Agent in tablets, the the appetite and burning fat

Medicines in tablets, which are designed to reduce appetite and burn fat, there is a huge amount. Many people in the pursuit of the dream of a beautiful figure easily turn to such means.

Experts warn that, before you apply, you need to carefully check the information about the advantages and disadvantages of the various pills.

According to the principle can be divided in several categories:

Weight loss control the appetite capsules
  • Fat burners - break up the fat cells to fatty acids, speed up metabolism and increase the body temperature. It loads apply only in the case of intense body. The advantage is, that just burned the fat, but not muscular;
  • Fillers - clearly a feeling of satiety increased in size in the stomach. Through this you can reduce the amount of food and calorie intake. Pretty sure, but they also have side effects - the discomfort and irritation in the digestive tract, allergies;
  • Fat-Blocker - pills bind the fat in the stomach and have a negative impact on the enzymes for the Absorption and digestion of lipids. One of the most effective and safest. Disadvantages - can cause diarrhea, discomfort in the digestive tract, and also prevent the absorption of important fat-soluble vitamins. A good diet combined with a calorie;
  • Appetite suppressants - these pills act on the brain centers that control feeling of Hunger. It still want to diet a lot less people will be able to easily resist. Some of the most dangerous pills, the fat the appetite and burning, lead to mental disorders.

Separately, you can mention drugs, vitamins, and trace elements of advantage. Not to promote yourself, you to weight loss, but also support the body during the strict diet, lack of essential nutrients.

Rules for the selection of pills to reduce appetite

Tablets, the the appetite and burning fat, in recent years, causing a great demand, so that these drugs produce not only pharmacological company with a reputation, but also to dubious companies that have recently appeared on the market.

In this context, it must be particularly attentive to the choice of tablets and see that you have not caused damage to health.

You must:

  • You are reading the instructions, examine the mode of action, adverse effects, and contraindications;
  • You are looking for reviews from those who enjoyed them already;
  • Discuss the selected tablets with your doctor or nutritionist. In conversation: if you are a compatible age, individual characteristics and genetic factors with the intake of such drugs.

Many tablets, the fat the appetite and burn, for weight loss, people with large body mass. Or such tablets are in the complex therapy for obesity, Diabetes and other serious diseases.

If the purpose of your application, resetting of the low weight, you can in the best case useless and in the worst - and to hurt.

Possible side effects of tablets

All diet pills are the accompanying phenomena, in which:

  • Anxiety;
  • Irritability;
  • Depression;
  • The increase in the weight;
  • High blood pressure and heart palpitations;
  • Change the mood;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness.

Some of the components from which such funds are not in the best way influence on the body:

  • Caffeine increases nervousness, irritability. Speeds up the heart rate and increases blood pressure;
  • Ester-cellulose - negative influence on the function of the digestive organs;
  • Green tea extract - causes convulsions, cardiac arrhythmias, intestinal diseases, and lower cholesterol.

Please note! Not recommend pills for fast weight loss the office for the control of food and drugs, to serious damage to the health.

Tablets, the the appetite and burning fat

What are the fat burning drugs can be dangerous for the health

All diet pills can have a certain influence on the body. Originally, these were for the treatment of serious diseases, such as obesity or Diabetes.

The harmful effect of the preparations is shown in the following table:

Tablets, the the appetite and burning fat (functional principle) The harmful effects
Under the feeling of Hunger press; Insomnia, apathy, psychological dependence, irritability;
Body cleansing, laxative effect; Reduction in the levels of potassium, decreased motility of the intestine, pancreatitis;
Filling the organism, causing a feeling of satiety; Problems with a chair, irritability;
With a diuretic effect; Injury of the heart, muscle weakness, rapid return of the weight after the termination of the application;
Fat burners and blockers fat Malabsorption. The emergence of problems with the stool, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome.

The opinions of nutritionists on the pill, the appetite

According to most nutritionists, reducing the appetite and burning fat pills in the best case useless and in the worst case, cause a significant impact on the health of the body.

The concern by experts is the fact that many of the components of slimming products have serious side effects, and some, such as sibutramine, and even banned in some other countries.

Tablet, fully consisting of natural ingredients, sure, but you have a small degree of efficiency. Without restrictions in the diet can not be reset more than 2-3 kg.

Best and natural way the weight loss is a balanced diet in combination with physical activity.

To strengthen the effect and the acceleration of the process to these measures, the use of tablets that reduce appetite and fat burning add. You need to have in their composition of natural ingredients, vitamins and trace elements is of advantage.