Effective exercises for losing weight side

There is probably no need to explain that the fat on the sides is caused by improper diet. Excessive consumption of starchy foods and sweets in the first place the party suffering parts of the body and the belly. This is noticeable by the appearance of fat deposits that distort the really female character. Therefore, the number of high-calorie foods in the diet is necessary to minimize. In addition, it is recommended to try your diet to reconsider a rule, gradually reduce the number of calories in the menu, the light weight products.

Basic rules of nutrition for weight loss in the sides

Remove only the pages with the help of the proper diet is impossible. Reduction of calories with a balanced diet, you can reset it, just a couple of pounds, but the side fat deposits, no matter how you try, will not be lost. Therefore, only a proper diet will not be enough, it must be combined with exercises for weight loss laterally.

To get rid of the extra inches on the belly and back, preferably fresh fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water. To eat it is essential to eat Breakfast and dinner, and for dinner, better to eat something low-calorie. The last meal not later 6-7 o'clock in the evening.


Exercises for weight loss laterally to home

The on-site Fitness or aerobics, not necessarily in sports centres. Some representatives of the fair sex can not attend Spanish classes in gyms and Fitness centers in force, the narrowness, the lack of time or finances. There are numerous exercises to lose weight, the side of the home, with the help of his own figure, giving it the desired shape. The most common are twist: that gradients, gradients, as well as some elements of the Pilates. You can strengthen the direct muscle, the oblique and transverse abdominal muscles.

Rich 10 minutes per day for the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and the reduction of the lateral deposits of fat. Here are the main exercises for weight loss are the side.

The most effective elements of it tipping. Starting position – standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. The gradients in each direction 50 times. Incrementally increase the amount to 100. Then, leaning forward, alternately socks touching each leg.

A further important exercise – rotation of the housing. There are many varieties of them. Here is one of them. Lying on the back, the legs bend in the knees. The case lifting need to stretch by 5-10 cm above the ground, and alternately on each leg. Version 2 approach in between 20 times with a Pause of 30 seconds. The stomach should be retracted.

For the liberation of the pages will need to use more and feet. You lay on the floor with your legs in a 90 degree angle. Lift the shoulder blades and spring movements of hope in the press. Very effective the "planks" side, and Vice versa, here are the muscles of the whole body are involved. Side parts are: lie on the side, support the elbow. Feet together pressed to the ground. Don't help yourself with your free Hand, lift up on the bottom of the pool. The number of repetitions to 20 to 30 times. Run for each page.

Feed-Ironing. For this exercise, sit on the floor, bend the legs at the knees, take the focus on the hands. Lift the buttocks and fix this Position. Then begin to alternately lift the leg bent in the knee. Perform 10-15 times.

Also in the complex of the most effective exercises for weight loss laterally necessarily Hoop activate. Turn it need 20 minutes per day regularly, so you can easily win small waist and nice curves.


Simple exercises for losing weight on the sides and back

In the pursuit of the ideal figure every woman a lot of emphasis on the waist and the press, forget the back. Lose weight with a diet you have to diet, pay special attention to this area, since wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition, due to the poor attitude of the belly that is the remove may not work any exercises. Properly selected exercises for slimming on the sides and back don't tighten only the skin, and to make this area more attractive, but also you strengthen your back, preventing the development of many diseases of the spine.

Exercises for losing weight on the sides and back should not be intensive and complex, since even without the usual physical strain on this area may damage easily the spine. Here are the simple elements for the back are:

  • We sit on the floor, legs straight. Leaning on your hands, lift the entire case and we are in this Position. You run 20 times.
  • Lying on the stomach with the head down, raise your trunk and legs. Perform 20 times.
  • You will lie on your stomach, keep the hands behind the head in the castle, look in front of you and slowly begin pulling up the case, stay in the highest Position.

This Training does not take more than 10 minutes of the day, and the result will be very soon visible. It is important that you do not avoid any exercises straining slowly to the back to injury.

The implementation of a series of special exercises, and the observance of the principles of a healthy diet, you will feel the positive changes in your body.
If you have not noticed after 3-4 weeks, the progress made in reducing the weight, we recommend you to pay attention to the exercises in the Aqua fitness. This complex is in the location, French lessons make you slim and toned.