24 ways to reduce the weight without diet

effective weight reduction

Time Your Diet

You set the Timer to 20 minutes, and eat slowly. This is one of the best habits to lose weight without complicated diets. You will enjoy every bite of the food before want to begin to sound the call. The slow pace is a great pleasure from smaller portions and start feeling of satiety hormones in the body. If you take a Wolf, the food in a hurry, your stomach to send the brain a Signal that he is tired of it. This leads to overeating.

Sleep more, weigh less

According to the researchers from the University of Michigan, extra sleeping for 1 hour in the night can help to relieve the Person of 6 kg per year. The Experiment of the scientist showed that, when sleep replace a simple Operation - and the usual mindless snacking - you can easily change the quantity of the calories to be reduced to 6%. The results vary for each person, but sleep can also help in other ways. There is evidence that sleep less than 7 hours increases the appetite, making you unusually hungry.

You eat more vegetables

Do not put three of the vegetables on the plate, and you eat more. The consumption of larger quantities of fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to decrease the weight. The high content of fibers and water will saturate the calories you with less. You can prepare without adding fat. Season with lemon juice and herbs, but not drown them their useful properties in sauces, or gas stations with a high fat content.

Sleep more, weigh less

From the soup reduces weight

Add in your diet-soup-based broth, and you will be satiated with less calories. You eat the soup, especially good at the beginning of the food intake, because it slows down your eating and satisfies the appetite. You start with the preparation of unsalted broth, add fresh or frozen vegetables and simmer. Avoid creamy soups that contain large amounts of fat and calories.

Click on whole-grain products

Whole grains, such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and wheat, are also related to their unobtrusive strategy to weight reduction. You will help you want to saturate with fewer calories and may improve your cholesterol levels. Whole-grain products at the present time are - waffles, bagels, pasta and white bread.

You try to his previous clothing

Hang an old favorite dress, skirt, or Jeans in a prominent place where you drop them in the eyes every day. You choose the Outfit, to achieve the just a little tight, relatively quickly, the desired destination, if you are able to. Then drag the last year's prom dress and make your next small step to show to be able, in him.

You Eat Bacon

Don't you eat it for Breakfast or bacon Sandwiches. This simple step saves about 100 calories per day, which can add to 4 kg weight reduction per year. You make a Sandwich with tomato, red peppers, grainy mustard, or simply Spread flavored cheese.

You choose the Toppings for the Pizza vegetable

You choose the Toppings for the Pizza vegetable instead of meat, and to eliminate them in the situation, and another 100 calories from your food. Click on the simplest or low-fat cheese and use a thin pancake.

Reduce the consumption of sugar

You replace a drink with a sweet or ordinary mineral water and avoid about ten teaspoons of sugar. Add the lemon, mint or frozen strawberries for the taste and smell.

Liquid sugar in beverages, it seems, bypasses the normal signals of the body about satiety. A study compared the additional 450 calories a day from sweets and sweet drinks.

People who had eaten candy, consumed unconsciously less calories as a whole, but it was not consumed because of the people, sugary drinks. You have had more than 1 kg within 4 weeks.

Use tall, thin glasses

Use thin cut high glasses instead of low and wide, in order to reduce the amount of liquid calories and weight, without compliance with the complex diets. So, the drink 25-30% less juice, sweet drinks, wine or other beverage.

How can this work?

Brian Wansink, Ph. D., says that visual signals can us liquid deceive in the use of more or less. His experiments at Cornell University have found out that all the people drank more when used in low, wide glass - even experienced bartenders.

Restrict your consumption of alcoholic beverages

Restrict your consumption of alcoholic beverages

If at a Party, serve alcohol after the first drink consume alcohol-free , low-calorie drinks, such as bottled water, rather than to the next Cocktail, beer or glass of wine.

Alcohol has more calories per unit weight (7 kcal/G) than carbohydrates (4 kcal/G) or proteins (4 kcal/G). It can also weaken your will and cause you to mindlessly sweep away Chips, nuts, or other foods, the limit in the rule.

For a green tea drink

A good strategy for weight loss, the drinking green tea can. Some studies have shown that it can temporarily speed the burning of calories absorbed by the body - increase perhaps due to the carried out phytochemical substances called catechins. In any case, drink a refreshing drink without a large number of calories.

You use drugs for weight reduction

A message or a secret is that, in order to achieve the objective all means. This rule also applies to the fight against obesity. Therefore, inappropriate, embarrassing, or fear of using the preparations for the emaciation. The most important thing is not to overdo it and eat only the recommended medium.


According to a study published in the journal of the American dietetic Association, the women, the Yoga, in General, weigh less in comparison to others.

What is the connection? People, regular Yoga classes, have a "sensible" approach to nutrition. For example, you notice a rule, large portions in Restaurants but eat only so much, how much is enough for the feeling of satiety. The researchers think the calm self-awareness developed with the help of Yoga, can help to people overeating.

You eat homemade meals

You eat homemade meals at least five times per week. Sounds complicated? Cooking can be easier than you thought. In the shops you can cut to buy products, make it easier to cook: Pre-lean meats, washed salads, cut vegetables, canned legumes, cooked chicken or fish.

Pause during the meal

Most people make a small break during the meals, when you insert the plug for a few minutes. You will enjoy the conversation. The quiet Signal that You don't overeaten, but.

Chew mint chewing gum

You use mint gum, if you want a Snack. Communication at a Party, watching TV, surfing the Internet is more dangerous scenarios for mindless snacking. Chewing gum with a strong flavor overrules other products, so that you do not have a pleasant taste.

Eat with small plates

People, food with a smaller plate, eat less automatically. Brian Wansink found that people eat more with a large plate. The reduction in the size of the plate reduces the number of calories to 100-200 per day, what leads to a weight reduction of 5-10 kg per year.

In the experiments, by Brian Wansink, no one is hungry and not noticed felt, if this visual effect, the daily intake of reduced calories to 200.

Stick to the correct portions of food

The beautiful habit of slim people is that they are of modest portions at each meal, 5 days per week or more. After several measurements, the size of the servings and it will automatically.

Try the 80-20 rule

Normal people have taught, as long as you are not tired of it, and the inhabitants of Okinawa, as long as you don't fed up to 80%. They even have a name for these natural habits: "Hara khachi BU". We adopt this useful habit for the health.

Food in the Restaurant

Restaurant the food is very nutritious, therefore, they use these special rules to keep portions under control:

  • You share the main dish with a friend.
  • You can order a Snack as a meal.
  • Select Baby Plate.
  • Take half a serving of pet.

Add a small main dish salad for the right Balance: half the plate should be vegetables to be filled.

Use low-calorie Sauce

Sauces on tomato Basis, generally have less calories and fat than sauces based on cream. But remember that the serving size is always still important to note. Portion of pasta is about the size of the Tennis world.

Often do you eat fast food

Vegetarians usually weigh less than meat-eaters people. Although there are several explanations, legumes can also play an important role. Lentil soup and other products based on legumes rich in plant fibers. Most people do not get enough of this important nutrient, which saturates it with less calories.

You burn 100 calories more

You can lose 5 kg of weight gain per year, without dieting, you burn an additional 100 calories per day. Try one of these types of physical activities:

  • A walk over a distance of 1 mile within 20 minutes.
  • Tear the weeds or plant flowers within 20 minutes.
  • You mow the lawn within 20 minutes.
  • After you put in the house within 30 minutes.
  • Run Jogging for 10 minutes.


Eat with small plates

If you drink to get rid of habits, sugar water, or eat just have a good day, without, praise them. They were approaching the way of life of slimming Person, which enables people to reduce weight without crazy or complicated diet plans. You call friends, make a pedicure, buy new clothes or enjoy a small piece of cheese cake.