Kefir lose weight to drink how, when, and with what products

Thoughts on the healthiest beverages that we often ignore all of the known Kefir. But it is an excellent therapeutic and preventive agent against many diseases, therefore, it is worthwhile to study this question.

Kefir slimming

It is proved that the regular use of it normalizes the function of the nervous and circulatory system of the human organism, has a positive impact on the condition of the nails and the hair, has a rejuvenating effect and makes the work of the intestine.

As yoghurt is beneficial and harmful for losing weight

Drink "born" in North Ossetia, where he worked as a "gift of heaven", and kept a closely guarded secret. For the first time about him, how about the medical part of the service, spoke Russian Medical Journal, and it happened in the second half of the 19th century.

To lose since Kefir weight not only the stars of show business, but also our grandmothers and mothers. And it is no wonder, because the product is inexpensive and remains accessible for all interested parties.

Even after the three-day Kefir diet, you can lose a few pounds, and those who like the drink, you can start to search for new clothes smaller.

The positive aspects of Kefir diet include an active discharge, combined with a moderate diet without feeling of hunger, and the ability to see in a short period of time real results.

Disadvantages of this miracle cure, there are also:

  • With prolonged use, a stomach upset can cause.
  • If a diet longer than seven days, you can to the depletion of the body.
  • The diet was more effective at the end of the day water enemas, not as a pampering experience.
  • Kefir diet is strictly contraindicated to people with rheumatism, gout, and rickets.

What to choose for a diet

The period of production — this is the first and perhaps most important what to keep in mind when buying milk drinks.

The quality of the content. In the open pack, you should no flakes or clumps – it testifies to the wrong storage. If Yes, and you were given the pack to throw in no hurry, because Kefir mask is perfect to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin.

The Percentage Of Fat. To understand, what is the drink content fat better for you, speak with a dietician. For Example:

  • People suffering from Diabetes, you need to eat only one product with a fat content of zero.
  • Remember, the less fat content, the more yogurt, calcium, useful for bone tissue.
  • This normalized yogurt with a fat content of zero blood pressure.
  • People who are overweight, you can buy a product with a fat content of up to 3.2%. Its use improves immunity, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

How much can you drink Kefir per day

Norma yogurt depends on the choice of the diet you observe. So, for example:

  • on a diet to a half a litre of milk products per day drink;
  • on Kefir-fruit — up to two liters.

Not recommended no matter what type of food you choose, sitting on Kefir diet for longer than seven days.

Dispense food and people, the of intestinal disorders, those with high acid content.

If you sit on dairy nutrition that you need in order to completely the use of salt, flour and meat to give up, thus avoiding excessive fermentation.

What time of day Kefir useful

In the opinion of nutritional science, the best time taking learning, no dairy products – and the evening and the separate administration in the course of the day.

In the course of the day, take it at the most beneficial for half an hour before a meal or 30 minutes after taking.

Morning taking not suitable for everyone. According to the rules, drink a half hour to consume before the meal. Yogurt for Breakfast, only those working at home or getting up early, long before the exit to the work, can afford to provide. But often we set the alarm for an hour before the "departure" Wake up and try with the help of strong coffee. There is no butter milk can.

Evening reception — the best time for the consumption of Kefir, especially before bedtime. Drunk night on Kefir improves the intestinal flora and strengthens the sleep.

the intake of Kefir

With what products can the combined Kefir

I repeat again, on the advice of the doctors, milk drinks around separately from other products. But sometimes we want to experiment. With what can be combined Kefir?

Best yogurt, combine with vegetable green – this successful combination significantly improves the function of the digestive system.

Fresh, dried, frozen fruits and berries is also a good drink "company", as well as jam, honey, muesli and cereals.

Kefir combines perfectly with fibre and bran, helps the body to fight with constipation and elimination of toxins.

It is undesirable, with yogurt you eat nuts and seeds, legumes and mushrooms. Since digestive glands have different activity when working with this or that product, some of them do not eat at the same time.

Therefore, the yogurt is not a fruit, together with fish, caviar, and other seafood, meat, eggs, and, oddly enough, with milk. It is important to take into account these moments in the composition of the daily diet.

Porridge with Kefir

Since the grits perfectly with yogurt, you can cook delicious and healthy porridge on the Basis of this unique milk products.

Pshenka – effectively helps with fat, promotes the excretion of slags and toxins, so that in turn, vitamins B and PP, as well as Magnesium and sulfur. Porridge must pour up to 50 degrees of heated yogurt and 60 minutes.

Buckwheat is practically the purest grits on earth. It is rich in vitamins PP and B, and also contains Rutin – a substance promotes the quick absorption of vitamins.

The wheat groats – contributes to the reduction of cholesterol, which is ideal for people suffering from Diabetes. Their consumption slows down the aging process, the fat cells. Two weeks Kefir wheat diet can be up to 6 pounds overweight.

Meal – a source of potassium and Magnesium, which give to the human skin elasticity. Semolina, mixed with yogurt, promotes weight loss. For the preparation of healthy dishes, pour Kefir, such a lot of bait, about 40-60 minutes in the spoon.

Oatmeal is a great way to not only saturate your body with vitamins E and PP, iron, Magnesium and zinc, but also thanks to the many dietary fiber get rid of extra pounds.

Kefir with flour

Another source of vitamins and minerals, flax, more flour is that from his seed.

In the composition of the flour, a large amount of vegetable protein, fiber, additionally, it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 6 and 3, to the exchange and the lowering of cholesterol for people with important trace elements, and vitamins of group B.

The most important properties of flour made of linen are its ability to cleanse the body and slow down the Absorption of toxins. Together with yogurt, it is the function of the liver, normalises and regenerates the intestinal flora. The court at best, in their morning ration.

Diet on linen flour can take up to three weeks. In the first seven days you must have a Cup of yogurt and add a tablespoon of flour, in the second week, the number of incorrectly up to three need to increase in the third add a drink in three spoons.

Yogurt and spices

Slimming yogurt can cinnamon drink with spices, for example coriander or spicy pepper.

Kefir with cinnamon improves the metabolism, lower blood sugar levels, weight loss.

Ginger accelerates the digestion, reduces the weight.

Kefir with peppers not only contributes to weight loss by speeding up the metabolism, but also suppresses the appetite.

Kefir with seeds

To lose weight helps and receive of yogurt with pumpkin seeds, Flaxseed and Chia.

In the pumpkin seed protein and a lot of useful trace elements. Their regular use for the prophylaxis of oncological diseases, diseases of the kidney and Prostatitis. Together with yogurt, they promote the removal of toxins and parasites, rapid weight loss.

Kefir with banana

Kefir with berries and fruits

This was tasty, slimming, efficient and cute, can cook Kefir Smoothies with berries and fruits. This includes strawberries, raspberries, Kiwi, banana, orange and Grapefruit, apples.

Yogurt with citrus fruits has a cleansing properties, promotes the synthesis of collagen, with pineapple facilitates the condition of the mucous membrane, help the rapid excretion of excess fluid from the body.

Yogurt with vegetables and herbs

Not less effective and vegetables. For example, beetroot with yogurt helps to get rid of constipation, normalizes the work of the intestine, the pumpkin helps the parasites to get rid of to speed up the metabolism.

From cucumbers, parsley and celery will send fat-burning Shakes, get rid of quickly and without damage for the health of extra pounds.

Sauerkraut and Kefir not only help you lose weight quickly, but to promote the rejuvenation of the skin and for General improvement in the condition.

Yogurt with dried fruit

To lose weight a easy way to can apricots – taking along with yogurt. This method to get rid of extra pounds are no contraindications, such as Kefir and apricot products are harmless and useful.

Plums with yogurt can help to speed in the standard, the level of sugar, the metabolism, which also encourages weight loss.