How to lose weight in a week: ways to eat

Scientists have proven that this is exactly this period of time it needed to be as clear as possible you will feel the positive effect of experiments with real weight loss. At first glance, it is a short time, but from a psychological point of view, it is of sufficient importance, and can with confidence expect, visible results.

how to lose weight per week

Apart from the monotonous diets in a large selection of food presented plans that make it possible to relieve for a week and the extra pounds in this food is abundant and varied. Different diets, depending on their complexity and orientation allow to lose, in seven days from 3 to 10 kg overweight. The success of the event, by and large, depends on the choice of a particular dietary diet that is comfortable for you, and feasible. Reasons to change need to lose weight not radically your life style, want the pieces strong and make art.

Price weeks slimming

Your attempts to lose weight have had a week of success, you should carefully consider the choice of a diet, then it is the desired result. The performance evaluation is not only save in Kilos, you will lose, but also in the chances of the result and not to damage the quality of life and health.

If in front of the body, the conditions are limit of time, so the focus is on the daily diet. Any other good companies, how to change the mode of the day, the positive attitude and reinforcement of physical activity, if they wanted to, no time visible results in such a short period of time.

There are three ways that a clear result for those who spend a one-week diet:

  • Severely restricting the intake of calories ("starvation" diet heavily contributes to the body and suggests a lack of physical activity);
  • Mono-diet, the use of a product with certain properties (monotony different effects on the psychology of the process – someone can wheat without disgust to absorb the book with the Kefir as a remedy for the extra pounds, and someone disturbs monotony);
  • The diet is based on the Protein diet, a major influence on the chemical processes, corrective and metabolism (to maintain the result for a long time due to the lack of risk of decreased muscle mass in contrast to Express-diets).

Some believe that the scarcity and monotony of the diet helps to achieve the best results in fact losing weight. But it is not so close to the truth, as I would like. A week is a long time for the strict restrictions in the diet, the risk for the health in this case exceeds the value of the result.

For many of these diets, there is a sad tendency to "Plateau", if the first couple of days of observed cheerful in the beginning, but then suddenly weight loss stops, since in the conditions of limitations in the body of a emergency mode and slows down power consumption. This leads to the fact that the weight is not really reset, and the forces leave the body, the feeling begins, as in a lethargic sleep.

Want to be in the shortest possible time the maximum number of pounds, throw try, the lesser of two evils to choose, and a sober assessment of the risks and the limits of the body to judge. Short diet with good results can be used as an excellent Motivation for the subsequent events with the overweight. But it's worth it, always remember that after the "hungry" diets former weight returns quickly enough. For this reason, fasting for a slim figure and beauty is important and in the future to gluttony.

Can't get an adequate assessment of their health damage. Not weight recommended to lose, even if the weight is greater than 30 kg, in this case, you need versatile support of the doctors. Be sure to ask the advice of your physician before you reduce energetic energy value of the feed or go on a Mono-diet.

The five most popular weeks of the diet

  • The Japanese diet. The back allows you to reset from 4 to 7 kg. the essence of the diet lies in the almost complete absence of carbohydrates, and the meals are strictly on the watch, and grams.
  • Kefir Diet. The back allows you to set from 3 to 5 kg per week. In the menu, Kefir and a couple of other approved products.
  • Buckwheat Diet. Record result – up to 1 kg per day. The Russians love this useful grits, but for the buckwheat-diet-menu is not in the usual way and cooked, and sapariwajut in boiling water without salt. Taste of a berry is no different from boiled buckwheat, and well, it is, all the saves almost all of its useful properties.
  • Juice Mono-Diet. This diet love the photo model, as it works trouble-free in the fast possible time. But the food only juices body caused tremendous damage, and a week is too large and the deadline for the Extreme of such a diet. It is worth to the poor, only in extreme cases. At the first sign of discomfort in the body, a diet to interrupt for the sake of preservation of health. For lovers of fruit and well-balanced diet is a lot more to Grapefruit.
  • Unloading food from a nutritionist from Russia, Queen Margaret. This diet includes a daily meal Plan, with 2.5 L water, 1 L of low-fat yogurt, 100 G of cottage cheese, 400 G chicken, 1 potato and a few cucumbers. Week on this diet can reset in the course of 2-3 kg.

Quick Estonian Diet

Back to 5 kg in just one week, maybe with the Estonian diet, involving the implementation of very complex energy saving plan, in fact, consisting of several Mono-diet. During all seven days of salt and sugar as well as spices and sauces are forbidden. In this time, it is not recommended to drink coffee and tea, a living and a simple non-carbonated water, of not less than 1.5 liters per day. In the menu the amount of food evenly distributed from the morning until the evening.

  • 1. Day. 6 PCs. - boiled eggs.
  • 2. Day. 1 kg low-fat cottage cheese.
  • 3. Day. 300 G steam or cooked fillet of the chicken.
  • 4. Day. Rice soup: 100 G of groats, 1 L of boiled water.
  • 5. Day. 6 PCs. boiled potatoes in the shell.
  • 6. Day. 1 kg of apples.
  • 7. Day. 1,5 L of kefir.

Nourishing egg diet

egg diet

Don't let the word fool as "satisfactory", because the egg diet is delivering good results: for the week of 3 to 10 kg (the result depends on individual metabolism and starting weight). The effect of weekly egg diet is based on the use of Biotin, which promotes the acceleration of Lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, balances blood sugar levels. Biotin is of great importance in the diet for diabetics.

To lose in case of need, fast weight diet preferably on the eggs, since this product saturates well. Eggs are not digested slowly, so they threatened painful feeling of Hunger. Very useful as an additive to egg menu Grapefruit in a special Flavonoid Naringenin, regulates the secretion of Insulin and allows it to keep the appetite under control.

For the duration of the diet do not eat salt and sugar, sauces from the store and other prepared condiments, juices, soft drinks, and bread. Of the day you need to drink at least 1.5 litres of clean water.

  • 1. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Noon: a tomato, a few eggs, herbal tea. For dinner: salad without oil from turnips, potatoes and carrots, a few eggs, Grapefruit and tea without sugar.
  • 2. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: grapefruit and a couple of eggs. Dinner: 150 G of lean cooked meat, a few eggs and a green salad.
  • 3. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: spinach, a few eggs, and tea without sugar. For dinner: salad without oil, a few eggs, herbal tea, and 100 G of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • 4. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: spinach, a couple of eggs and black coffee. For dinner: salad without oil, 150 grams of sea fish, a few eggs, and tea.
  • 5. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: spinach, a couple of eggs and black coffee. For dinner: cabbage salad, 150 grams of sea fish, tea or black coffee.
  • 6. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: fruit salad (fruits of all on request). For dinner: 150 grams of boiled lean meat, a few eggs, a salad of celery, cucumber and tomatoes, herbal tea.
  • 7. Day. For Breakfast: a Grapefruit, a few eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. Lunch: cold cooked chicken, a few eggs, Grapefruit and tomatoes. For dinner: 150 G of cold boiled chicken, a few eggs, salad from cabbage, carrots and tomatoes, black unsweetened coffee.

In the course of egg diet, it is desirable to drink alkaline water, mineral water, to the lead in the Grapefruit acid account.

Menus of this type refers to the "chemical" reduced carbohydrate content and increased protein content. Egg diet is good, because when you remove the person does not lose its Protein reserves. By reducing the available "fuel" in the Form of carbohydrates, the body fat starts to consume it.

A healthy diet without Dinner – 5 lbs per week!

As you might have guessed, the next diet is based on principles of healthy eating, but his main weapon is not a dinner. The last time the meals are not at later than 18:00. Side effects the positive effect of this diet is to go early to sleep-without the empty and unhealthy hangers in front of the Computer or TV.

In General, it is recommended strongly to disturb the usual Routine. In addition, the list for the day, must adhere strictly to the food and change it to your liking and mood.

It's not that salt and sugar is very important for the whole week, you should completely eliminate alcohol. Fruit in the menu is not necessary in the main meal, preferably half an hour before the meal or 30 minutes later. In addition, every day you need to drink a large number of ordinary non-carbonated water.

  • 1. Day. Breakfast: 50 G of steamed fish, salad leaves, yoghurt with a little olive oil, a glass of 1%. Lunch: few slices of bread, semolina, egg, 90 G of chicken meat or Turkey.
  • 2. Day. Breakfast: 80 G of boiled veal meat, 1 boiled potato, celery, without limitation, boiled carrot and green tea without sugar. Lunch: 100 G low-fat cottage cheese, a Cup of low-fat yogurt, 5 dates, and oatmeal-porridge on the water.
  • 3. Day. Breakfast: 3 bread, 50 G of boiled chicken breast and a full Cup of chicken broth without salt. Lunch: 50 G of boiled veal, a few slices of bread, orange, spinach, without limitation, and Apple rye.
  • 4. Day. For Breakfast: a glass of 1% sodium yogurt, boiled book tomato wheat, with olive oil. For lunch: a glass of fresh citrus juice, cooked rice, 100 G of cottage cheese with plums, Kiwi and Grapefruit.
  • 5. Day. For Breakfast: boiled egg, 60 G of boiled beef, a few sweet peppers and a cucumber. For lunch: a boiled potato, boiled chicken breast, a few walnuts, 3 pieces of dried apricots, orange and Apple.
  • 6. Day. For Breakfast: 100 G of red fish-100 ml unsalted chicken broth, 3 tablespoons of steamed,. L. green peas, a slice of rye bread and green tea with honey (1 TSP). For lunch: tomato and lettuce seeds and lemon juice, cooked brown rice hidden in sesame seed; after an hour of dessert: banana, Kiwi, a glass of skim milk.
  • 7. Day. For Breakfast: a plate with a paper of 60 G of wheat boiled chicken breast, 2 tbsp low-fat cottage cheese with pepper, black tea with 1 TSP honey and a Dessert of a handful of raisins. For lunch: 100g boiled beef with lentils, 125 G low-fat yogurt with no additives, 30 G almonds.

Other methods of weight loss without the agony

Despite the fact that the "gold standard" is considered to be per week weight loss, the most effective diets there are many, the good results in the time, deviating from the Norm as above and below. Some Examples:

  • Light and nutritious diet on the pumpkin to 12 days. Relevant for the autumn with the fresh harvest of melons.
  • Diet "6 Petals". A series of Mono-diet. As an additional Motivation, the flower is used, of the at the end of the next successful day with a sense of accomplishment, a petal detaches.
  • Curd diet, the in two days. It is a proven method to lose a few pounds.
  • Chicken diet in the Form of a Standard three-or seven days. These Mono-diet is famous for its efficiency.