Lemon for weight loss — methods for the application of juice, oil, water, and tea

Lemon to lose weight not only a diet juice. It has long been known that the acceleration of metabolism is a simple recipe – eat for the night, and half of finely chopped lemon with 50 G of meat or fish without fat. Such a "Cocktail" helps you fall asleep easier, now, amino acids in combination with Vitamin C, the recovery of the muscles serve to rest during the night. The muscles, which, in turn, require for their development and the growth of a large amount of energy, and finally, a lemon recipe to help to reduce weight. True, the above is only for those who do not neglect deals systematically with the Power load and the right diet.

The juice of the lemon for weight loss

Lemon for losing weight

Lemon juice can be applied in various ways. A recipe Recommender drink before Breakfast, lunch and dinner and a teaspoon of sour juice, dissolved in half a glass of warm water. In addition to improving digestion and speeding up the metabolism, this is a recipe you can the lack of Vitamin C, and slightly increases the immunity. Practical importance of drinking lemon juice with water is that the hot liquid fills the stomach, which means that your centre appetite gets the Signal that you are not hungry. So, water with lemon juice is a good accompanying resources in the process of adhering to a diet or just a helper in an attempt to eat less. And, not to consume, of course, the juice, the water, the increased acidity of gastric juice, Gastritis, colitis.

The juice of the lemon is sometimes advised to drink in its pure Form, containing meat-based dishes after the intake of fat. Supposedly, it will help you, the efforts of the liver, and the kidneys, and are able to fat easy to digest. The Problem with this approach is that it promotes weight loss. Yes, the liver actually receive some support, but the calories from your absorb fat-containing food-safe fully. So try not to abuse it, drink lemon juice, especially as he is not melting spoils the tooth, if you wash to clean it with water and not after the teeth.

Oil lemon for weight loss

Oil lemon for weight loss – "wizard" for external use only. In no case do not try to add it in the mash or other food! Lemon oil aggressive, but very you put a few drops on the problem areas, will be led by the strong circulation of the blood, and "degradation products" of the lipids from the tissue faster than normal. This means that the essential oil you should use masks and Anti-Cellulite creams. You can even remove the cooking "lemon cream" by adding a few drops of essential oil in 100 ml of any moisturizing cream for the body. Stir the Tool you use for the Massage of the problem areas after showering.

In addition, it is proven to calm the inhalation of the fragrance of the lemon before eating able to reduce increased appetite and Stress, which is often the primary cause of overeating. You can lemon oil the crusts of the usual lemon. Smell the crust for 20 minutes before dinner, drink a glass of water, and a Dessert you will not want to.

Remember that prior to the application of lemon recipes should ensure that the absence of Allergy to citrus, and in any case do not exceed the recommended dosage for the juice is not more than 2 teaspoons for essential oil three drops on a pack, mask or Massage portion of whipped cream. Observe moderation in food and exercises and lemon is an excellent accompanying resources in the process of losing weight.

Water with lemon for losing weight

You can drink water with lemon throughout the day – a great idea, if you want to lose weight, and have fruit no contraindications acidic food from the stomach. A simple drink to protect you from dehydration, the dangerous, the more you practice a strict diet. Enough water in your diet allows, to the concentration in the solution of intellectual tasks, and the Vitamin C, containing in Limone, support your immune system.

For more healthy drinks, enough to Squeeze the juice of 1 fruit in 1 Liter of clean filtered drinking water. Pour off the liquid, and make sure that the serving was always with them on the Desktop or in the bag.

The truth that you can find and dangerous recipes with lemon water. Often people think that the increased concentration of the juice in water helps to lose weight faster. It is not so – the more acidic the water, the more it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, and the more potential problems for the teeth. Lovers, you double the number of lemons, also, subtly, the daily diet Supplement concentrated 100-200 kcal with drink. In addition, in the "people" are convinced that the addition of honey in water with lemon it terribly useful for weight loss. To reduce the health – maybe, but if you are aiming to weight, you would do well you avoid sugar-containing drinks, since they almost immediately increase the blood sugar level and cause an intense Insulin secretion. And this physiological condition, not only the fat burning diet slows down, but also increased the appetite for another meal. In the end, the sweetness of water with lemon juice, the Situation can only worsen things.

Do not forget that even "healthy" water, with lemon juice, a potential threat to the tooth's enamel. Rinse your mouth after each recording, and use the tube to drink, if possible.

Tea with lemon for losing weight

Tea with lemon for losing weight

Everyone's favorite-tea with lemon Dessert is able to...replace. A hot drink with "interesting" taste – what you need, if you already ate, but still not the feeling of satisfaction with the meals. Often custom food and drink is not so harmful, how about you nutritionists say. Many people are so accustomed to tea or coffee after the meal, simply do not believe that the meal is finished, and you don't drag the pieces until the desired Cup of tea would be in your hands.

But not to burn tea with lemon in the situation, fat influence on the metabolism or something. If you love him – have a drink, if not – choose drinks that secure for the character and you personally like.

Most people who lose weight the "double lemon" for the benefit of the green teas of a disc, and it is even better than with black tea. At least green tea is not customary to drink it with sugar, so that it can enable easier in the healthy diet on a diet.

Diet recipes with lemon slimming

Chicken breast in lemon juice

1 lemon, 1 Grapefruit, 600 G chicken breast fillet, a few mint leaves, roasting pan with non-stick coating. The best of fruit juices, and soaking in the blend of citrus portioned pieces of chicken in 2 hours. Then, directly to the juice, put the chicken in a baking dish, cover with foil, pierce in several places with a fork, to the steam and cook for about half an hour in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees. Mint leaves, to decorate you can serve with any vegetables or brown rice.

Lemon cake to remove

Powder Stevia, 1 lemon, 400 G of cottage cheese creamy 0%, 4 egg whites, 4 tablespoons of oat bran. Do not mix with cottage cheese, not to forget, add a small portion of the powder in the bran. To make of bran and one-half of the Quarks to the dough, add 2 egg whites. Stir, bake until soft in a coated Form, about 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. Lemon freeze and grate or chop the blender, the rest of the cottage cheese, egg whites, and a little Stevia, and you make the filling. You put the filling from the top, and bring until tender, until the top of cheese cake layer propechetsya.

Sole with lemon Sauce

6 pieces of portioned fillets of sole, rosemary, 3 lemon, 1 Avocado, 400 G of boiled broccoli. Sole cook in a water bath for 20 minutes, previously sprinkled with dried rosemary. Lemon squeeze, and 2/3 of the juice, pour the fish. 1/3 juice, along with broccoli and Avocado into a puree turn. Serve slightly cooled fish with green sauce. You can use the lemon slices garnish the dish.

Tea with lemon and herbs

1 tablespoon thyme, Ivan-tea, crushed chamomile flowers and 1 lemon. Brew grass water 90 degrees, about 1 Liter, will you serve the tea with lemon slices, or just the fruit in 4 parts and place in a bowl cut for welding.

Lemon-Strawberry Drink

1 L of purified water, 1 lemon, 200 G of fresh or frozen strawberries, a little mint. The berries cut in half, wash the lemon well and cut in portions, in pieces. The mint with the pestle crushed in a mortar, lay them on the bottom of the pot to the water, add the lemon and strawberry and cover with water. Before use, infuse for at least 1 hour.

Universal-Lemon Sauce

4 lemons, freezing in the freezer, a bunch of Dill, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, a quarter teaspoon of powdered ginger if you like spicy. Frozen lemons together with the peel grate, chop herbs, and a little "PUSH" wooden pestle in a mortar, add the grated lemon, Butter and ginger, intolerances-in a closed pitcher of sauce in the fridge.


Ground coffee for Espresso, Turk, 1 lemon, a little Stevia, and 1 tangerine. Tangerine and half a lemon, grind in the mash, mixed with coffee, used as a for your normal portion. Cover with water, bring to a boil and remove from heat, then quickly once again heat up, up to the Moment until the foam rises. Strain, pour into cups, and garnish the drink chopped half of a lemon.

Results and reviews

The result of the regular use of lemons in food really better for your health and vitality. We value consumption of vitamins ingested with the food, in the meantime, any diet increases our need for Vitamin C. If you ignore it, the sources, the immune system can crash and colds will accompany you quite a long time. The doctors will not get tired to repeat, the importance of prevention, so, even more importantly, if you are on a diet.

However, the results in terms of the weight attached acceptance of how much you eat lemons, and how honest people adhere to recipes. It is, judging by the reviews, that lemons, on the contrary, increase the appetite, cause heartburn, and forcing the people, rather more, not less. In such cases, you'd better replace a fruit source of vitamins, or even to reinforce your diet with vitamins from the pharmacy, but the move away from product-provocateur.

Reviews about lemon juice is dazzling. Some drink it hard, flavors of pepper and ginger, and then confused on the reception to the gastroenterologist. Remember that there is a glass with water a place in the diet, but if you have no diseases, and the water is not the first thing in your stomach in the morning. Professional doctors usually recommend citric acid water to satisfy thirst between meals and not after the popular recipe and drink it half an hour before Breakfast.