Effective diet: varieties and recipes

Today, there are so many variety of diets that it is very difficult to choose the one that suits you best. But what to do if you have a good diet for weight loss, the bring exactly the desired results. That is why today we are conducting a special investigation and you choose precisely the systems that, in practice, proven high efficiency and safety. Because the most important thing is to keep your health. Here there is a decisive Moment, each can have its good weight-loss diet, since all people are different. Therefore, we make an overview of the most popular systems, you can choose which one.

Diet for weight loss

Good or fast diet

Really, these are two mutually exclusive terms. But in the understanding of the people who want to be slim, a good diet for weight loss should help in a few days. Today, there is no System that allows, in a short period of time to a model to hold without sacrificing the health and after the end of the result. And it's not the fact that after completion of the diet, all immediately attacked, cakes and pastries. Only the body is experiencing a lot of Stress, it starts to do active reserves for a rainy day. In addition, if the restriction of the supply of the System of internal self-regulation slows down the metabolism to save energy. So go to the normal food, even less than normal eating you will put on weight. A good diet to lose weight can be fast, but it is precisely such a quick procedure, most demanded, because the give the desired effect. We look at the Top fast diets for you to meet even a choice.

The best diet for fast weight loss

We evaluated the diets in terms of effectiveness and the reviews of the people who tried them in practice. From the array data it can be concluded that the most easily compatible with a Low-Carb diet, it is very efficient. The difficulty is that a diet completely eliminates sugar. Moreover, despite the restriction of carbohydrates, the menu is hearty. For 2-3 days you can lose up to 3 kilos, that is a remarkable result. Your Breakfast consists of 30 grams of cheese durum wheat, a small piece of rye bread and coffee without sugar. Lunch is the main meal that you can cheese, a few spoons of boiled beans, 200 G low-fat cottage and coffee. The dinner consists of 100 G of fish, all fresh vegetables, and a Cup of green tea. In the rest of the time you can drink mineral water or plain water. If Hunger is very strong, it is permissible to eat a few slices of Grapefruit. As we have said, the best diet for fast weight loss there are, but there are also a number of other.

Express Diet

One of the most popular methods is the potato diet. Apparently potatoes recommend to exclude from the menu, the ones that reduce your weight. But this is true only for those cases when starchy vegetables along with a protein-rich food or sweets. In this time, it is very suitable, as a product of monodiets. Within two days, only the potatoes are allowed to do it, you can boil it or bake it. Forbidden to add any spices and salt. Exception – a small amount of vegetable oil. In two days is quite possible to get rid of two kilos overweight.

Drink, or juice-diet

If this is about the speed and effectiveness the best diet for weight loss. Reviews confirm that their survival is very difficult, but if you need to get in shape in the run-up to an important event that is worth a try. Boil the juice for a day, you will need 8 oranges, 2 Grapefruit and a lemon. Squeezed juice your diet for a day. It may be used 3 times, and during the breaks, drink green tea or simple water. There is nothing more impossible. The conditions are very hard, therefore this diet is a real Test for your willpower. Diet lasts 2-3 days, if in the situation, it is permissible for 5 days, but not more.

No dinner - it is also a diet

And very effective. Perhaps this is exactly the best diet for weight loss. Reviews of the thousands of women say, that the keeping of such a system is difficult, but gradually get used to. Duration of the diet, the last meal is 2-5 days, with lunch. In the morning you can afford, egg, and a Cup of coffee without sugar. At about 12 o'clock, Brunch is waiting for you, it is 100 G low-fat cottage cheese or a glass of vegetable juice can. For lunch, you can fruit is 150 grams of fish or chicken breast with vegetables and as a dessert unsweetened or berries a little. After that you can herbal tea or water.

healthy food

Egg-Honey Diet

The principle of their slightly different, but nevertheless, it is still a the best diet for weight loss. Guest reviews of women say that through the honey to tolerate it very well. The body receives a large amount of nutrients. Egg yolk is a source of essential amino acids, fatty acids and trace elements, and the honey is the food for our brain and are a source of vitamins. To drink before each meal (3 times a day), the mixture of one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey.

For Breakfast you can have a Cup of tea or coffee with a small piece of rye bread. On the first day, you can lunch 90 G low-fat cheese, and the second - 150 grams of fish with boiled cabbage. May the meal tea Supplement. For dinner on the first day, boil the chicken broth with rye bread, and on the second day, 90 G of cheese with rye bread. The dinner should not be later than 4 hours before bedtime.


A common variant for a quick weight loss. Weathering it is quite difficult, so weigh your forces. Their diet consists of 250 grams of cooked rice, oatmeal or buckwheat without salt and oil. There are options, if cereals yogurt to replace every day, you can drink up to a litre of skimmed milk to drink. In addition, there are a lot of diets, the to resist the offer for a few days on apples, tangerines, pineapple, cucumbers, zucchini, Grapefruit, or oranges. In any case, the Mono-diet is not recommended for use only as almost daily, to follow you for longer than 2 days.

Today, we finish the overview of the Express-methods that promise quick results, to keep the very difficult to. Let us devote time for balanced complexes, which attach more slowly, but the resulting effect, and not putting harm to your health. We focus on research and social surveys, which selected the ten best diets.

"Six petals" - good diet for losing weight at home

The System was developed by the Swedish nutritionist, with each year, it is only gaining in popularity. Really impressive, eight out of ten women managed to achieve their goals. This tract, in spite of the fact that we do not suffer from Hunger and earn themselves of chronic diseases of the gastro-intestinal. Sinker on this diet is from 500 to 800 G per day. So 10-15 kg, you can easily be back in two weeks. The great advantage of this diet is to achieve that after the completion of a round, you can immediately start on the second, and be objective.

In fact, this diet is based on the principles of the separation. Six petals – six Mono-diet, which follow one another. It is not only slimming, but also an interesting game. Before you start, you should have a flower portray with six-petals, you snap one after the other. The first petal bears an inscription fish. When the day ends, petal dissolves. The second is as a vegetable. On the third day, a chicken, the fourth – grain, the fifth Quark, the sixth fruit.

It is a simple diet is sufficient, since the courts in no time to get bored. Even if you are not very fond of fish, one day the weather completely.

Diet "Charmer"


In the surveys of this System, in the second place, it is still a good diet for weight loss at home. We love to start a new life as of Monday, so the menu is on days of the week. The first day of the "white Monday", when Quark and Kefir, milk, and yogurt without fruit additives. The second day - "sweet Friday". Just a day of the diet went, and you can already beet sweet fruit and vegetables (carrots are), berries, dried fruits and honey, fruit jellies without sugar. If you really want fruit, sweet, permitted under Cup-jam, and 50 G of dark chocolate. The third day of meat, it means "satisfactory Wednesday". You have lean meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and fish. Thursday – "day of the soup". Cook vegetable broths, fish and meat, as well as a variety of soups without fried vegetables. The fifth day, with cereals, allowed all the porridge without Butter. On Saturday waiting for the day of discharge. On this day, you can tea and coffee, fruit drinks, water, but all beverages should be sugar free. The Last Day Of "Salad". You can make your favorite whisk or cabbage salad, vegetable salad with peas. The most important thing, add the Mayonnaise and the sour cream. The fat content of cheese should% not more than 20. For a week you can get rid of 3-5 kg, if you lose the extra pounds of the other, then repeat the course. The two systems – this is the best diet for weight loss. Feedback the feeling of Hunger does not confirm that adherence to them is easy.


Five days – five steps to a new look. This System can not be avoided, discuss the best diet for weight loss. Reports about them are not so rosy, because it is more difficult than the previous two. But the results are worth it. The first day is a cleansing step, if it is possible to drink water, eat apples and drink activated charcoal. The second day – reconstructive rung, you need to normalize the intestinal flora. Cheese, yogurt drink, and water. The following day, – energetic level, which is designed to reduce Stress from this program. On this day, fruits and honey, can be dry. Then the construction step should be – it is a day of Protein products (chicken and Turkey). The last step for fat burning, you can eat oatmeal as well as vegetables and fruits, then there are sources of fiber. In five days, you can relieve from 2.5 to 5 kilograms. It is believed that this is the best diet for weight loss.

Diet "The Spring"

Real salvation for those, you need to reset very much. The author of this method got rid of 35 kg. For you it is the best diet for weight loss, but many say that the System has a hard energy savings plan. However, this diet is a set of approved nutrition Advisor. You need three products: barley, fish and yogurt. You can add the cabbage. Overnight soak pearl barley 100 G, and in the morning set it to cook for an hour. 400 G of porridge, divided into 5 meals happens. In the morning you can add a paste, a yogurt, a Cup, noon, a piece of fish and in the afternoon a plate with grated on a coarse grater beets. Not for nothing we have it today in our today's list, if you the best diet for losing weight. There are impressive results.

A "Cleansing" Diet

And we put our extensive topic. Really, the best diet for weight loss does not describe today, just a lazy, out of this diversity, we try the best to isolate, and efficient systems. This diet nutritionists recommend, as it helps to cleanse the body. Per week you will lose about 10 kg. the First day of potable water. You can eat mixtures of dried fruits or powder form, water and green tea. The second day – vegetable salads, be sure that you cabbage. The third day drink again. The fourth – fruity, be sure to include in the diet of Grapefruit. The fifth day of Protein that can be eaten chicken or eggs. The sixth day drink. The seventh day is the last, the fruit for Breakfast, two eggs, a Snack of fruit, lunch is a lightweight broth, in the afternoon and for dinner a salad made of cabbage. It is really the best diet for weight loss 10 kg.

Diet "Montignac"

It is, rather, a new Catering System that helps to get rid of 10 kg in 30 days effortlessly. The authors painted menu-steps, but to offer General guidelines that you can follow. Need to reduce to a Minimum the consumption of sugar in pure Form and asbestos-containing products. You need to eliminate from the diet a variety of sauces and condiments: Mayonnaise, Ketchup, and mustard. You waive the white bread, it is better to rye bran. To completely eliminate food, the strength of a lot of: potatoes, corn, millet, white rice. For a recording can not be combined fat-and carbohydrate products (bread with oil). Consequences should refrain from food intake, drinking 2 or more liters of water and completely in alcohol. It is a very good diet for weight loss per month.


You are talking about the diet can be infinite. Everyone can individually approach a System, and others to be unacceptable. Therefore, we examined the 10 best diets to lose weight, among this variety you could choose exactly what is closest to you.