How to lose weight celebrities photos before and after

Be thick in the Hollywood murder: stars who have decided to give up on her Hand and succumb to bad habits, available excessive attention of the Paparazzi and discussion of all the problems of the characters in the media.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hollywood is full of stories of "miraculous transformations" — someone dozens of pounds lost, tried to win fame, and someone lose literally scoffed at your body weight, a role in a movie.

Hollywood stars before and after weight loss

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Nathalie had to dance for a long time ballet, in order to lose weight and successfully, the role of the Swan (in the movie "BLACK Swan"). The producers have in front of the tiny Nathalie task – to put the 9 kg. if you Consider the fact that Portman grew up in a family of vegetarians, it is not a big deal to solve this task.

Now she weighs only 48 kg and the main objective, in his view, it is not the weight reduction, but the maintenance of the maximum health of the body and the mind. It is important to note that the image of emaciated stars helped her "Oscar" for best female role.

Sara Rue

34-year-old actress, who for nearly ten years, such as stereotyped roles, a la "the chubby, lives in the neighbourhood" (including in the television series "the Best"), lost 23 pounds, to be run by a "face" diet brand Jenny Craig and started in the morning. Since then, Sarah weigh carefully monitored in an Interview with People, the actress confessed that you lose weight permanently it is simply "tired".

Renee Zellweger

Rene a long time ago, the speech was removed from the city. The role of Bridget Jones, won the actress of 9 pounds. Apparently not so many (in the end, for the Winter win, and many more, up to the spring of to successfully get rid of the "Winter friends"), but Zellweger motivated to lose weight at the end a little bit crazy: they lose their "mother tongue" weight, but still weight, while, in addition to a slim figure, did not look very repulsive. And the recent unsuccessful plastic didn René unrecognizable.

Seth Rogen

Funny fat guy Seth Rogen is a good example of how the glory of the people can change for the better: winning glory, the 31-year-old actor started out with a personal Trainer and for 9 months has in the order of 14 kg.

Perez Hilton

The most famous celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton took the example of those whose personal lives do not discuss tired and busy with itself, weight loss in 3 years, almost 30 pounds. Perez began with a 30-minute daily walks, and eventually went on training mode, 7 days a week, and even started another Website in your name, FitPerez dedicated to Fitness and diets of the stars.

Janet Jackson


A great lover of the various diets, Janet Jackson lately keeps hard on the weight in the standard – although the 47-year-old singer is really hard work. To lose weight before the filming of the music video Love Will Never Do Janet adhered to the strictest diet day you ate a single Apple!

Charlize Theron

For the role in the Film "Monster" in 2003, Charlize Theron weight had to increase in a short period of time, eating Donuts and other Junk Food, actress 15 pounds scored and looked almost unrecognizable. But even before the Premiere of the film, Theron radically lost weight – and made it just in time, because in a few months, Charlize Golden Globe handed out in the category "Best actress" for "Monster".

Jared Leto

Another professional-class, ready for Film – Jared Leto for the role of the killer of John Lennon in the Film, the record scored a total of 30 kilograms. Because of this rapid change of weight during the summer, the problems started with the health, and to get back to the old weight, it took him almost a year. Then swore Jared to never be fat again – but also to a role in a movie.

Kelly Osbourne

Like not even recognized Kelly, home page, your Problem is the seat was "fixed" Stress – sounds familiar, doesn't it? But as a Participant of the popular TV Show "Dancing with the stars" (Dancing with the Stars), Osborne-the youngest stop with this habit – and 23 kilograms lost!

50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent has proven that even a scandal known rappers ready to go in some cases to a role in the Film "Different things" in the year 2011, the 38-year-old 50 Cent has lost almost 25 kilos in just 9 weeks!

Matthew McConaughey

The well-known actor Matthew McConaughey many times for the career to change your appearance and weight to a role. As even Matthew, weight gain admits a lot easier than to get rid of it.

The worst thing of all was the preparation for the role in the Film "Dallas buyers Club". The actor had to lose weight up to 64 kilograms. To do this, he put on a very strict and unbalanced diet. His daily ration consisted of two egg whites, a few pieces of chicken and a diet Coke.

Christian Bale

One of the talented actors Generation, Christian Bale, relates to their roles much more seriously than his colleagues on the Set. Thus, the main role in the movie "the machinist", Bale lost nearly 30 pounds and at the end of about 55 pounds (at a height of six feet and weighed in!). But on a single heroic action in the field of weight loss Christian not stopped a few years ago, he had to fast weight for the role of Ex-boxer in the Film "the Fighter to shake off".

Jennifer Hudson

The wonderful transformation of Jennifer Hudson was one of the main topics for discussion a few years ago. The winner of the award "Grammy" and "Oscar" began to lose weight, in 2009, after the birth – due to rotation of Mandela's work for the Film "Winnie" (Hudson got the role of the wife of Nelson Mandela). With this Motivation, the result was achieved in a few months – Jennifer, the volume was reduced to 10 sizes (US 16 to US-6).

Mariah Carey

This singer is always something lost weight, but more weight. During pregnancy, around 30 pounds took, which is then exposed to a strict diet and sports.

Jessica Simpson


This singer proved that you, a simple mortal woman. During the pregnant it is to the extra pounds that didn't disappear just like that miraculous manner. You worked a lot and without shame in the public appeared.

Christina Aguilera

It is also the number of those mothers whose pregnancy has not gone without a trace for the figure. To fight Christina for a long time with obesity, and only if, it has for what it is, 25 kg.

Alec Baldwin

As I said, the actors, all of it goes well, because a lot of sweet things to eat and loved ice cream. But then in 2011, he was told that he will develop here, can Diabetes, and Baldwin seriously with the figure and still thin.

Pierce Brosnan

As to be expected, the actor began to recover as soon as done James Bond games. But then he saw in the movie "Mama mia!", thought that it is fat, and dealt with himself. To say that Brosnan is a Kickboxer, Yoga, Tennis and Pilates.

Val Kilmer

Another actor, the relaxed, played after the Batman. For his extra pounds, it also be called the thick. But, the preparation for the new Film about Mark Twain, actor all very surprising, and trailing again are quite slim.

Gerard Butler

The actors hit all their telephone system with six dice, played in the Film 300 Spartans, because he gave to your heart's desire to fill the stomach, it all began to speak at once, that he's fat. Gerard and the truth and the weight was recorded, but then he came back in the Form, even if not so impressive as in the movie "300".

Kelly Clarkson

This American singer has become known, after the Show, "American Idol". Even then, she said, that it is called the colon. Kelly often exchanged weight, then lost weight, then gained, but always said that for you it is not a Problem.

Steven Seagal

This actor, a former Star of the all fighters, even wagged a Hand on, after less than the main role in a movie. He is concerned with the production of weapons and friendship with politicians.

John Travolta

Travolta gradually gained the weight, and more than once preferred, prefer to the shops in search of a spacious and comfortable clothing, as a social event in Hollywood. With time, your extra pounds are moved to lift with the help of Tennis, and weight.

Mike Tyson

As I said, once the world champion of Boxing, in the school, he was teased because he was fat. After the completion of the professional career, Mike again started to gain weight, and that there are no reasons to give for new insults, put himself on a vegetarian diet, and threw too much.

Mickey Rourke

Everyone knows that the famous actor has managed to build a career in professional sports. More than five years, he has fought in the Ring. During his sports career, Mickey has received numerous injuries and turned for help to the plastic surgeon to fix their consequences. Doctors have several unsuccessful operations, after which the actor depressed, started. Rourke recovered by almost 20 additional kg.

Recently, Mickey Rourke decided to return to the Sport, and for that he had to do his athletic Form. To lose thanks to a strict diet, Training in the Ring and the everyday, the run of the actor 15 kilograms and, again, the old Form is done.

Rob Kardashian

This type of star family surprised everyone with his appearance in this year. While his sister boast seductive forms, he has it now fits in your style. He is offended that the network they called the thick.

Matthew Perry

The actor began weight after the end of the filming of the TV series "Friends". But it was a small price to pay for his long struggle with the drug dependency. Also, like Matthew said, that the photos where he is skinny, let him in memories of his dependence.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

The actor gave, he relaxed, as he needed to recover for a role. "And to train if I stop, my body reached the maximum weight".

Marlon Brando

After the main actor roles just started to eat a lot, and in the result of obesity, he was diagnosed with Diabetes. So much so, that when he died, more and more not his Talent, and his enormous weight will be discussed.