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The drug increase of a tone of veins of small caliber, the improvement of lymphatic drainage and the venous outflow of the blood (not increased specially for the Tonus of the arteries). Flebodia 600 applies in the case of varicose veins for the relief of symptoms of lymphovenous insufficiency (swelling and heaviness in the legs, pain, trophic dysfunction) and for the treatment of disorders of the microcirculation of the blood. The main active ingredient Diosmin is rapidly through the gastro-intestinal tract and evenly distributed to all layers of the vein wall. With urine, feces and bile to 92.5% (the peak of the activity of the drug is attributable to the fifth hour after ingestion). Flebodia as the information about the penetration of the drug in the mother's milk is not ingested by pregnant women (prior to the meeting, flebodia 600 in the case of varicose veins, a consultation with your doctor), but not in the lactation.

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For the treatment of chronic lymphovenous failure, as well as for dealing with pain in the veins, of heaviness in the legs the drug 1 tablet daily before Breakfast. The duration of the treatment is always by the attending physician on the basis of their analyses. The usual method flebodia in the case of varicose veins is carried out for a period of two months, in severe cases, up to four months. If I get more taking and the dosage not be changed one or two Tricks up his medication.

The drug is particularly commercial to be effective in the early appearance of venous insufficiency in combination with troksevazin (ointment against varicose veins) and clamping screw connection in the textile. The effect of its consumption occurs at the end of the first week of treatment. Decreased pain in the legs, swelling and heaviness gradually, spider veins absorbed on the skin and, still less frequently, and the General condition of the veins.