Diet weight loss belly and flanks: simple options menu

Big belly – a large Problem that can cause a lot of trouble. This, and the difficulties with the choice of clothes, and deterioration of health, not to mention the outer unattractiveness of the holder of the bad belly.

slimming for abdomen and flanks

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy method to get rid of fat deposits on the waist, however, you will have the opportunity to get rid of this Problem forever. In this article we introduce you to diets for losing weight belly and flanks, which will help you if you get rid completely of the Problem, then at least the first step in this direction, that will act a strong pulse.

Why do you get a big belly?

The first step on the way to the solution of each problem, the search of the root cause is. How and why accumulates fat in the waist area? There are several explanations, the better to disassemble in order. So, here they are — the reasons for the weight gain in the area of the abdomen and flanks.

Incorrect Diet

Harmful dietary habits – the first cause that comes to mind. A wealth of sweet, spicy and oily food promotes the formation of unsightly folds at the waist. Unbalanced diet, habit, plenty of snacking and stuff the night not only cause ugly belly, but delayed the process of metabolism.

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity, end-of-life

The basis for many diets for weight loss an important role in calorie deficit plays, that is, to spend, should you more than consume. If a person spends 8 hours a day at the Computer to collect the body simply no place to have calories to waste, so he starts actively.

If all reduced their physical activity, grocery shopping, the muscles limp, and limp, and this does not mean that you are able to keep the tone. In this case, the belly only, not curves, but begins to SAG and blur.

Bad Habits

Alcohol and Smoking are the biggest enemies not only a flat stomach, but also your health in General. Smoking, in addition to other negative effects, slows down the metabolic processes in the body, alcohol contains a huge amount of empty calories, and disabled to digest the normal food.

Include other causes of ugly belly busy lifestyle, lack of sleep, constant stress, bad posture and hormonal disorders.

Principles to combat fat deposits in the abdominal area

The best solution in the fight against obesity will style a radical change of life. Read carefully the list of causes for weight gain, and think about how to eliminate your bad habits or to reduce their impact.

From Smoking completely abandoned any doctor to confirm. With alcohol also prevent or at least reduce their use to a Minimum. If the first variant does not suit you, then give preference to red wine in small quantities.

If you drive to the principles of proper diet and exercise, but the belly is stubborn to leave refuses, it makes sense to call for medical help. The fact that the fat tissue in the waist of two types: subcutaneous and visceral.

With under skin fat everything is clear, it was from him we turn with the help of sports and proper nutrition. Visceral fat is a dangerous opponent.

Visceral fat surrounds the organs in the abdominal cavity, and has the property to accumulate in various diseases. Visceral fat is more difficult than from the skin.

Junk Food

Experts recommend to see a doctor immediately, if the scope of legs is greater than the circumference of the waist upper. This indicates a more serious health problems.

What is harmful?

First and foremost, try to exclude from his menu the following products:

  1. Products that contain sugar: refined sugar, candy, cookies, white and milk chocolate sweets with a high fat content;
  2. Food cooked with lots of salt and oil;
  3. White bread and other baked goods (buns, cakes, biscuits, etc.);
  4. Coffee and strong tea with sugar;
  5. Shop sauces and spices;
  6. Ready meals, food of fast preparation;
  7. Products, the large quantities of Soda;
  8. Shops juices and soft drinks;
  9. Fast Food, oily and fried food.

Try to reduce the consumption of food, the bloating cause: apples, cabbage, legumes, grapes. Because of you, your belly swells and becomes even more.

Products that can be consumed and should

  1. Fruit: apples, oranges, pineapples, water melons, apricots, cherries, pomegranates, Grapefruits, peaches. Should be careful with such fruits as bananas, tangerines, pears, grapes, persimmons, figs, dates, Mango.
  2. Vegetables: Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Onions, Celery, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Salad. If you are on a diet, try to limit consumption of potatoes, because it contains large amounts of starch.
  3. Cereals: as a separate dish of buckwheat, wheat, barley, rice, barley, or maize porridge is suitable. Many nutritionists advise to start the morning with oatmeal, but avoid the quick cooking oatmeal. If you don't interfere with problems with being overweight, cream of wheat better. To use grain bread and pasta from durum recommended whole wheat.
  4. Proteins: lean meats, dairy products with low fat content, cooked eggs, legumes, lean fish and seafood, which contain, in addition to Protein and iodine.
  5. Fats: fish, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, various oils, Avocado, meat.

The best diet to remove belly and flanks for women

A large number of information sources you can choose from a variety of options to choose from. You can experience the principles of proper nutrition observe Mono-diet, or even to lose the Express-method of weight.

Might be just right for you easiest version for beginners:

  1. Breakfast: salad, bread with cheese and herbs, or oatmeal.
  2. Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese (100 G).
  3. Lunch: low-fat vegetable soup or meat with vegetables, and fruit for dessert.
  4. Snack: fruit, dried fruit, berries or nuts.
  5. Dinner: fruit, yogurt, salad with herbs and olive oil or boiled fish.

Proper nutrition

The right diet – the long road to victory over the big belly, but you can be sure that the weight lost will return to you, and the acquired useful habits to improve the health and prolong youth. Such a lifestyle includes smaller meals, small portions every 2.5-4 hours to eat.

bad habits

Per day to 4-5 meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1-2 snacks in between meals. Simple weekly menu to lose weight belly contains the following table:

Breakfast Lunch Lunch Afternoon snack Dinner
Monday Low-fat yogurt and fruit salad Banana, Handful Of Raisins, Bread Boiled chicken breast, brown rice, tomato Banana and orange Vegetables salad and yoghurt
Tuesday Oatmeal with fruit or berries, bread with jam Apple, whole-grain bread with cheese Wheat groats and chicken stomachs Fruit salad Steamed vegetables and meat
Wednesday Low-calorie bread, boiled eggs, bell peppers or cucumber Oranges, berries and yogurt Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and vegetable salad Kefir and bread Boiled Fish, Tomatoes, Cucumbers
Thursday Muesli with bran, fruit to choose from Fruity Smoothies Vegetable stew with boiled beef Vegetable salad Chicken breast, vegetables, roasted vegetables without oil
Friday Salad, bread with cheese and tomato A handful of nuts or dry fruits Meatless vegetable soup, homemade cheese Cashew, peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds Salad, olive oil with chicken
Saturday Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, Fruit, Toast Simple fruit or vegetable salad Chicken leg without skin, salad Low-fat yogurt and an Apple Baked fish with salad
Sunday Muesli with yogurt, wholemeal bread, dried fruit Portion Of Cheese Casseroles Quark with berries, fruit salad Crisp bread with hard cheese Jacket potatoes, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions


If you desperately need to avoid favorite dress and time to help Express diet for weight loss belly and flanks. It helps remove a few pounds in a short time, but after a while, back to the discarded weight.


the right food
  1. Low-calorie bread with a boiled egg;
  2. Cottage cheese with low fat content (200 G), grated Apple;
  3. Serving of low-fat yogurt (100 G) and fruits such as orange;
  4. Half the peppers and corn cheese (40 G)
  5. Oatmeal with nuts or dry fruits.


  1. Chicken fillet (200 G) and salad with olive oil;
  2. The soup-mashed potatoes from vegetables and boiled egg;
  3. Steamed or boiled fish (200 G) with vegetables;
  4. Low-fat vegetable soup, bread with cereals, cheese (50 G).


  1. Cooked beans (100 G) with lean meat (100 G);
  2. Boiled potatoes (2-3 pieces) and salad;
  3. Cooked beans (200 G) with boiled eggs and 1 cucumber;
  4. Cooked chicken meat (200 G), salad of tomatoes and cucumbers;
  5. Cooked Seafood (200 G).

Between the main meals can be snacking:

  1. Half Of The Peppers;
  2. A handful of nuts or dried fruit;
  3. Orange or banana;
  4. A couple of spoons of fresh berries;
  5. Vegetables or fruit Smoothies.


Popular representatives of the Mono-diets for weight loss stomach Kefir diet. It is also attributed to Express diets can wait-the result is usually long.

Kefir diet is not suitable for all, it is contraindicated for people with ulcers or Gastritis. Within three days, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should yogurt drink only fat. This is a quick and effective diet, but it is recommended that prior to a couple of fast days.

Another popular Mono-diet for weight loss belly book, wheat. Book zaparivat is the night of wheat, grits filled with boiling water in a ratio of 1:2.

All the next day, there is only this porridge, the only exception is fat yogurt with 1%. More liters of yogurt a day not worth buying.

4 hours before bedtime to eat better, but if the Hunger does not allow, it is allowed to drink a glass of water or a Cup of green tea. Use of wheat, spices and salt on a book diet banned.

Men-diet for weight loss belly

Diet to reduce belly in men is not organized in such a way that the Person experienced the feeling of Hunger. It is designed for 4 days and offers a quick and noticeable effect. Before Breakfast, lunch and dinner, the man should drink a glass of water.

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, healthy Sandwich consisting of whole-grain bread, lean chicken and a slice of cheese. From the drink green tea or black coffee without sugar.
  2. Lunch: buckwheat or rice porridge, boiled chicken breast or fish, salad with olive oil. You can drink unsweetened fruit juice.
  3. Dinner: bread from bran, low-fat cottage cheese and green tea.

The most important rules to lose weight

  1. Eat 4-6 times a day in small portions;
  2. Make sure that your diet were complex carbohydrates, proteins of animal and vegetable origin, fatty acids and fiber;
  3. You must every day for Breakfast, it is better to give preference to cereals and cereal;
  4. Drink plenty of clean water, the standard of an adult is 1.5-2 liters per day;
  5. You are not eating less than 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day;
  6. The physical stress, the pace of weight loss, speed up, it may be, Fitness, swimming, Yoga, or simply just wander around the city;
  7. Avoid Stress and overexertion, sleep at least 7 hours per day;
  8. You renounce Smoking, and alcohol;
  9. Ask your doctor before radical change of diet or a Mono-diet to remove belly and flanks;
  10. Pay attention to your posture, the abdomen may be sagging just due to the fact that you are holding unevenly you your posture;
  11. The skin in this time requires increased attention. You are not hung up to lose weight, use massage and RUB;
  12. You eat a lot of green;
  13. Replace the harmful sweets, dry fruits, honey, low-fat yogurt, and nuts;
  14. Fill the salad with vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) or Apple cider vinegar instead of sour cream and Mayonnaise;
  15. Recommended in order to avoid a complex of vitamins, to, problems in the work of the organism, this applies in particular to Mono-diets.