5 principles of nutrition with weight loss

In this article, does not say what specifically, in what quantity and how much you eat. Here are the guidelines that you must follow if you want to lose weight without losing the muscles. They are not so demanding.

Lose weight

20% consume less calories, than you spend

This is the first and most important principle. Without losing its adherence to weight do not work in principle. To calculate the correct amount of calories per day, you use our calculator calories.

"And why not 50%? - You Ask? Because the less I eat, the faster you thin". It is certainly so. But if it is too little consumption, not only your fat but also your muscles. You don't want to? And only 15-20%% (max 25%) consumed less, you weight to lose about 1 kg per week. That's not bad. Because after 3 months you are just 13 kg. I repeat once again: quickly lose weight – is very bad.

Eat often, but little

Often, this means 4 – 5 times a day. Why is this so? The fact that the more and longer, our body feels a feeling of Hunger, the more he is adapted to the supply of fat. It is for him a kind of adaptation to the external conditions. So you need it often, so as little as possible is desirable. Get the menu, you can use the calculator calories consumption.

In addition, those who ate rarely, in General, this amount of fill of food at once. You rarely eat, but not a lot. In this embodiment, the stomach wall is stretched in the course of time, and the belly starts to bulge. In the rule, then restore the stomach to its original size almost impossible.

You eat directly after Training

Regardless of whether you lose weight or gain weight – there are, according to the Training need as early as possible. Otherwise, at every opportunity, the body begins to move again fat. For reasons as in point number 2.

To eat when your workout is over by 10 PM – still necessary!


You need to eat more Protein

And since it has more Protein, if 15% reduce nutritional? Everything is quite simple. The number of the consumed fats to a Minimum. Energy in 1 gram of fat, about 2 times more than 1 gram of Protein. By reducing fats increase the consumption of proteins how to eat to lose weight and keep muscle).

This does not happen, in order to give your muscles to burn fat. What is with carbohydrates: their number does not decrease. Otherwise, do not have time to recover. Because for weight loss you need to train fairly often and intensively the 4 principles of a successful weight reduction).

Juices and fluids to drink, where many of the carbs

You drink better water. Of course you can drink juice, but it is more difficult to run then, point number 2. Because of this reason, you increase the calorie intake. Here they drank during the training, a half a Liter of juice. How would you and will not eat and want to eat. But about 250 kcal you have already received.


Cope diet cut to 15% - 25% of the daily calorie consumption. Get rid of fat in the diet. Lean Proteins. Do not force your body for a long time, and often a feeling of Hunger. You eat at least 4 times a day. Of liquids you drink mainly water. And slimming!