Exercises to lose fast belly fat and laterally among women. As You

Remove the belly and flanks (exercises most effectively help) required, if there are surpluses in these areas. For the Training is the hardest part of the body.

Here, you can have two types of fat: the fat is under the skin and the abdominal organs wrapped - visceral. So complex this must be, to have a decisive influence on the deep and difficult areas of the press, and train the hard to come by.

Basic rules for the conduct of the exercises to get rid of belly fat and sides

exercises for losing weight

With the aim of creating a greater impact, except for the physical activity, you need to follow the rules, including in the technique of execution: in the classroom it is important that the exercises perfect, to consist in the number of repetitions and the body parts that need to be trained, constantly hangs in the balance; applying the physical functions at the time of the execution of the exercises, otherwise the work with half the force bring the desired results; the most important indicator of proper Training, a sense of burning in the area of the press; it is important, without interruptions and after the increase in the number of guides, only then will you have the stomach and hips, start with the simple but not less effective exercises; lessons begin with a warm-up.

In order to the belly and hips exercises (most effective) with the right diet.


In the course of the day should be consumed: 1/3 of the amounts of Protein animal products (all kinds of dietary meat) and of plant origin, 2/3 of the amount of carbohydrates in the Form of cereals, porridges, cereals, bread, vegetables, a bit of vegetable fat, drink during the day 2 litres of clean raw water, the number of meals should not be less than 5.

It is important to remember! Prior to the start of the learning process should prepare the muscles. It promotes the best results without damage to the muscles and joints. The outset, the rating process should not minutes longer than 7.

Effective exercises for all abdominal muscles

To get rid of unnecessary standards in this field, Trainer advised that the focus on exercises to work on all the muscles. You need to readability Training the upper, lower and lateral parts of the press.

Exercises for Training the upper Ironing press.

Ironing slimming

The best of all, because of its design, the Training of the deep abdominal muscles.

The technique of execution. It is necessary, the Position of the body, such as in the case of berm from the soil. You lift yourself onto your toes and hands bent in a 90 degree angle. Fix the body, for the first time in 20-30 seconds. When you stop the posture, the abdomen must tighten, the gluteal muscles should not protrude to the top, and the back is rounded. Gaze directed to the ground.

By the bar, you should consider the following:

  • do not lift the shoulders;
  • the hands are put only under your shoulders, not wider and not already in use;
  • Compliance with the specified angle of 90 degrees;
  • to keep the whole body very carefully, as on the line.

Bike. Starting to perform, you must have a corresponding position - lying down, the back should be close to the outdoor coating, the hands behind the head, the legs bend in the knees at an angle of equal to 45 degrees.

The technique of execution. At a distance of 50 cm from the ground pads and the legs to be stored, Pre-bend in the knees, and start to turn imaginary pedals. Do not run quickly through the scroll, not less than 15 times in 1 step. A total of 3 or 4 passes.

Please note! By the most effective exercises, with the aim of remove the stomach and hips, the burning of subcutaneous fat, what is the process for Training of all muscle groups will have a positive impact on the cardiac System, digestive System, muscles of the back,.

Exercises for the Training of the lower press

Remove the stomach and hips (the most effective exercises for the lower Newspapers are shown in the table) can vert with the aid of the extremities, by such exercises, like knee lifts, scissors, Krut-second.

  1. Knee-lift. Lie on the floor, the back upright and press on the floor, hands behind head, legs stretched. Not quickly, the knee lifting one, then the other leg to the chest with the bottom of the fuselage solves on a small distance from the floor 10-15 times 4 approach;
  2. Scissors. The Position of the previous feet, the lift directly at a distance of 20 cm from the ground and breed by twine, and then cross each other, as if scissors cut 10-15 times 4 approach;
  3. Krut - second vert. Lying on the floor, hands behind the head in the area of the ears, lift your upper body to touch the right elbow to the top of the left knee, which reduces and, on the contrary, alternately on feet and hands 10-15 times, 4 passes.

Exercises for Training oblique abdominal muscles

exercises for Training oblique abdominal muscles

This muscle group is responsible for forearm support and its Flexion. Oblique muscles should be separated according to the training, as is the case with other types of load they are not bubbles exposed to.


To achieve supplied indicative and important exercise in the Form of the following exercises.

The slopes in the. Legs apart, hold the dumbbell in one Hand and the other on the nape of the neck, wherein the elbow has to look up. Keep your back in a straight Position, pull in the abdominal muscles and tension. Bend over strictly in the direction of bending, without the back, to dumbbells, the inclination and 20 of them flip after 3 or 4 passes;

The climbs are. Between the bent knees to clamp flexible, hands behind your head and slowly, slowly lift the upper part of the body, lift the shoulder blades from the ground to 30 cm up to 10 times, 2-3 sets.

Be careful! In the case of the implementation of the tilts, the load on the spine in the area of the loin, so it is running very important to do the exercises correctly. In the case of problems with the back of these exercises, says is strictly.

The most effective exercises with ammunition, to get rid of belly fat and the pages Get an additional burden and increase the efficiency of the training, help, and additional projectiles. Trainers recommend, add them in your program for the correction of the abdomen and flanks exercises on a bench and with dumbbells.

Exercises with a chair or on a bench

The Roman chair. Before you have to intervene with a chair, adjust the angle of the inclination. Then, you take the legs with the help of the installed roles, then the stomach on the back and make the hands to the neck of the head.

Exhale, and begin the housing rolled up to his feet, reached top Position for a few seconds pause. Inhale, return to the beginning position. Exercise.with a pancake, with a barbell in the hands

Home-Chair. Sitting on the edge of the chair, smoothing, and around the shoulder joint, shoulder blade, views eyes turned to the front. The palms of the hands grasping the edge of the chair. Implementation smoothly, within 5-6 seconds to 1 approach.

Technique: slowly the hips arched by the housing upwards, so that the bridge was a Simulation. Once the head, the back of the chair touches, for a little while, and then stop execution, return to the start position.

Exercises for the abdominals and the side with dumbbells

For the exercises, you need dumbbells with a weight of 2 kg. If it is filled no such shell to do it at home with the help of 2 plastic bottles with water.

Starting position take the following: take the dumbbell, stand up, spread her average width feet, to keep the back in a straight Position, the shoulders back.

With one Hand grasping for the ground, by this provision of the fuselage for about 3 seconds, at the same time, the body monitor attitude, then again in the original Position. Similar to make, and with the second Hand.


This exercise will be spread and slightly bent legs. You bring the Hand to the side and stretch, to so felt everything tense. To commit to Analog with the second Hand. On each Hand you make less than 15 times, in 3-4 passes.

Another no less productive exercise with this type of the projectile: the Hand holding the support that holds on the level of the waist, the other placed on the shoulder dumbbell. The exercise should with a separation of the feet from the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. On each page of 20 Chunking in 3 passes.

Exercises for the wasp waist

exercise with a hula-Hoop

Exercise with the tire. Buy projectile is better for more weight (2 kg or more). In the case of Torsion of the stomach must be tense. The duration of the implementation, it is recommended to 1 h and more with a little vacation of no longer than 3 min.

The fulfillment of the following type of exercises, will need to take standing Position, spread apart a little her legs, palms pressing at the waist. Important to keep the Position of the body directly, keeps your feet close to the sexual Terrain. Technique: smooth depth tilting from side to side alternately.

Jump. Take the starting position: feet together, to keep the body posture straight, hands on the belt. The essence of the exercise boils down to the fact that the jump simply, then left, then right, at the same time let your hands in the air. Gradually, you can speed up.

Jump can make it difficult to easy: dotting of the foot wide, closes the hands into the lock and hold it directly in front at chest height. A jump from one side to the other, it should not rotate to change the lower part of the body, but the posture of the hand.

To increase the effectiveness of exercises for the abdomen and flanks

If this Council, is the effect of made exercises is significantly stronger:

  • do not eat for 2 hrs to training process, and this applies to chocolate and juices;
  • not snacking during the teaching process;
  • employment for at least 1 h to take;
  • The load, in particular, this applies to beginners;
  • regular jobs; clean water to drink as during the lesson and during the day;
  • Implementation of exercise is better before lunch;
  • striving to not only strength training, but also cardio loads.

Remove the belly and the flanks, if you regulate the most effective exercises, to eat healthy products, regular Training, taking into account the safety: do not overload the body to increase the load gradually.