The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss: menu, nutritionist recommendations and reviews

The simple the better, but again the desired weight is much harder. Happy holidays with plenty of festive, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, the endless snacking on the run and cold food, aversion to Breakfast, as it is a "bad influence on the character," and many other similar situations are the reason for this is that the balance shows on 5-10 and 20-30 pounds more than necessary.

Diet for losing weight

Today, surely, even a child will reply that to lose weight you just need to the correct nutrition, the avoidance of certain food - and then life is, literally, easier. But what this phrase means? And what are the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are? It's time to find out the answers to the questions, the questions many women and men!

The right diet – how is that?

In short, is the basis of the HLS, of which only the weight, and the physical and Psycho-emotional state, and even. Nutrition is the physiological needs, which occupies the first level, and from it "repelled" all the other desires of the people (in a kind of "pyramid of needs" of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow). The food is a cure for all diseases. But lately, unfortunately, it developed into a cult.

A healthy diet means the entrance into the organism and Assimilation of materials for the completion of energy expenditure, regulation of work of all systems of the human organism, the restoration and the building up of the tissues.

The main principles of proper nutrition

To explore before entering into a new, healthy life is necessary to this question. If you catch all the nuances, is not difficult to understand how to eating in everyday life. So, the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss:

  1. A varied, well-balanced, Split-menu. Firstly, such a diet is not boring, and secondly, it is a guarantee that the body gets every day with all necessary materials. Eat in small portions, while maintaining the essential meals, and added 2-3 additional (snacking).
  2. Fresh Products. In the case of prolonged storage, virtually all of the beneficial properties lose, that is why it is better daily to buy food.
  3. List of the basic rules of proper nutrition for weight loss can not be without fresh vegetables and fruit. Due to the content of ballast System substances, improve metabolism and have a positive effect on the gastro-intestinal. And vitamins and elements are necessary for the Assimilation of food and strengthen the body's defenses.
  4. Compatibility of products. Some of them can not eat together, because this leads to the formation of large amounts of toxins and waste in the body.
  5. Change the diet according to the seasons of the year. In summer, a large part of the diet must consist of foods of plant origin, but in the Winter you need to have products of Giro - interdum-continens.
  6. Learn to properly include the necessary daily calories. An imbalance in this question, the most common cause of extra inches on the hips.

Place the liquid in a proper diet

Water plays an important role in the human diet. The basics of proper nutrition for losing weight include the consumption of a sufficient quantity of liquid, namely 1.5 liters per day. It is desirable to take into account that only simple water.

In General, the opinion, as whether or not tea and coffee, the same liquid is necessary, far apart. Some say that this Marketing move was thought out in the 1990s, as it is a mineral water, and you had to kind of advertising. On the other side, such drinks such as coffee and tea (and the first of them at all. not in a "healthy" diet), accelerate the output of the fluid from the body, in connection with which none of the systems is the necessary water for proper operation However, it is better to just hold the Position that tea is an additional drink and a simple fluid – main.

To drink water you may, at any time, if he wants to. It is recommended to drink the first glass immediately after waking up, on an empty stomach.

Basics of right diet for weight loss in the schemes

Principles of slimming

Until today, a lot of systems developed, there are a huge number of recommendations of professionals, and the people have only to choose the Option that best suits his lifestyle. We will consider different systems the proper nutrition so that they understand how to act.

The Scheme Number 1.




  1. Porridge Oats.
  2. Cup of green tea.
  3. Apple.

Between meal

  1. Cup of low-fat drinkable yogurt.
  2. Peach (2 Pieces).


  1. Steamed rice with baked fish.
  2. Salad from tomatoes and cucumbers with the addition of Flaxseed and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Between meal

Fresh grated carrots with honey.


  1. Boiled chicken fillet, baked in a Marinade of oranges and honey.
  2. Of Cooked Broccoli.
  3. A glass of green tea.

Scheme № 2.

Day of the week





Curd casserole with raisins.

Rice soup with peas and squid.

Vegetable Stew.


Millet porridge with cottage cheese.

In the oven, the vegetables baked with the meat.

Chicken breast Chinese with boiled rice.


Omelet with vegetables.

Casserole with buckwheat and fish.

Fish meatballs.


Porridge of oatmeal with nuts and fruit.

Vegetable soup with chicken.

Stuffed zucchini.


Cheese cake.


Steak from salmon.

In table 2 not described not snacking, the menu also includes teas. This does not mean that you should not be. To snack on light foods: fruit, vegetables and salads from them, milk drinks, cookies diet are tables. Tea and plain water is also important not to forget.

The third scheme is not the menu, but only a System in which the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss are included.





The first



It is recommended that carbohydrate products in an amount of 150 g. It can be buckwheat, rice, semolina, corn flour porridge, or barley. They complement the Breakfast with a boiled egg and some vegetables/fruit.

The second


Please drink tea, coffee or juice in an amount of not more than 500 ml.


The Third



Boiled egg and porridge (150 G)

The fourth


Water, coffee, juice or tea (up to 500 ml).


The fifth


Water or tea (500 ml).

Mushrooms, vegetables or salad (200 G), lean meat or fish/seafood (100 G).

The sixth


Tea or juice (0.5 L).

Just like in the 2 hours of the day: carbohydrate (200 G) and protein (100 G) of food.

The seventh


200 ml of yogurt, milk or sour milk.

100 G of cottage cheese or other protein-rich foods.

The calorie content of this diet is around 1300 kcal.

lose weight

What nutritionists recommend to lose weight with the right diet?

Many people forego Breakfast for the reason that because he, in your opinion, can one thicker. This theory must be out of my head, as it is the most important meal throughout the day and can't look at it without the basics of proper nutrition for weight loss. Nutritionist recommends:

  1. Necessarily Breakfast-carbohydrate food.
  2. To limit is not strictly food consumption, even of the sweet, not for ever renounce.
  3. To diversify to the maximum the menu, to make it balanced, nutritious and not tired.
  4. Don't Stress for the body is starving.
  5. Select in the menu more fruits and vegetables.
  6. You can eat citrus fruits and pineapples, as they have the ability to burn fat.
  7. Give up fried, salty, fatty and smoked food.
  8. Not to forget, drink only water.

The basics of proper nutrition for weight loss: menu

This table shows which meals during the day.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5


Yogurt, cereal, fruit, and coffee/tea soaks.

Rice porridge with dried fruit and green tea.

Buckwheat with vegetables, salad and tea.

Oatmeal with baked Apple and tea/coffee.

Curd casserole and Toast with Butter, juice or green tea.


Yogurt and walnuts.

Banana and yogurt.

A decoction of rose hips, and Quark.

Apple and yogurt.

Banana and yogurt.


Fish soup, steamed vegetables, boiled chicken breast, compote.

Vegetable Soup, Goulash, Mashed Potatoes, Juice, Salad, Vegetables.

Darker rice, soup grossi, baked fish, Vinaigrette.

Borsch, Buckwheat, Chicken Cutlet, And Compote.

Cabbage soup, fish cutlets, mashed potatoes, juice.

Afternoon snack

Yogurt or cottage cheese.

Toast with cocoa, cottage cheese.

Yogurt with figs, or apricots.

Fruit Salad, Biscuits.

Dried fruit with nuts and yogurt.


Vegetable salad with fish, grilled, yogurt.

Vegetable stew with fish and bran diet crispbread, tea.

Chicken fillet with Vinaigrette, green tea.

Vegetable stew and ham, and tea.

Steak with vegetable salad and green tea.

Method for the manufacture of products and its role in the diet

The most important rules of nutrition for weight loss, which has been described above, also include special methods of cooking. So, better pans do without at all, because overdone food affects badly to the stomach and the liver. The ideal helper in the kitchen multivarka, steamer, Aero Grill, and a simple pan. Products can be baked in an oven.


Products for slimming

Remember the basics of proper nutrition for lose weight women simple, but the result after switching to a healthy menu will very soon be seen and felt, with him not only on the figure, but also on the General state of health.

The work of the gastro-intestinal System plays a crucial role for the whole body, even though a lot of people about it and don't know. Mainly it is determined by the strength of the immunity, because the immune cells in this Organ. Eating healthy means being healthy from the inside and the outside!