Results of the donuts in the dugout, is on the decline:

"My mother is very prepares delicious, she is a professional pastry chef and has explained to me always, delights delicacies", the girl every reason to be overweight. Favorite and the only child in the family, you are bathed in worship, and saw no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to eat mum's cakes.

Katja Pilipets

Solution change your lifestyle there was in the course of time – Katja stared comrades to the slim class and knew that she is willing to abandon strict on calorie-rich food for the sake of harmony. But as my mother used to say to offend?

A conversation from heart to heart, decided to all the problems – Oksana, Mama Kati, heard the arguments of the daughter and promised to support her in this difficult endeavor.

Together – a dream

My mother refused to cook, the usual calorie-rich foods, in order not to be seduced by aromas of Katya, but also with your employees on Fitness. "I have to go self-shy, and with the mother, it was quiet," recalls the girl to her old complex.

Repeat the exercises for lean coaches, Katja choked, sweated, the rhythm lost, but secretly dreamed that one day the weight loss see results... and to train themselves in the situation.

Then this dream seemed to be the girl out of reach. Physical activity causes pain. Eating habits did not disappear, attack girls in the most inappropriate Moment. Let the coveted thinness extends to the coming months – Katja with mom then started to throw up, then were removed.

What are the first results has slimming helped?

"But I always had the feeling that sooner or later my dream will come true," smiles Kate. In search of "your" Fitness mother and daughter all have tried – training equipment, Pilates, Jogging and Yoga. "It was only when I came to the classes in step aerobics, I knew – this is my!" – smiles at the girl.

Endurance training in conjunction with force elements of day-to-sharpened day, the character Katya. The extra weight started to walk away, and the figure is acquired gradually, the sporty Chic. At that time, Katja came with her mother experimental to a healthy diet. "After intense training sessions, it was suffering to multiply by zero all the trouble, eat something harmful, says Katja. – But there is very much we have to bite on the product satisfies Hunger, strength, but not too fat on the waist".

Intuitively, Katja refused, fried, flour-and sweet– what used to be almost half of your daily diet. Girls understand that all the efforts, the Foundation is built on your dream.

"In the process of losing weight I have not weighed at home, the scale was never," says Katja. Results slimming the girls looked after the clothing – the usual dresses shamelessly, were torched. Katja looked at her clothes and could not believe that she was cracking it at the seams.

It is not today is not white, its the new "slim" weight – Assembly in the free appeared in your house. But the girl did not know that the harmony – is that the number on the scale, but the feeling of flying and the joy of your own physical Form.

"I'm so much step aerobics loved, to understand what exactly what they want to do in the future. My dream of becoming a Trainer every time is getting closer – in the depths of the soul I wanted to help people struggling with obesity and low self-esteem. And an Instrument in the fight step-aerobics".

Results slimming: Miss Fitness

My prom Katja Furore – a slender, self-conscious, she drew the admiring glances of the classmates. But the most important thing was to peers that, in contrast, you exactly knew who wants to be. And this decision has surprised many – yesterday's Vaseline dreams of becoming a Trainer?! Katja answer just smile mysteriously – they wrote to him the request for the training in the Fitness school.

Since then five years have passed, and Katya proved that they were not mistaken in their choice. Today, she has five workouts of the day, a fantastic stretch and an impressive list of those they helped to change your figure for the better. "Know what it's like to have excess weight, – says the girl. And I know how to change people to motivate their lives, to overcome complexes and doubt. To lose very hard to weight, if there is no support. Me, very supportive, my mother, and now, I support people in their efforts".

Cheerful, playful and positive, Katja approach to each client and his 22 years of a right to be proud, to attain this slenderness subjects contributed to many of protection.

Nutrition Coach

"My Breakfast is a healthy carbohydrates. I eat 4-5 times a day small portions. Candy I'm trying to avoid, but if you really want to, leave me a piece in the first half of the day. For lunch eat grilled meat, steamed vegetables or vegetable soup broth. For dinner prefer fish and salad from vegetables of the season. And if to me a little dangerous for the figure, remember that I have the best Motivation now is to keep a sample for your customers to Fit to".

And finally, Katja admits that she is grateful for the overweight, he is in your life. "Thanks to him, I have learned to set goals and achieve them, and still believe, that all dreams can realize, if you just want to".