Today we are talking about the so-polyubivshemsya many followers of a healthy lifestyle — proper nutrition. What is the right diet for weight reduction, what is its essence? A number of methods and rules for compliance with our organism with all necessary nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and vitaminopodobnyje substances, trace elements, minerals, Ballast substances, etc.), with the use of minimal amounts of food.

A prerequisite for proper nutrition, energy balance should, in the case of the number of calories must be higher than the value of the base revenue.

The use of proper nutrition

• Fix problems with the digestive process (belching, heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, constipation).
• Reducing body weight.
• Strengthening of immunity.
• Increase the ability to work.
• A good health and positive emotions!

The digestive system – the complex System, apart from the digestion, he still performs some important functions, such as:

1. Endocrine (production gormonopodobnyh and regulatory substances).
2. The immune system (cecum, or blind gut is exactly immune organ of the. In the removal of the blind intestinal immunity is greatly reduced).
3. The maintenance of the intestinal flora (beneficial intestinal flora contributes to a better digestion of food, stimulates the immunity of the whole organism, produces a range of vitamins, protects the body from pathological micro-organisms).

In case of violation of at least one of the above-mentioned functions of the gastro-intestinal tract, the whole body suffers, immunity decreases, decreases the iron level in the blood, there is a weakness, malaise, constipation, increased gszoobrazovanie, there are a variety of chronic diseases.

What we eat today?

The modern life imposes its limitation on the way of life of the people, on his Routine day, on consumable products. We talk about what we eat. The modern food industry can no longer do without the use of preservatives, fillers, zagustitelei and flavor enhancers.

A simple example of how you can saffron grow to hundreds of millions of people daily consume food with additives of saffron? The answer is to create a synthetic analogue with the taste of saffron, and added to food. Storage times of food increased many times over, you can cake which can be stored for up to half a year? Why is he not mad? What is up with her stomach, if you eat this cake?

Better the natural foods, it health. In the selection of products, be aware of time limits on the storage and composition. You can buy fresh vegetables, meat and cooking them in any court. There is more time, but use take your health for everything!

Another Problem is the diet of modern man – it is the purified products. For example,, refined sunflower oil, refined sugar, etc., you know that the cleaning of oils, cleans it of fat-soluble vitamins (A, K, D, E) and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids? It is just an empty useless is fat. In refined sugar, many biologically active substances that are present in a dark sugar are missing. It is only calories. Avoid the use of different Spreads instead of Butter as the Spread, add cheap coconut and palm oil.

About fast food a lot of not talking. Food on the go, and large parts of polusintetichskoi food use, does not bring clearly.


How to eat right

There are some very simple rules of the diet, which will allow you to improve digestion, well-being, in order to reduce the body weight without going to a professional nutritionist.

General Rules: • It is better more often, but less. Optimally divide the daily amount of food to 5 shots. The following is a sample of the daily diet the right diet for the reduction of the weight.
• Best not to eat at the same time. Mode promotes the development of stereotypes, which contributes to better digestion of food, rapid saturation, and as a result of the decrease in the total amount of food. Not to delay the food intake, it is recommended that no more than 40 minutes.
• Improvement of digestion, promotes the peace and quiet, without television and books! Turn off the mobile phone.
• Thoroughly chew your food. It is quite important, because in the saliva the processing of the food by enzymes and the preparation for the digestion in the stomach begins. The number of chewing movements for solid foods should be at least 20. Also, a liquid food, it is better not to swallow, and a little bit of "chew". Slower food intake in a high degree reduces the volume of food, helps to increase the efficiency of digestion.
• Before eating is not recommended, various drinks, especially alcoholic.
• After the meal, better fluid intake for at least 40-50 minutes without, the digestion of the stomach was more effective.

What foods are not recommended consumed

• Refined oils. It is just fat. • Red Sausage. Often you have to swipe nitritami that even the poison.
• Alcohol. The highest-quality alcohol matured Cognac and dry wine. In you the least amount of sivyshnyh oils.
• Greenhouse Vegetables. Often in the process of the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables, a considerable amount of mineral to use a fertilizer that has a strong impact on the composition of the harvest. In General, the excess level of nitrates and nitrites.
• Dairy products with retention times of more than 5 days. Such products bear no biological value, but also can and no preservatives.
• Caution with exotic foods. The food is not typical for the Region of residence can be harmful. Examples of this are coffee and alcohol.
• Avoid the consumption of bakery products made of white flour. They promote rapid weight gain, but no benefit for the body is not carry.

What products prefer

• Bread made from wheat flour. Contains a large amount of fiber and B-vitamins
• Milk-Porridge. A nice Breakfast!
• Fermented products with a shelf life of at least 5 days or homemade (recipe below).
• Spices (ginger, cinnamon, black and red pepper, turmeric). There are even healing herbs and spices. Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts.
• No Fat Soups.
• The flesh of the fat varieties (beef, veal, chicken breast).
• Fish a lot of calcium, phosphorus and many other important minerals and trace elements it contains.
• Green Tea, Fruit Juices.
• Homemade Milk. One of the healthiest foods!

Properly, the approximate menu for the day and the week to eat:

A couple of slices of rye bread
Weak tea or coffee.
Second Breakfast
Apple (banana, or a couple of mandarins)
Low-fat soup from vegetables
Fish or meat dish with side dish
A Glass Of Juice
Afternoon snack
A glass of butter milk or warm milk
Vegetable salad or fruit cocktail
Weak Tea

Add fruit, you have practically in any quantity in any meal except dinner.