How to lose calories count, weight

Certainly on earth there are people who don't want to hear, to lose weight calories words. To remove the fear of this word. Because the unwanted Kilos will of calories, and for all that a diet, a significant reduction in the calories on the menu will certainly be an ideal proportions of the body.

Unfortunately, how to count calories everyone knows, and this is your mistake: such a diet is the most effective in comparison to others, there are also many positive sides:

  • Here there are no restrictions in the selection of the food. The food is exclusively from their own preferences.
  • Calculating calories, there is the possibility of independent adjustment of the quantitative measure of the food, i.e. the size of the portions.
  • Man, that calories per day can slightly oscillation for your weight, keep track of, with the usual nutritious diet remains to the same amount in calories or maybe losing weight.

How do I calculate calories for weight loss: table

  • The first thing you need to understand is that for the combustion of 1 kg of body weight should be 7700 kcal. The same number of calories need to have a rest up to 1 kg.
  • The best Option — it's a diary slimming. It all results, as well as the plans to achieve the incentive to Fix. Throughout the day the entries must be eaten with servings, so it will be easier on the right diet.
  • At the same time you have to record and all of the physical stresses that will be held in the course of the day.
  • In the third table the data on dumped weight.

It is also worth noting that the process is to weigh daily, in the morning, immediately after waking up. Underline the comparative characteristics of the notes in three tables. The person has to identify the possibility of itself, with the diet and the amount of physical activity, which will help the system get rid of extra pounds.

Table of calories for weight loss: the number of calories per 100 G of product

Fruit Kcal Vegetables Kcal
Bananas 90 Potatoes 60
Grapes 70 Onions 18
Cherry 25 Onion 43
Grapefruit 30 Carrots 33
Bulb 42 Cucumber 15
Melon 45 Peppers 19
BlackBerry 32 Parsley 23
Kiwis 50 Tomatoes 20
Apricot 47 Eggplant 28
Avocado 100 Green Peas 75
Quince 30 Zucchini 18
Pineapple 44 White cabbage 23
Orange 45 Cauliflower 12
Watermelon 40 Sauerkraut 28
Strawberries 38 Cabbage red 27
Dogwood 41 Rhubarb 16
Cranberry 33 Radishes 16
Gooseberries 48 Radish 25
Lemon 30 Turnip 23
Raspberries 45 Salad 11
Mandarin 41 Turnip 40
Peaches 45 Pumpkin 20
Plum 44 Dill 30
Currants 43 Horseradish 49
Sweet cherry 53 Garlic 60
Blueberries 44 Spinach 16
Apples 45 Sorrel 27
Flour products Kcal Dry fruits Kcal
Sweet Rolls 301 Raisins 270
Kringel 330 Figs 290
Bread black 206 Kishmish 310
Wheat bread 266 Apricot 290
Rye bread 213 Dates 290
Flat bread made from rye flour 375 Plums 220
Sugar 295 Apples 210

Calories consumption per day

Hardly anyone knows not so well-known statement that the amount of calories should be lower than their consumption. People who have a sedentary way of life, you have to calories is a diet of 1200 kcal per day, for the followers of the active life-pace that he in any sports, is all the menus from the consideration of 1800 cal per day.

How to properly calculate the calories for weight loss? A middle-aged man, a Position of the Manager, consumed up to 3000 kcal a day. Woman of a similar age, the same work spends 2400 kcal.

For the execution of physically demanding job that the man is expending about 3200 kcal, woman — 2700.

How do I calculate the calories of the day? The basis of this diet calculation of calories. This is an effective way for a significant reduction in weight, the result will be stable, as in other types of diets.

We consider how to count calories to lose weight. In order to make the calculation, you must use a table of caloric content of food. Don't panic when in different sources, the numbers vary — it deals with average values, so the difference of a few calories is not much. The best Option is a table, where there is an extensive list of products, and even easier, print to presentation and place it in a convenient place for use, for example, in the kitchen.

In the course of time, acquaintance with the calorie content of the food habit, it will also make it easier to the necessary portion can be calculated. For example, the average Sandwich with cheese, pork cutlet, oven patties and portions of garnish is 370 kcal. A small portion of oatmeal, speciality coffee with cream and sugar, Plus boiled chicken egg — 130 calories.

200 ml of freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit-nova-sucus expression, milk, and spring vegetables cut — 120 kcal. Tea with sugar or coffee — 70 kcal.

It is worth realizing that the weight reduction is not immediately. The result is clearly visible after at least 5 days, since the beginning of the counting of calories.

Among the taboos on snacking before bedtime. The dinner should be not later than 18:00. For example, you can vegetable salad, water, oatmeal with raisins and Jasmine green tea. For a couple of hours before bedtime drink Kefir or natural yoghurt (200 ml). If the feeling of Hunger doesn't leave, you can have a Cup of tea with mint and honey, and ½ Apple. You can also use a small slice of cheese (20 G) consuming.

A full Breakfast is a very important aspect in the diet on calories to lose weight. He should not be part of 1/3 of the daily requirement of calories. Suitable Option to be steamed, cereals, boiled eggs, low-fat variety of meat with vegetables and salad.

The gorge, and this means that the volume of a serving should be no worse than before the diet, is completely excluded sugar, white bread, foods high in fat and oil. The optimal type of preparation of dishes, baking, or a few.

Excluded from their menu a few high-calorie points, the amount of daily calories reduced by 10-15%. These products include: pastries, fatty meat, sausages, fats and sugar. Meal split to 6 times a day, wherein the volume of the portions is reduced. This method reduces the absorption of calories still to 5-7%.

You need to know! After drinking 200 ml of cold water, you can burn up to 50 calories. This method works and for a diet with counting calories. Standard — 2 litres of water a day. Fluid helps the body of accumulated toxins and poison to withdraw substances.

How to count calories to lose weight

Lose weight

For the correct count of the calories dishes, you should pay attention to the label of the product. It should be remembered that the calorific value of the dry and the finished product will differ. For example, the calorie content of 100 G of dried pasta is 300 calories. When cooking your weight increases, so that 100 grams of cooked pasta is almost two times less calories.

Count calories — this means the translation of each meal in the numerical coefficients. It is not hunger exhausting, but the correct calculation for the individual program to remove it.

We count the number of calories per day to lose weight

First of all, the note starts to book you for a week, any meal, or data recording processing, and calorie content of the food. For the calculation of caloric food, the calories of the individual ingredients add up, taking into account its quantity.

You same calorie content can be calculated, to know the quantity of each product and the calories to 100 grams of this product.

The next step is the reduction of the exact calorie content per serving will, thereby, begin to weigh-in, the process of the daily. You need to to obtain a result of 200 G daily weight reduction. When you reach this mark, you must stop and reduce the calorie content of the food, and it is an individual indicator for the necessary calories.

Training food in the set mode, you lose 200 G per day of excess weight in a month of the pointer of the balance is the result of the show of 6 kg less than before starting the diet to count calories.