How to lose weight quickly per week

On the question of how to lose weight quickly per week, provide a variety of options. All in connection with restrictions of the diet and increase physical activity. And otherwise – the most important prerequisite for a reduction in weight, an energy deficit is because the fat – that's our battery, for the case of a conditional Hunger, as a Reserve, which can be a little reduce in just seven days. Of course, if possible, to better planning for the Operation of the "Pureness" a long period of time, in order to comply with the law, less strict diet, but if all the deadline, several special techniques

Nutritionists point out that the help can achieve the desired result, and a special cosmetics. For example, simulating cream. But with his choice very carefully, must be addressed. Experts recommend the use of Modeling-cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

How to decrease in summer for a week

lose weight

To ask, how to lose in the summer, for the week, weight, a man is waiting to hear to, to limit that at this time of year, plenty of vegetables and fruit and food only from them, the expected happened.
Really, in the heat of the hardener sit on the Protein diet, and a simple carbohydrate. The first accompanied the reduction in the level of sugar in the blood, which, in conjunction with the natural drying due to the ambient temperature in the rule, provoked dizziness, and Hunger.
The fastest way to lose weight in a week – this rations of vegetables.

How to lose weight in a week with vegetables

If quick results are more important than the taste of food, you can try the so-called diet Ksenia Borodina, or fashion ratione on some cucumbers. On day 1, 5 kg of fresh cucumbers, 1 tablespoon olive oil (Optional, you can add, if cucumbers are transformed not in a salad) and a little green. Salt is prohibited, drink all the drinks without sugar and chemical sweeteners.

Cucumbers contain potassium, and a sufficient amount of water, this combination promotes the excretion of large quantities of liquids in a short period of time. The diet is suitable for those who struggle with swelling, the cause of which –in salty and smoked foods, and is not suitable for those with water retention associated with diseases.

Similar diets, there are almost all the well-known "garden of the residents". Simply choose from the list:

  • fresh tomatoes and a little Basil, if necessary, to accelerate the recovery of the organism with the help of antioxidants. This version of Mono has a positive effect on the health of the skin, but is not recommended in case of increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • zucchini, Dill and parsley – the softest variant for liver and intestine, vegetables can be eaten raw, rubbed on a grater, and you can make pripustit with a small amount of water, mash into a puree, to a similarity of the soup. Properties of zucchini is reminiscent of cucumber – perfectly drains water, fills the stomach. Not recommended, the Option to be physically active (at the level of professional sports, but not at the level of 30 minutes of fitness training below the Video) people;
  • Carrots: contains Vitamin A for better Absorption which you add 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the salad, which improves the quality of the tan and "young" skin. Combine Carrot diet with the Rest, for example, in the countryside, the tan is "sea" in appearance, and the savings on the products essential;
  • young cabbage – a very low-calorie vegetable, can have it in a larger number of up to 2 kg per day, for those who endure hard diet on cucumbers and tomatoes Gives the body Vitamin C, to support the immunity in the time of the diet.

How to lose weight in 1 week fruits

Fruit diet is simply more tolerated, if it is with vegetables. They are easier to maintain, if the combination of weight loss with study or work. Fruit is not cooking, easy to wash clean. They are available all year round, and you can always choose what can not afford "shoots":

Vegetables and fruit
  • 800 G of bananas and a pack of cottage cheese or 1 Liter of milk, without fat, are not able to replace the last of the almond milk, if you like the taste of cow's milk;
  • 1, 5 kg of apples, fruit (including watermelon, it is also a berry), pears, ripe plums (a strong laxative effect, nutrition for emergencies).

In observance of the vegetable and fruit diet, it is important to carefully monitor oral hygiene. With all his use of the gifts of nature contain a lot of fiber, which can remain stuck between teeth, and will "remember" pain and problems. Dental floss in addition to normal cleaning, and all will be well.

How to lose weight in 7 days physically active girls

Popular ways on how to lose weight for a week can't look for the sports girl, which is not only light weight, but also a beautiful relief of muscles and sports and toned.

While maintaining the normal training program (3 strength Training and 2 to 5 per week Aerobic), it is not recommended to limit the diet some sources of carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables).

Concrete measures are dependent on the current diet:

  • when the diet with a calorie deficit is to manipulate useful carbohydrate component of the diet. In the days of the to limit free of strength training, 1 G of carbohydrates per 1 kg of the current (not planned) weight, and you can proteins and fats to the previous values. I would ask you to just do it, time to waiver on bananas, sweets, white rice and pasta, and replace all the side dishes buckwheat, and "Goodies" — a half a Cup of aqueous (strawberry, blue berries);
  • if the diet is not adhered to, works almost every balanced Power System for the weight reduction. You, a try according to the scheme 1, 100 G of muesli+150 G of cottage cheese, 2 — 150 G of cottage cheese +0, 5 pieces of each fruit, 3 vegetables in any quantity, 150 G of any lean meat/fish, 4 recording – rusks, yogurt, peanut butter, or Pasta, 5 – vegetables + 150 G of fish or seafood. If you run or swim as the most important sports, you can carbohydrates from cereals for lunch and dinner. You use vegetable oil in salads, and you reduce the salt to 5 G per day.

If you want to lose weight quickly per week, you should refrain from heavy leg training for 6-7 days before the responsible publication, and a couple of days in front of him – of everything. in addition to aerobics, so that the water did not stand in the body and will not increase the volume.

How to lose weight at home for 7 days at no cost

To ask In General, whether it is possible to lose weight for a week at home, people expect something very simple and cheap. The cheapest diet to lose weight in 7 days is any System of weight reduction on the pulps. The who would like to have more just select:

lose weight for a week
  • 1 Cup of soaked evening with hot water on the buckwheat – well fluid, contains additional iron;
  • white rice is soaked before cooking in the course of the day fills the stomach quickly, soft, does not cause heartburn;
  • corn is, if you miss the sweetness, but it can not eat due to the excess weight, contains fiber, which helps to clean the intestines;
  • the oats are rich in B vitamins, which are useful for the metabolism and the nervous system, contains Beta-glycans, which is conducive to the prevention of malignant tumors.

Can I lose weight in a week, 5-10 pounds

Like to realistically lose weight per week, that is to get rid of the weight around 10 kg, it is important to know that here:

  • per week, the main visual changes, reduce the waist to reach, for example. But it is not so much due to the combustion of fat, as a lot of the cleaning of the intestine, the excretion of excess fluid, the straggler in the body, and a reduction, partial muscle and fat mass;
  • Scientists claim that you can burn fat, no more than 400-500 G for this period, namely, a pace of nutritionists;
  • Weight reduction is not a Sprint, but a Marathon, to change the results your eating habits and attitude towards physical activity;
  • the visual effect of any diet is the use of the swimming pool and the Sauna can reinforce it even more fluid and clearly defined contours of the body;
  • those who are trying to lose weight 10 pounds in a week, and this result is achieved, is rare weight. You must have all the strength of will to help according to strict limitations, when you had in the past, people have been uncontrolled outages to food ("Food binges"), emotional episodes of excessive eating, cravings for certain food (e.g. chocolate, Desserts, sweet yogurt).
  • It is best to put a less strict time limits, and observe a balanced diet, recommended health care organizations.