Looks like the perfect system for slimming

What is the main error of the people, who lose weight at any price? In excessive zeal, which dried up in General until the end of the first week.


A strict diet is causing a sense of injustice, Sport on the program "intensive" creates headaches and muscle pain, and the first vertical line to 2-3 kg convinced: "I am able to lose weight, but to postpone this event for later".

But if you approach the "event" is with a detailed Plan, evenly distribute the load, and a slight adjustment in the menus, the process of weight reduction is going to be fun.

The perfect backdrop for the weight loss is a balanced diet, moderate Fitness and a number of effective beauty treatments. What they're talking about in all the fashion magazines, but how it looks in reality?

We talk about the most important program of the harmony that relates to everyone, and a style of life, without the damage for the wallet and health can.

Difficult, a diet that meet all the basic requirements of healthy nutrition. Hard statistics show that after the completion of the hungry Marathon weight quickly.

Proper nutrition is a diet, to be allowed sick, healthy and slim.

Its Features:

  • the daily calorie 1400-1800 kcal (depending on the number of training sessions, type of metabolism), but in no case less than 1200 kcal;
  • the Breakfast consists of slow carbohydrates, green tea or coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch connects as carbohydrate, and Protein food;
  • the dinner consists exclusively of proteins, Supplement for vegetables always;
  • the food intake ends no later than 3 hours before bedtime;
  • directly in front of the sleeping Kefir, milk or a protein drink;
  • from the menu, everything is always fast carbs go almost, which are the number one cause of fat deposits (bread, pastries, ready meals, fast Food);
  • as Snacks, nuts and dry fruits, fruit and vegetables, unsweetened yogurt with bran, cottage cheese with berries or honey;
  • the volume of beverage water rises up to 2 liters, in the menu regularly present in Oolong tea, the fat digestion.

To satisfy the diet of a slim person each Hunger: it can not be long "downtime", but for a long saturation.

Candy bars provoke the desire to eat after 30-40 minutes, a plate of buckwheat with a weighty piece of chicken baked basin and salad allowed to forget about food for at least 3-4 hours.

Calorie content of the two versions is identical, the effect is different. Food in the mouth, think about what it is: Instant fun, or a long novel?

Approximate menu for your perfect Slimming complex:

  • Breakfast: cereal with orange juice, green tea;
  • snack: cottage cheese with fresh berries and honey;
  • Lunch: baked fish on the Grill, brown rice, seaweed;
  • Snack: Vegetable Smoothie (Cucumber, Tomato, Pepper, Herbs);
  • Dinner: hot salad of chicken meat and fresh vegetables;
  • before bed-Kefir:.

You will be surprised, if you find that the correct diet is not beyond the scope of normal Budgets. Organically "Fit" in the sum of, get ready the products for a week, placing them in a basket dietary meat, frozen and fresh vegetables, cereals, fruits and dry fruits, milk products.

20-30 minutes a day, 3 times per week, the intensity - "the process is fun and increases the heart rate up to 110-120 beats".

Just as the perfect mode of physical stress. What to spend these half an hour?

On the correction of the problem areas, or General emaciation and strengthening the muscles.

For a flat stomach: the "rotation".

You lay down on the floor, bend the knees, press feet on the floor, hands behind the head. You lift when you inhale the head and the shoulder blades (the chin looks upwards), on the exhale - in SP. 30-50 times.

For a slim waist: hula-Hoop.

The duration of the Torsion and the regularity of the training, depending on the result. In the case of half-hour daily lessons visible effect comes in 2 weeks!

For curvy buttocks and working through the front of the thighs: lunges.

On each leg - not less than 10 times. Side-to-side lunges eliminate the "riding pants".

To tighten the inner thigh muscles: squat-plie.

You, legs spread wide, the socks seen in the parties. Squat until the thighs are to the ground, be parallel you must go back to the SP. No less than 20 squats.

For better posture, strengthening the chest muscles and arms: pushups.

You can. the support (Bank), in good physical shape wring out from the floor The hull with the legs form a straight line. Not less than 10 times.

For a nice chest: lie on the ground, in the Hand take over the charge (0.5-1 kg). Lift directed the hands in front, join them, spread apart. 20-repeat times.

For the removal of fat from the entire body: jumping rope.

Start with 100 jumps, stretch every day to 50. Exercise - leader in the field of weight reduction. Movement - not only life, but also increased consumption of calories. Be active - it is free and very effective for weight loss.

Soda bath: mix 150 G baking powder, sea salt, dissolve in warm water. You can take a bath for 30-40 minutes. For a procedure that you get rid of 1 kg of overweight. Unfortunately, not the fat, but the excess liquid.

Vinegar Wrap: renews the skin, intercellular fluid, is enabled the enhanced removal of fats. Dilute Apple cider vinegar with water 1:3, soaking in a solution of linen (strips of cloth, bandages), turn to you, be wrapped around clear film.

Duration of treatment - not less than one hour. After showering with the cleansing milk. For the course of 10-15 packs, you can lose weight up to 4-5 cm at the hip.

Honey massage: Cellulite, eliminate, wants to clean pores, the skin to rejuvenate. For the session 4-5 tbsp. L. liquid honey. To achieve the gain, use essential oils (orange, Grapefruit, juniper).

The technique consists in the placing of the palm on the sticky skin and the subsequent violent tearing off. Duration of the Massage for at least 20 minutes.


Effective complex losing weight can be ordered in the cab on the course and spend half the salary. At home, you can organize not less effective conditions to obesity disappeared from the spectrum of problems.

The most important rule - the fight with the fat should be comprehensive and on a regular basis. And you will be the winner, without spending a single ruble extra.