull yourself together and take the right diet for weight loss.

The right diet is not a diet, as many people believe. It is a temporary restriction is not itself, in the Goodies with the goal of weight loss. The right diet for losing weight is the System and the principles, you will not only lose weight, and you will be more energetic, healthier, and more active. The most important conclusion — the right diet should not week, or a month, but a whole life.

People in many areas acquire different habits that help to live, and sometimes, on the contrary, prevent it. To eat as you today — it is their habit, perhaps in the childhood. As his mother, how to teach, as it continues to this day. And if from this habit they have a Problem, then you need to get rid of urgently and change to a good habit.

Get used to the food, the help, the life of feeling good and a healthy weight, you can within 3 weeks. This is the minimum time that you want to select, in order to useful products to a new diet, a new life style. The first few days it will "break", will train on the usual products, but they do not give you. And after 3 weeks you will easily see, before you of your favorite sausage (cakes, Chips, hamburgers, lemonade, fried meat — underscore). What is the right diet for losing weight?

Proper nutrition for losing weight — the most important principles.

Now, you are ready to have a slim and healthy? Then read the principles of your new diet. The right diet for weight loss requires quite a long study.

Without water life is unthinkable. You just need to learn to drink sufficient water daily. This is the first step to weight loss and health improvement that needs to be done. An adult should be 30-40 ml of water to 1 kg of your body weight every day use.

Example, your weight is 60 kg, multiplied by 40, the 2.4-Liter. If the weight more than 100 kg, then you multiply to 30 ml.

In children with other standards. Look at the chart with the standards. As you can see, the children of the water must still adults. Therefore, they encourage their children to drink enough and not to prohibit, and drink food, if you want to.

What we, as water? Of course, clean water without Gas. Also, this number can be used to activate green tea without sugar, herbal teas/teas. And all of you. Soups, milk, juice not taken into account.

It is important to drink only water, and drink it properly. It is important to drink a lot of water in the first half of the day.

Also for many the question is: if I drink a lot, I'm constantly in the toilet run? And I can't with your work. answer: the first 7-10 days of really walking to the toilet frequent. More the body gets used to the water and it is not output, in such a quantity. A healthy person who drinks enough fluid, you must go to the toilet on average every 2 hours.

If you don't run to the toilet often in the first few days, then start drinking immediately, all of his normalcy, but one after the other.


Another popular question: if I drink a lot, at me to appear the edema? Answer: no, if you drink it, as I have above described. On the contrary, if the swelling of the goods, then you have to go within the first week. It is tested on many of my clients who were overweight and edema. If the body is not enough water, it will save you. If the water is not enough, and the additional reserves.