Secrets of the perfect waist: what are the exercises for the abdomen and flanks

How to remove unsightly wrinkles at home and make in their place, the waist tightened? Desired effect only helps a change in diet and a series of physical exercises for reducing body fat and strengthening muscles. A diet only if it is not for the gain of your exercises for the abdomen and flanks, an empty pastime. Flat belly is not only no fat, but also to strong abdominal muscles. Employed in a special program at home, you get a lot of pleasant bonuses:

  • the reduction of the fat deposits;
  • improves the elasticity of the skin;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • Increase the elasticity of the Tonus of the muscles.

In addition, if the exercises of the abdomen and flanks, in the General training complex, what the original effect is visible in just a week. For the first class you attend, the courses Pilates or aerobics, where you are on the instructions of professional trainers.

Make the perfect stomach at home

Before you should be to study the exercises for the workout flanks and belly clear that losing weight certain parts of the body is simply impossible.

The desired training effect, the focus areas to specific problem.

The misconception that fat can be removed on the belly, is widely used pumps in the muscles of the press employed.


It is assumed that the complex leads to employment with pondus to an acceleration of this process, however, this view is wrong. The strengthening of the core muscles will occur during training, however, the amount of subcutaneous fat is affected a little. If you use the weights during the exercise, then the volume of the abdomen is not only reduced, but increased due to the increase in muscle mass. So during exercise to reduce the waist, the use of any weights is strictly contraindicated.

To achieve the desired effect, it needs a holistic approach, i.e. they combine proper nutrition and regular physical exercises. Among the most important rules of nutrition:

  • Food intake in small portions 4-5 times per day;
  • a lot to drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day;
  • Reduce the consumption of salt and sugar;
  • Cook with reduced fat content.

With these recommendations, you will not only reach the perfect figure at home, but also get a wonderful mood and a powerful boost of energy.

How to achieve the maximum effect

It is proven that in the morning the effect of the training has reached its peak, because without the "feeding" of the body begins to burn actively fat accumulated in problem areas. So the extra weight is much faster. Compliance with this recommendation, the plant home, before Breakfast or after 1.5-2 hours after eating

When performing exercises for the muscles of the hips and abdomen, as the load must act in the own body, otherwise you can achieve the effect of the return to the weight loss.

The visible result is pretty fast, but only under the condition of observance of the regularity of the training. You run the complex until you see a slight fatigue, adjust the intensity and the duration of the class, based on their own feelings. But must not excuses: feeling sorry for yourself, don't miss a Chance to buy remove fat deposits and shape your dreams. To do more reps and to reach a better effect, you can use the Amplitude of the movements change during the training.

Some, even simple exercises may cause pain in women. Upon the occurrence of a severe, pulsating pain urgently needs to classes stopped.

To achieve this, a better effect of the training at home, no need to neglect the workout. Light exercise promotes the warming of the muscles and accelerates Regeneration.

To remove wrinkles on the abdomen, to train enough 2-3 times per week. In a training session, you can enable 4-5 exercises for 2-3 sets.


You lose weight with hulahupom

Hula-Hoop, or Hoop, is not only effective, but also the most accessible medium for self-Training at home. While teaching muscle training, abdomen, thighs and buttocks of women is happening. Rotation hulahupa does not work only the muscles, improves the blood circulation in the tissue, which helps to remove the subcutaneous fat. In addition, dealing with this projectile of the house, you improve the Turgor of the skin, eliminate the appearance of Cellulite.

To choose what kind of tires?

To learn how Training with hulahupom, you have to start with a lightweight Aluminium or plastic shell. With it, you can easily find the technique of movements to master, will be able to burn extra calories and remove the stomach.

If you are confident with light exercise Hoop, you can move on to loaded options, to provoke the increased muscle tension and produce a good Massage effect. In the hollow plastic Hoop you can fill the Sand, and you can Relief to acquire Hoop with Massage. With this training device, you will be working in a targeted, problem areas, vytachivaya every day a perfect figure.

Exercises with a tire for weight loss

To take the first training with the tire at home at least 5-10 minutes. You can increase the duration of the exercise, each time for 2-3 minutes, bringing the total time up to 45 minutes.

How to properly hula Hoop to rotate tires? To remove unsightly wrinkles on the belly and the waist, you should rotate the tyres by turning the lower part of the body with a small Amplitude. You place your feet on the width of the shoulders, you can bend your knees a little. In the Commission of movements of the muscles of the loin and the press keep you in suspense, pay attention to regular breathing.

In addition to the usual Rotation, there are special exercises, the complex version allows for a multiple of accelerate slimming effect.

Exercise 1

Standing Position, feet together. Clean hands in the castle behind the head, elbows in the process, you have to grow in different directions. By gentle circular movements of the torso and hips, slowly pushing Hoop. Inhalation, the breath for 2 rounds, exhale, draw the belly as possible. More than 50 repetitions in the one and in the second direction. With each day adding 5 repetitions, you can bring this number to 100.

Exercise 2

Apart, place the feet wide, the hands are in a castle in the neck. Pushes the tire in a clockwise direction. By the pace, start to turn to packing movements around its own axis. You do 10 reps to the right and to the left.

Exercise 3

This Training has a high degree of efficiency, but it requires a self-conscious physical Training of the body of the woman. You rise on tip-toes, raise the hands above the head, and try as much as possible, to stretch out. You feel stretched string is shown. In this pose, remain in the tire, don't hold your breath. The Execution Time — 5 Minutes.

Exercise 4

Clasp your hands behind your head, press the feet together. Rotate the tire so that it was employed only the case. The area of the buttocks and the thighs must remain stationary. You do 50 reps in each party.

The Plan of the lesson at home, pay attention to the health. Remember: the tires must do during Menstruation, during exacerbation of diseases of the organs in the abdominal cavity.


Exercises for losing weight

If you have decided to remove the hated folds on the abdomen without the use of the sports equipment, the following exercises at home:

  • Take apart the Position of the "feet shoulder width". Tighten your abdominal muscles and bend the legs in knees. Make sure that the shoulders were just. You make the smooth curves of the hull in Hand, to stay at the extreme position for a few seconds. For beginners, the optimal load — 2-3 sets of 10 times in each direction.
  • For the implementation of the practice of "Ironing" must focus on the arms and legs, fixing the body in a Position parallel to the floor. When this activity seemed to complicated to you, then you can poluplanku practice, and is held in balance with the help of the hands and the knees. You keep the body weight within 20-30 seconds, gradually increasing the duration of the training.
  • The vacuum in the abdominal cavity, tension of the abdominal muscles, as one of the most effective lessons for the elimination of fat. You can practice it anywhere, standing or lying down. You breathe in the maximum amount of air, pull your belly. Try to stay in this Position for as long as possible. Do 5-6 repetitions during training.

Of course, exercises for the formation of a beautiful waist at home, and much more. You can get advice from professional Fitness trainers for the expansion of the training complex and the formation of the individual programs. Awarded such effective training to show how to deadlift with low weight, static and squats, which will help burn more calories and accelerate the metabolism.