Menu for weight loss

In modern conditions there are a large number of different diets. The concentration on the proper nutrition which can make the menu easily. Get effective program for weight reduction, it is necessary to focus on their own physiological characteristics, age, gender, physique and other important factors. Every case is unique and requires a competent, comprehensive approach.

Another thing is a healthy diet. It is suitable for everyone. In accordance with the basic principles, you can get rid of the extra pounds, health to significantly improve, prolong youth, beauty and health.

Menu for weight loss

With proper nutrition my profile is formed. Thus it is necessary to remain in the course of life, and not a certain period of time. Healthy food must style a part of life. To do this, one needs insight into the three main requirements of PP:

  • the number of calories consumed should not cost you more energy;
  • Diet for each day should be varied and the respective physiological needs of the organism;
  • You need control over the variety and regularity of food intake.

If obesity brings to you moral or physical complaints, thinking women, where I is the way to slender shapes to start. Experts in the field of dietetics suggests that for weight loss it is necessary that the correct and effective program for a week or a month, in order to consolidate the results and to the rules of proper nutrition.

Important instilled PP

To lose weight at home, you need a comprehensive approach. It is important to eat right, spend time, physical strain, go with the Rest, and more time in the fresh air. To study before a well-balanced and easy weekly menu, make a few simple recommendations and tips. You are liable, you eliminate the most common errors and make the transition to a new way of eating as easy as possible:

  • You control the water budget. The daily amount of water 1.5-2 liters. Carbonated beverages you should eliminate from the diet. It is best to drink clean mineral water without Gas.
  • Discard the flour and sweet. If you are not completely ruled out, buns, cakes and pastries, then you need to try to reduce to minimize their use, a more than useful Alternative.
  • You eat daily in vegetables and fruit. Substances, you are a source of vitamins, minerals, fiber.
  • Properly Breakfast. The morning meal is the most important because it wakes up the body, raises metabolic processes, your energy for the whole day. The best solution for a Breakfast - Porridge.
  • Replace the products. To full-fledged food was not to completely abandon a product, but you can use pork to replace the beef and veal, sunflower oil, olive oil, white bread to wholemeal etc.
  • Minimize the consumption of alcohol. In alcoholic drinks, sugar, fat easily settle flanks and belly in the Form of the body.
  • Eat fractional. In small portions should be eaten, but 5 times a day. Calories, counting sufficient daily Minimum for women is 1200 kcal. You can use the table of caloric content.

You vary your diet, experiment with the recipes. You try to move more. Sedentary work, Stress, and General passivity leads to obesity and health problems. For a healthy life, you should try to be less nervous, because we often seizing up the Stress of something delicious. Forget you don't love to pamper themselves regularly, and not entirely healthy products. So you can mood your good and the right mood.

What and when is it useful

What and when is it useful

Diet for men and women will be different, because the representatives of different sexes put up excellent objectives. For a set of muscle mass, which is so important for athletes, men, we need to three times a day to eat. The basis of the diet is protein and carbohydrates should. Girl, hold more lose weight interested in, should you use a different mode. You should do it more often, and the ratio of protein, fat and carbs (complex) should%55% -10% -35.

Healthy nutrition is important in adolescence and after 50 years. The decision to change your lifestyle, try to love people. If you don't know how to make an inexpensive menus for the family according to the rules of PP, we can offer you the patterns of variations of Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Snacks. Referring to the examples, you will be able to think through food for the family, not just a week, but for the whole year.


Breakfast - the most important meal, so it must be plentiful, hearty and well-balanced, contain, and proteins and carbohydrates and also fats. If in the morning, no appetite, it is easy to solve with a simple and cheap method. Dilute in a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice. You drink on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes the body is ready for food intake. The best Breakfast options, including:

  • 150 gr muesli + a lot of lean meat or fish;
  • 200 G of vegetable salad + 150 grams of boiled chicken;
  • 100 grams of boiled beef + 200 G salad + boiled egg;
  • 200 grams of oatmeal + Sandwich with chicken breast + any fruit.

Not recommended for Breakfast, boil milk food products or pastries. Do not start the day with coffee also. First eat, and after a half hour and a Cup of the aromatic drink can drink without sugar.


In the mid-day at also food must be dense, but not to eat too much. May not eat of the hour, the main thing, the break between meals was about 3-3. 5 hours. In the lunch break you can eat:

  • Soup with meat + vegetable salad;
  • Meat or fish + any porridge;
  • Seafood + Vegetables;
  • Chicken Chop + 200 gr durum wheat pasta.

Give up lunch. A long Pause, in the diet promotes the Stagnation of bile, which acts later bad to your health. Develop Diabetes, obesity, makes it difficult to Gastritis or other diseases of the digestive tract.Dinner

The rule "is not to be used after 18.00", its experts have proved damage. The last meal should be 2 hours before sleeping so that when you go to bed at 23.00, eat not later than at 21.00. It is important, not the gorge before going to sleep. The dinner should be light and useful. The perfect solution is one of the options presented:

  • 200 grams low-fat cottage cheese with fruit;
  • Milk porridge;
  • Vegetable salad;
  • Yogurt and nuts.

You will never eat overnight the meat. Day for the digestion of protein takes about 8 hours. In the night, when all the functions of the body slows down, the time you have to come back for more. Product long in the intestine, begins the fermentation process, and the liver gives the brain signals. In the result, they are nightmares, and in the morning you are tired and exhausted.



Second Breakfast and afternoon meal is a time when it is necessary to provide the body with energy charge and a Minimum of calories to consume. As a light between-meal are:

  • Fruit;
  • cottage cheese Dessert;
  • Vegetable or fruit salad;
  • Sandwich;
  • Porridge with water or milk;
  • Yogurt;
  • Kefir with bread rolls.

The confrontation with the fact of what is the right diet, the menu is not difficult to make. Products for a healthy diet are simple and accessible to everyone. The main thing - do not give up on the new rules get used and no retreat from planned target. Already after 1-2 months and you will be fitter, feel younger, look slimmer.