The whole point of losing weight when adherence to the diet

In today's world, quite acute is the Problem of excess weight, and it affects men, women, and children. Bad ecology, impaired nutrition, sedentary work, Stress, and a number of other reasons lead to this Problem. If the Problem is visible, begin to search and apply a variety of techniques and methods for the solution. One of these solutions is often a diet, obesity spoils not only the appearance, but also have a negative impact on health.

The importance of nutrition

Vegetables and fruits for belly slimming

Diets have become very popular lately. But to lose a lot of weight regardless, don't think about the consequences. Diet – it is a kind of test for each organism, because in this time, the limitation on diet, which means that the body does not dopoluchaet those elements, vitamins and minerals that are in normal food. So, before resorting to a diet, a consultation with a doctor, and you select more than one viable way.

The basic rule of every System of slimming calorie restriction. Many women believe that thick of fat, but it is not so. The main source of the subcutaneous fat of carbohydrates. Use the same oil on a diet is possible, but only vegetable.

The positive and negative aspects of diets

The analysis of the essence of the diets, to see, to be useful, or not:

Protein Diet

The main ingredient is a Protein (Protein food): eggs, low-fat dairy products, fish, meat. Fruits and vegetables in small quantities is allowed

Advantages: easily observed, during the diet, no Hunger. Not back relieves the weight.

Cons: the weight reduction is slow. Diet does not contain the necessary substances in the balance, a long time is not begins recommended of the body to suffer from the lack of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat acids which are necessary for health. Such a diet is strain on the kidneys and the liver due to the high protein content. It is recommended that such a diet for longer than two weeks.

Fat Diet

The main product of food animal husbandry, including offal, dairy products (low-fat), eggs. Not dietary fiber and carbohydrates (sweets, bread, cereals and bran). Fruits and vegetables allowed in a limited number of shares. You need to drink plenty of pure water.

Advantages: very effective diet, fats and animal proteins are well digested, the body receives a good supply of energy.

Cons: consisting of a lot of cholesterol, the substances burden on the kidneys, constipation from lack of fiber. Insufficient content of vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrate Diet

Carbohydrates are the most important part of the diet, and are strictly controlled. Non-sugar, starchy foods, vegetables and fruits is allowed in this diet, the sugar, baked goods made from white flour. Diet the "slow" carbohydrates – cereals (buckwheat), Pasta made from wheat flour, bread (wholemeal) form. Similarly, you can eat vegetable oils and fats, and what type of oil to the diet, or banned, see the Link.

Food with carbohydrates

Advantages: well-structured, varied diet diet weight fast throwing and feeling good, maintaining your weight in the Norm.

Cons: If the menu, the balanced negative pages are missing, but we have to learn, without the sweetness.

In order to be healthy and look good – diet should be a way of life, together with the orderly Regime of the day, a healthy and balanced diet.