Wraps to lose weight at home

Wraps to lose weight at home

Beauticians are constantly developing new techniques for weight loss and Anti-Cellulite.

And not all of them show as good a result as wrapping film with different stocks.

Perform the procedure can be used at home or under the supervision of a specialist in the beauty salon.

In any case, you can see the result quickly and with minimal effort.

You know it? Then read our Material on the correct implementation of the winding to decrease, so that the volume of the abdomen, hips, thighs and legs reduce.

You should only be on the slide, select your variant of the composition, the recipes that we offer, and you can spend relaxing and effective weight loss.

General Information

Pack will cover as a cosmetic procedure to create the essence of that specific composition to the skin, and then the body slide.

The time of the procedure – from 30 to 60 minutes. If desired, you can get better effect at home, you can extend the time Wraps to lose weight for a whole night.

In addition to weight reduction, it is the appearance of the skin improves, flatten and make it more elastic.

The history of the formation of the winding comes from the culture of Ancient Egypt.

While the method was known, many girls and women went, the your skin the purity, beauty and elegance.

As a effective mixture of mud from the bottom of the river Nile.

After application to the body of the mass, a girl's cloth was wrapped and left in the sun.

General Information

After some time the material solidified with the mud removed, and the last method the woman spent your skin's softness and smoothness. However, over time about this process forget.

Its variant, the mustard Wrap was, it was in the middle ages for the healing of skin diseases and colds.

Cosmetic function procedure. just in the middle of the twentieth century One of the beauty Salons, the waiting Americans decided to remember the lessons of history.

In the first time body wraps make slimming could only wealthy people.

However, in the 70s of the twentieth century on a TV Live Show, as shown this procedure to be effective.

And after the woman could be reduced in the television 1 changes to 2.5 cm, the wrapping Film became popular again. And with the time also affordable.

Today, this procedure can show in any Beauty or buy all the necessary components for you to wrap at home.

What happens, changing

Before the procedure Wraps, you need not only a mixture of pick up (recipes below), but also to decide, with his views

Modern cosmetics offers a selection of wraps hot or cold.

If you need to the most effective means to lose weight, should pay attention to the warm pack.

But before carrying out you to observe the contra-indications to him. However, this method has a strong influence on the body that, if you cause problems with health, can lead to unpleasant consequences.

The effect of this procedure is based on its ability to expand the blood vessels and increase blood circulation. While such Wraps fat tissue old starts actively removed, and enlarged pores, slags and toxins.

Also, the metabolism is stimulated. This procedure is often performed to get rid of stretch marks, scars. You should do in the morning or in the afternoon.

A cold winding produces a smaller effect, but also safer. Here, the reaction in the opposite occurs constrict the vessels.

How to properly perform the procedure at home

Toxins and waste products through the lymph travel through the body in places where you detoxification. It is the most effective means for pull-UPS to rejuvenate the skin.

Also, the procedure has a tonic effect.

How to properly perform the procedure at home?

To achieve a good effect, you need to prepare properly and this can cosmetic procedures.

First, you should the skin.

The conduct of the winding to remove belly and flanks, and also the rest of the places should be only with clean and dry skin.

You should first take a shower, as usual. Areas that you suspect, to lubricate the mixture, you should carefully scrub treat.

After that, you need to dried dry with a towel and then further to the implementation of the procedure. First, prepare the mixture in those proportions, as described in the recipes.

Apply it to areas of the body that will disturb you, and above you cover all of that clear film or garbage bags on rolls.

Procedures spend at home, make sure the mixture was evenly applied. Wrapping up a of the Film should not be very tight.

Next, you need to put in something warm. It may be, Bathrobe, pants, pajamas, or other clothing that you wear at home.

You now have 30-60 minutes to make in a rest-house work or lay down and relax.

Absolutely have to take a shower and thoroughly rinse all residues of the mixture. You can use the nourishing cream.

Honey-wrap-for slimming

Honey Body Wrap

Honey and its products can be used for a long time, not only in medicine but also in cosmetics.

This product has a whole range of useful substances, the positive effect on our body.

Make honey-pack of slimming can in the Salon.

But many women do not spend dear money for it, and you do the procedure at home.

Finally, make it easy. You need up to 15 El. L. fresh, preferably homemade, honey, polyethylene and a warm blanket (for the hot Wraps).

If you decide to make honey wrap slimming, then it is better to choose the Option Hot. For this product a little warm (up to 25 °C) in a water bath.

After preparing the skin, you should wear them honey. A particular focus zones make problem.

Evenly distribute the honey. Then wrap wrap the the body. Wherein the first windings should fall at the waist, and then they go to the feet.

Now you lie under the ceiling and rest the allotted time. After you will be able to take a shower and wash the sticky product, with the leave a few kilograms of weight.

There are also recipes where honey is added, milk, mustard, pepper, and increases efficiency.

Slim Wellness-Winding Mustard

Mustard wrap for slimming, you can quietly at home.

If the procedure regularly, then you will be able to see pretty quickly the result.

It will take place due to the loss of the accumulated water and speed up the metabolism.

slim Wellness-winding mustard

Mustard has a wonderful warming effect, clear the blood vessels to expand and accelerate the circulation of the blood.

And if you add honey and a few other ingredients, the result is a great mix for losing weight and bring your skin in the problem areas in order.

For the procedure the best is the homemade preparation of mustard.

You need to have your mustard flour (2 tbsp), salt (1/2 TSP), wine vinegar, or Apple cider vinegar (1/2 TSP) and a few tablespoons of sugar.

All of this must mix with warm water dilute and put in a warm place.

The consistency of mustard, sour cream to remind.

After preparing the skin, apply on mustard and top cover the body wrap.

Perform the procedure should not last longer than 40 minutes, because this substance is able to irritate the skin.

If you have hypersensitivity, don't use the mustard itself, and mix it with honey and olive oil in a ratio of 2:2:1.

If you burn the skin, the feeling is that strong, then it is not to endure. Because in this case they can cause severe burns.

Mustard wrap do to lose weight at home one or two days to give the skin the opportunity to relax.

Acetic wraps to lose weight

Another popular method, the lovers of beauties and Fashionistas acetic acid wraps for weight loss.

Thanks to him, you can speed up the process of skin renewal, improve the nutrition of the skin and the formation of collagen fibers, reduce Cellulite and bring the excess fluid from the body.

Perform the procedure at home. You should have a natural Apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:3.

Acetic Winding

In the resulting liquid water-the wide fabric strips from the pharmacy or bandages.

You wrap it on the body. If necessary, you can use vinegar, a pack of slimming legs.

Fabric bandages in this case, is not the wound from the ankles up to the hip, so that the skin is illuminated. Wait until the cloth (bandages) dry out, and then you take a shower.

Not recommend to do this procedure often. The course consists of 15 sessions, you need to spend through the day.


Wraps film, especially when there are procedures in place to hot, has a number of contraindications. To do it should not if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.

Those diseases tumors, various gynecological, skin problems (allergies, skin rashes, sores), high blood pressure, is better to abstain, in order to carry out this procedure.

It should not to do during Menstruation, as this will impact on you and on the cycle in General.

If a temperature, the deterioration of the health, dizziness, then transfer you to the Wrap film on a different day.

If, after you apply the recipes, you will have an allergic reaction, do not repeat recommend the process.