How to lose weight 10 pounds in a week fast diet and reviews

The Problem of excess weight worries a lot of women.

Diets give the result, but you keep quite difficult, especially in the long term.

In consequence, interference will not occur, the women have started, or is not eating healthy, dam you to vaccinate, what is light!

how to lose weight 10 kg

This happens because it is not the right attitude, the experience it easy this time and will bring long-awaited result.


The correct setting ensures half of the success. Why is it so difficult?

Here are two main reasons:

  • the lack of a reasonable Motivation;
  • to lose the weak power of desire weight, in contrast to the need for something tasty to eat.

You go against the wishes of a very difficult, therefore it is worthwhile a motive for his actions and support. You can sign up in the Community.

There are examples that the impossible does not prove that. And with the right desire of women to get pleasing result.

You can increase the Motivation and the viewing of old photos, on which the woman was slim and beautiful. Pounds accumulate gradually, so that the comparison of old photos with these to get the desired mood for a re-evaluation of the Situation and a further movement to the front.

Helps support the right mental attitude and the company. If any friends and acquaintances suffer from a similar Problem, you can go to a sports club to, or to the psychological Training, where such questions are discussed.

Observed that overweight girls suffer more frequently with low self-esteem. Self-confident women look better, it's a joy to care for themselves.

Therefore, it pays to make a list, as a girl enjoy to lose weight.

You can include what you want, buying fashionable clothes, on the basis of the overweight woman is rejected, prior to the visit of different events, where thin girls feel more comfortable in a new guise. It is very important, because without knowing what a woman wants to lose a few pounds, you will not get the result.

The best fast weight loss diet

How to lose weight in a week 10 pounds? It is Real, because in the Arsenal of beauties there are excellent programs in a short time, a great result.

Diet 10*10

It is a fantastic System that promises the result is minus ten kg in 10 days. Of course, it all depends on to relieve how much a woman plans.

The essence of the diet is the restriction of carbohydrates to 20 grams per day, and the basis of the diet of protein-rich food.

The rules of the diet are the following:

  1. In the morning — a glass of water.
  2. For the promotion of metabolism, meal of the day strictly 5 times!
  3. Maximum duration of the diet is 10 days.
  4. During the meal, you are not allowed to drink. The dinner should be not later than 8 o'clock in the evening.
  5. To observe in the compilation of the menus, the ratio of meat and fish to vegetables-supplements – 2:1.

Recommended Products:

  • lean meat (rabbit, young veal, lean beef);
  • Bird each;
  • oily fish;
  • Eggs (in the menu every day, at least one egg yolk);
  • Yogurt and low-fat cheeses;
  • Vegetables with a low content of carbohydrates (cucumbers, all cabbages, salads, radishes, zucchini, celery, asparagus, herbs and grasses);
  • Mushrooms;
  • Tea, Coffee, Water;
  • acidic fruits and berries.

They refuse to of the following product groups:

  • Fine pastries and confectionery goods;
  • Sausage and canned meat;
  • Cereals and starchy vegetables;
  • Seafood, with the exception of the fish;
  • Juices and alcohol;
  • fast Food.

Cooking, it is recommended that meat-and fish dishes on the Grill or in the oven, a couple of. Fry is allowed, but on a minimal amount of olive oil paint.

As a Dressing for salad, used only a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice.

By reviews in ten days of such diet you can lose 5 to 10 pounds.

Diet Kefir

Duration — 7 days, where the staple food is low-fat Kefir. This diet can lose up to 10 pounds in such a short period of time.

The positive aspects of this system is the improvement of the work of the digestive tract.

While the Kefir diet the use of the following food and beverages are prohibited:

  • Flour and sweet;
  • completely salt and sugar is excluded;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • no greasy dishes.

Every day, you must drink yogurt 1.5 liters. This quantity should be separated into individual portions and eat day whole.

Exemplary menu for a week, in addition to the butter milk includes:

  1. Monday. Boiled or baked potatoes – up to 5 pieces of the day.
  2. Tuesday. A small piece of boiled chicken breast.
  3. Wednesday. Boiled beef or veal.
  4. Thursday. Serving Of Steam Fish.
  5. Friday. All of the vegetables or fruit in unlimited quantities.
  6. Saturday. Kefir.
  7. Sunday. Carbonated water, Kefir excluded.

Before the use of these substances are examined at a gastroenterologist.

A diet with buckwheat

Basis of the diet is buckwheat. The catering on this croup is due within 7 days, and the result can be up to minus 10 kilograms in this period.

According to the reviews, slimming the truth, which can hardly be the only one guaranteed, so monotonous menu.

Fundamental to the preparation of buckwheat:

proper nutrition
  1. In a pan or Cup pour a Cup of cereal and poured boiling water. Their number should wheat coating book from the top at least two inches. Capacity covered with the cap, and left for the night.
  2. Buckwheat and washed with Kefir or natural yoghurt.

Salt, sugar, oil, and other spices can be added!

The rules of the buckwheat diet:

  1. Clean water should be the largest part of the liquid. You may also use teas in the diet, green and herbal.
  2. Before going to bed drink a glass of Kefir. If you really want, you can take the two green limit apples.
  3. Before you start buckwheat diet, you should make sure that there are diseases, not gastrointestinal.

Buckwheat diet to lose the extra pounds, easily and with fun!

Diet onion sauce soup

This is the most popular and easiest way to lose weight. Women can easily resist a whole week on this delicious and beneficial soup, which is the basis of the diet diet.

Reviews this diet for seven days, you can lose up to 10 pounds. Not only that, the dish is low in calories, soup, and even effective fat deposits fighting.

The taste of the onion soup gourmets appreciate also. The recipe is very simple.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • 6 onions;
  • Bunch Of Celery;
  • the small head cabbage;
  • 2 medium-sized tomatoes;
  • 2 sweet red peppers.

All the vegetables cut into small cubes, falling into the cold water and bring to a boil. After boiling the soup for 5 minutes to cook on medium heat, then on low heat until they are soft.

Attention! Salt and other seasonings are not added!

Delicious soup must want it every day in any quantity as you like. In addition, in the menu, fresh fruit and vegetables that you can eat throughout the day.

Tips to maintain results

Finally, the long-awaited result. The important task is not less – save.

After so many days of restrictions you want something and spoil. This can only do not forget to read the dynamics of the changes of the weight. To do this:

  • Regularly weighed. Do it is often not necessary, it 1 times per week. All of the measurements record must be in a separate Notebook, in order to understand what changes occur. There is the possibility of selection of a diet most competent.
  • To keep the weight in the standard, a proper diet should to organize. It must have at least three times a day, Breakfast is compulsory. Too long breaks between meals lead to obesity.
  • The menu should be necessary all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients for life. To refrain from large selection of a variety of healthy foods in the diet, which allows, once again, Junk Food.

Sometimes we even indulge is worth it.

To lose help, weight

Help the best effect and support the result of the additional measures recommended, nutritionists and experts for the implementation of the in combination with a number of diet food:

  1. Required physical effort. It doesn't matter what the woman is, and under what conditions. You can effectively engage in work, also on his property, in order to keep the result or to walk at a brisk pace through the Park. The main thing is that it is a movement, and it was fun. Because the amazing thing is that all just depends on the Person.
  2. Daily Hot And Cold Showers. Besides losing weight, he's increasing the immunity and the vitality of the body.
  3. You should get into the habit of drinking per day up to 2 liters of water, regardless of whether or not a Person adheres to a certain diet or not. Bring your body in perfect condition and can be used without this restriction. You just have to love yourself, to propel a well-balanced diet and sports!