How to really lose weight fast and to

Overweight up to a nervous breakdown a couple of people brought up on the whole white light. Basically the women, but also the representatives of the stronger sex, it is, of course, susceptible to such a burden. Another thing is that you have to think practically about this Problem, because the worst thing for men – slim wallet, but not fat body. However, the story is not. The question is a serious one, to ruin how to lose weight effectively without sacrificing your precious health. Not everything that is offered in the specialised books and on Websites about lose whether really weight, to a positive effect. But first things first.

Erroneous opinions about slimming

Surely you remember about the most common recommendations: move more, eat less, drink more water. That's right, it can really help the weight loss, but only a few know the paths to take into account their individual characteristics and remember that all of this is done at home.

For example, a woman decided not to 18.00. A popular way to lose weight, but the damage from it can take advantage of a lot more than. The fineness of all is that eaten on the eve, the sides and the belly dwell on the next morning, the body is hungry, he needs a new vital stocks. Thus, as such a decrease, if not met, a series of Drive-by conditions.

The movement – the life, the sages said about the old. But what happens when a person has led for several years, "Divan", the image of the in life, and then suddenly decided to lose weight and started exercising two hours a day? They undermine the heart, earn occlusive disease and completely low metabolism beat. Use? Hardly, although the weight in a natural way.

The Tradition of drinking the day three liters of water, as nutritionists recommend, is the last thing in the world, so it is to weight loss. With well-known physicians, that of these three liters is not include soups, juices and milk drinks say, only water! This is a direct way to the clinic on a long treatment, but the weight will not go away, but no, quite the contrary – such an amount of liquid to disturb the metabolic processes and that means new pounds.

And now the most interesting – if other conditions are met, then each of these methods is able to lose weight at home, and health. In the whole of the measure need to know, fight with being overweight – is no exception.

Lose weight with the gym teacher

Yes, sports is really able to ruin the health, especially when it comes to people with obesity. But without it, losing weight is hardly possible. No problems getting enough of some important rules to remember, clear your attention:

  • Not immediately rush to the physical strain! You need to gradually increase as the development of the muscles.
  • If it is a disease of the circulatory System, then you need a cardiologist before the start of the training. He will tell you how to distribute accurately the load, as well as all the exercises have to be avoided.
  • If the work is the feeling that hard, you have to reduce the load.
  • The effect of physical exertion will certainly be, but only if the correct mode is selected, the intake of food and liquid.
Important: if you are suddenly ill during the training, the Training must be stopped immediately, there is danger to life!

Exercises with dumbbells

These exercises are more suitable for the strengthening of muscles and for the removal of excess fat, but because these processes are closely connected to each other, the sport device must be in the house. Not to knock on the barbell up to 10 pounds in the first time enough stress in 1-1.5 pounds on each Hand.

Exercise should not bother and give a exorbitant strain on the ligaments. Remember, what we in Sport? This is exactly what is necessary prodelyvat:

  • Dumbbells lift on his outstretched hands in a standing Position. Start with short approaches, after 7-10 times, because the muscles are not yet accustomed to the stress.
  • In a sitting position, you must understand the dumbbell, bending the elbow. In the ideal case, the barbell must be at the level of the shoulder.
  • In the supine position is necessary, raise the dumbbells to yourself and slowly lower them. This exercise is not particularly useful, since only the sternum, but also the press and strengthens.

Each exercise should be performed with caution, not to the utmost extremities. The dose should be gradually increased. If you can lift the dumbbell only 10 times, then the eleventh should only be about 3 and 5 days after the beginning of the training.


In fact, muscles and ligaments will not run in the early hours of the morning quite harmful – even toned after waking up, and you have already asked a decent load. But even more damage to the evening run, so you better go running on the treadmill in the morning, an hour after waking up.

The distance you have to overcome in the first time, not miles more than a year and a half. But if a serious sports experience, and health condition good, you can 2.5 drive increase performance up to 3 kilometres. Not the whole route, at a stroke, have to cover, have to run with breathing breaks, for example every 250 meters.


This exercise fits well with dumbbells, adds to their effect. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and the sternum, as well as hands. The principle of the embodiment of the push-up is the same as when working with dumbbells.

No PUSH-UPS have to perform, to exceed their own physical capabilities, for example, with the fists or a Hand. Thus, it is possible to receive injuries, and the effect, if, then is minimal. Your main task – as low as possible, lower the body to the hands, and slowly, to pick him up. The tasks are completely Real and at home.

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Efficiency by foot

It is not a matter of professional go, as well as the daily load, the accessible, also during the walk to work. Instead of the journey in a stuffy Bus for several stops, you can through the specified distance on foot. This, of course, only applies if the workplace is just a stone's throw away, in other cases, there is no stupid need.

It is recommended that a daily distance of 4.5–5 kilometers. If you have a step counter, then the number of steps 10-12 thousand not should,. Your task is to lose weight, not the heart, the overweight is already overloaded tear.

In addition to the above types of loads, not to mention swimming. It is perfect all the muscle developed groups, and promotes the discharge of excess weight. The first results you will notice after a week of Hiking in the Pool. However, before purchasing the subscription, you should consult your doctor burden on the heart, the development of the corresponding disease is enormous.

Lose weight with the help of diets

Eat less – weigh less, note this statement? So, it's not quite right. The amount of food, of course, impact on the pounds, but the main role plays the quality and composition. The majority of the most effective diets to lose which really weight, primarily based on the change in the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the food that you eat. An adaptation of the regime of the absorption of food at home, and that is the added value of proper nutrition.

Diet for weight loss include a decent amount of fish dishes. The special feature is that this product contains small number of calories, not fat, but at the same time gives the body all the necessary substances. The best variant of the preparation of food – cooking. So the minimum number of useful items, and calorie content of the dishes is lost. Well the finished fish add side dishes of boiled, better fresh vegetables. To not choose the rich of you calories, set aside. Vegetables are useful to all, so feel free to mix cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and the Rest in a pile, and good appetite!

The amount of the consumed sweet should be reduced to a Minimum. However, a complete rejection of not allowing him to even think of the liver, she needs sugar! How to reduce consumed sweets, not damage:

  • Cake exclude, especially greasy. So much sugar, how much do these sweets contain no need to the liver. Also cake is very greasy, can be guaranteed to have the negative impact on the weight.
  • Candy is also a limit on better, a lot of sugar in them, high calorie content. As an exception it can afford caramel without the chocolate coating, preferably with a fruit filling. But not more often than once in seven days!
  • In tea and coffee is strictly prohibited, and the sugar. It is hard to imagine how many calories you consume with it. If not can unsweetened beverages drink, get Diabetes replacement, it costs cheap, the extra pounds are not affected, and taste of all the finest.

You probably think that the sweetness in the diet should not be. To eat do not hurry to get upset, a source of sugar – dark chocolate. Sweet tiles, which are issued for the delicious confectionery product, not fit you, pritornye and contain a lot of fat. Dark chocolate is quite expensive and only get it in a more or less decent shops, but it's worth it! But remember – you can't consume 3 small lobules more often than once in 4 days.

Exotic ways to lose weight

It's not that the conventional methods of weight help reduction at all, but perhaps not the desired result in a short time. The Problem is not serious, there are many other ways, the inhabitants of our country a little, but are very popular abroad. So, whether really lose weight with the help of methods in distant countries?

Italian Diet

The women of the Mediterranean believe that the key to a slim figure – a large number of consumed dietary fiber. Actually, the classic Italian cuisine and includes practically all the dishes. Use, you will not only be recognized on the Apennine Peninsula, but also in the countries of South-East Asia.

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Fiber cleanse the body, whereby the slag, normalizes the exchange of substances and promotes digestion. This series of actions contributes to the minimization of fat deposits in connection with the saturation of the organism the necessary elements.

Japanese starve to death

Some people believe that Japan – the Land of the fish diet. It is certainly true, but here a woman is eating a distant country is never enough. Get up from the table, every Japanese woman will feel the feeling of slight Hunger.
According to the philosophy of the Japanese, the man must always want to eat, at least a little. So the habit to eat less, and this means that the belly is thinner. For us, this diet is not too good – we are used to eating dense, is the voluntary malnutrition interferes with the metabolic processes. However, you can allow under-nutrition from case to case, for example, a couple of times per month.

Indian spiritual practice

The Indians understand the set overweight, but the technology is quite complicated. To combine you have learned, nutrition, Meditation and trances, that in totality gives a stunning effect, available in both the noise of the big city, as well as at home. The doctrine is called Ayurveda and the Vedic medicine.

The doctrine is the rule that the body is able to process efficiently the food only in the sun light. So you eat in a day so that the evening was only slightly below steps. The evening meal is very simple, practically no calories. This Mini-dinner runs less than three hours in front of a warm bed.

It is not important which method of the real you slimming decide. The main thing – to endure the sincere desire to achieve a result, and the ability to. Nothing comes immediately. All of the diets and sports exercises lead to the positive dynamics only after a certain period of time. Your task – not the nose slopes, and the desired result is obtained in the Form of a perfect figure!