Tips for losing weight

Food and their calories — the Foundation stone for losing weight. Table for weight loss help keep fast and easy in the eye all this data and to lose weight.

Why such confidence?

Very easy: counting calories is not restricted in the fact that it is possible to eat.

Furthermore, your favorite Snacks and lose weight to indulge — just a dream!

We explain how to based correctly with the table of caloric content of food to lose weight and what the diet are on your.


  1. What is calories and what is your role in the metabolism
  2. How much calories need to lose weight?
  3. Diet on the basis of calorie counting

What is calories and what is your role in the metabolism

Calories are a unit of measure of the energy the body gets from food.

You can say that the calories — this is the quintessence of the nutritional value of a product.

Balanced ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as a sufficient number of different vitamins, which is important for the body, but its viability depends on whether he gets enough power.

>Power is always by us absolutely.

Even if you don't do absolutely nothing, you breathe, your heart beats, the brain processes the signals from the sense organs, but in every cell of the body variety of activities is cooking.

>People of different professions need to times a lot of calories

And all of this happens, the body needs regular food: therefore, even lounging, we feel Hunger and thirst.

In the process of digestion of dietary proteins, fats and carbohydrates in different parts of the body, whereby the energy — calories.

The average minimum number of calories, need not in the the average adult, a Person who occupied no active work, is 1800 units.

But in fact, this number is unique for all, because it depends on many factors:

  1. Sex
  2. Weight
  3. Age
  4. Health
  5. Body type and current physique

Men are in power, more mass, and domination of muscle tissue (typically) consume more calories than women.

However, this changes during pregnancy: in these nine months the female body nourishes and even within the people, and therefore spends an enormous amount of calories.

Losing weight should be appropriate

A similar number of calories children need, to grow active.

The higher and heavier the person, the more energy he needs for daily well-being.

And, of course, calorie needs has a direct impact on the level of physical activity of the individual: any physical work at times increases the energy consumption of the body.

How much calories need to lose weight? The acquaintance with the calorie table

For the determination of the required energy consumption products, and the creation of tables for slimming is necessary to understand in order to begin, as the energy costs are depending on the life style, and how much on average do you spend per day.

For these scientists, an approximate range of calories burned depending on the groups of physical activity.

For example, office workers and all the people with predominantly sedentary way of life on the day of spend from 2000 to 2500 Kcal.

With the addition of a certain amount of physical activity for the most part, in a relaxed working-Planck rises to 2500-2800 Kcal.

Men need more calories than women


Work in connection with walking or heavy physical exertion, consumes up to 3000 Kcal.

Now, heavy physical exertion (sports -, work -, miners and the like) require the consumption of up to 5000 Kcal per day and more.

Of course, even in the context of a profession, Norma calorie intake can be quite different.

Determine how many calories are in the foods it needs and how does your personal chart for weight loss, according to three different formulas

The first is very common in different sources, but by far the regulation is out of date: it is based on the research of 1919.

For a hundred years, the average body build and metabolic processes of the people has changed, taking into account the style and rhythm of life, but because the results of this formula are not too precise to modern conditions.

Popular, especially in the USA, is the second formula, developed in the late twentieth century and approved for General use in 2005.

It is based on the analysis of weight, size, and age of the individual, however, not taken into account the percentage of fat and muscle tissue.

For this reason, experts believe is quite good for daily use, but not too precise.

The last Option is the best in every way, except ease of use.

For the calculation of the right amount of energy according to the formula, you must first know the percentage of fat tissue in your body, and use other methods and studies.

Tip: if you fit a really serious thing, this formula more than others. The percentage of fat you can learn by yourself, but best of all a professional research — so the likelihood of errors many times it is lower.

With tables and formulas, you can use the right menu for weight loss

According to the above formula to calculate your basal metabolic rate — the energy consumption in complete tranquility.

Received the coveted number that you multiply the relative number of their physical activity:

  1. >1.2 for sedentary
  2. 1,375 for simple physical activity
  3. 1,4625 for medium to heavy physical work or regular Stress in the gym
  4. 1,55 for noticeable stress or Intensive training programs
  5. 1,6375 — if you do in the gym every day
  6. 1.725 to 1.9 in the case of heavy physical work or active exercise several times per day

So, you get to consume the number of calories that you eat will be able to, and to be better.

Now, in order to lose weight, you should reduce to 10-20%, the resulting number and begin with the table matched calories slimming products.

Tip: in no way handle calorie intake cut by half and more, if it is not provided in the diet; and even in this case, you will avoid damage to the health ask your doctor and remain under the supervision during the correction.

In the calorie table, you can find data about the number of calories in a particular product and be able to make a menu for weight loss, based on this information.

To save time, can calculator calorie this you can find in the network in the Web versions, install it on your Smartphone or Tablet with the appropriate App from the AppStore or Google Play Market.


To reduce in order to lose weight, the diet at 10-20%

Diet on the basis of calorie counting

There are several diets that count calories, and compliance with the daily standard.

>Appeal to the fact that the prohibition may not eat certain meals, what you want, the number of calories in the composition.

You should in advance-dimensional containers and scales for the kitchen, because of the calorie content of traditionally to 100 grams of the product.

To not weigh confused and not each eaten dish per day, many prefer in advance to the appropriate menu.

You can get it in variations — interchangeable dishes with about the same caloric content.

The effective circuit of food following the calorie diet.

You should pay:

  1. About 25% of the daily allowance for Breakfast
  2. 10% on the in-between meal in the morning
  3. 30% on lunch
  4. About 25% to afternoon snack
  5. 10% on a light dinner

And, of course, make sure that the food was very varied.

For good health and a fulfilling life you need and fats, and carbohydrates, and proteins, and other useful items.

Not to mention the most popular diets with the count of the energy efficiency of the food to the diet "1200 calories" and the table of caloric content of food for the weight loss.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

In particular 1200 calories (as you can understand, daily rate is exactly 1200 Kcal) for the fast results.

However, a drastic reduction (almost or even more than half of the Norm depending on the Person) is a serious burden for the body.

The reaction could be exactly the opposite happened: instead of losing weight weight gain, since the body is under Stress, "solve", what is in a very dangerous Situation and needs to save the energy, by all means.

Fasting does not bring the expected results

With its help it is possible to lose weight, don't limit yourself to seriously, and without exhausting physical loads.

Tip: if you feel the beginning of the diet you are tired, weakness and dizziness, not to worry — this is the normal "reply" on the reduction of the input energy. Drink more water and you throw the idea, and you will soon see results.

Nutrition according to the method of Dr is based on the same principle, however, places a high value on the presence in the diet of animal products.

This makes the strict compliance with it is impossible, but to learn a few useful Details from the diet is still possible:

  1. You weigh yourself daily and watch your progress
  2. If the weight reduction does not reduce in two weeks, the daily rate on 100 Kcal
  3. Take note of the power scheme, avoid eating 40% of calories
  4. The achievement of the desired result, gradually increase back to normal
  5. They work not only with the body, but also with the Psyche — very often, to lose weight does not work because of the psychological discomfort

To know the basic principles of diets that count calories, get rid of unwanted pounds is not always easy.

To make things easier, we offer you the Video-table the low-calorie food for losing weight, on the basis of which you can diet for a delicious, versatile and healthy.