The easiest, fastest and most effective way to lose weight 10 kg: reviews

If a girl, she applies the goal to lose weight, for help, only to diets, physical activity and medication. I would like to reach in a short time, the maximum result, and everyone is looking for the most effective method. Of course, throw the extra pounds is not only beautiful, but also good for the health. The only thing to consider — has made losing weight correctly, instead of the use, not the body damage.

the most effective method

The best diets for fast weight loss

No matter what diet a girl chooses, you should remember the main rules:

  • Witness and preservatives to exclude half;
  • Do not eat greasy, fried, flour and sweet foods;
  • Be sure to eat vegetables and fruit.

Most people faced with the Situation, when after the diet, mittite off weight not only back, but also twice as fast as recruited. The thing is that during a diet, the body is under Stress, he is accustomed to a diet and to retrain his time. So, the output from the diet should be gradual, should have more vegetables and fruits, white meat and fish.

There are several ways diets, which in the case of the selection, you note not only the desire to get a result, but also other moments. For example, health, if there is a chronic diseases to consult before beginning with your doctor. Also, if you throw a diet, where in a short time, you can up to 10 kg, then take into account your start weight. Diet for this diet for 10 days is respected to a maximum, and then must take a break. People who are overweight, this is not an Option, it is better to choose a gradual weight loss.

Quickly and effectively – minus 10 kg

This diet is as follows, the diet is designed in such a way that in him was present, the minimum amount of carbohydrates, because they are often the reason for the body melts fat. Since the body does not get, he adipose tissue (burns) is recycled for energy, and so the reset of the weight.


The ration for a week

Day of the week Breakfast/Brunch Lunch/Afternoon Snack Dinner/Per Night
Monday 1-2 soft-boiled eggs, salad, seasoned with olive oil, coffee, or tea with milk, without sugar/salad, low-fat cheese (45g) Chicken breast (2 pieces, boiled, or baked) salad with olive oil (1H.L.) and coffee or tea with milk/yogurt (1st), berries (a hand full) Fish fillets and vegetable baked with cheese/Kefir or milk (1st)
Tuesday Omelet with tomatoes and herbs (1-2 eggs), yogurt, coffee or tea/berries (a hand full), Kefir (1st.) Fish fillet, vegetable Ragout/Baked tomatoes with herbs and cheese (45g) Beef steaks, salad, tea, and yogurt or milk.
Wednesday Repeated Diet Monday
Thursday Nutrition Tuesday
Friday Quark with berries, tea or coffee - vegetables, salad and chicken breast (2pcs.) Fish Fillet, Soup (Vegetable)/Kefir, Berries Pork fillet, cauliflower, steamed, tea/Kefir
Saturday Selects the menu of the past days

You can always use the menu of a day to replace the other.

Important! This diet is contraindicated for people with increased cholesterol, disease of the liver or of the kidneys.

Delicious Bananas

This is ideal for people who are bananas and want to lose the extra pounds. Actually, only delicious food and a treat, not bananas, they contain a large number of useful and body substances. Here, vitamins, trace elements, necessary Protein, carbohydrates and also fats. With this diet, you can throw 2.5 kg in just 3 days. There are several options for the banana diet, and everyone can choose more suitable.

the three-day diet

NW days

  • The diet of each of the following day: 3 bananas and 3 tablespoons buttermilk (can be substituted for milk). This number is divided into several portions, and in the course of the day. Allows you to remove up to 2.5 kg.

7 days

  • Daily rate: 1.5 kg bananas, as a beverage, you can drink green tea or water (coctum and warm). In such a diet one can 1 kg per day, respectively, for the whole of the diet 7 kg.

Come from the diet step-by-step introduction to normal products.

You should know that with this diet, there are contra-indications. People are banned on a the disease, this diet. Disease:

  • Intestines;
  • The Gastro-Intestinal Tract;
  • Liver;
  • Kidneys;
  • Biliary tract;
  • Obesity;
  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Allergy to the product.

If it is to have other health problems, need expert advice.

Pharmaceutical Agents

In the public a large assortment of drugs and devices for weight loss. They differ not only in the price category, the composition of the components, but also the effect. Therefore, it is best to consult with a specialist. In addition, a mandatory consultation of the doctor, if there are diseases, including chronic. You must also take into account that every medium, there are contra-indications.


For many, the visit to the sports halls are impossible, because it requires a lot of free time to do the same, and output of financial resources. But the output is interior activities. If a Person wants to lose weight and to save the result, then he should know that physical activity is the safest way. It doesn't have to start necessarily exhaust themselves and fall from the burdens, always with the simplest of exercises and increase the load gradually. If you want to do regularly, and the 3 times a week, the most important and most effective exercises, in a short time, the result is visible.



Before the lesson, warm up the body:

  1. Impact-Hands.
  2. Steps on the spot.
  3. Twists and turns.

In riveting

For this exercise, you have to continue the Mat on the floor:

  1. Lie on your back, the legs are smooth, the hands pull upward on the head.
  2. A little raise the hands and feet.
  3. Drag the hands to the feet, lifting the feet. Make sure that the legs do not flecti in the knees.
  4. You take the starting position.

The first time you don't make high, to make so many, how it arises, then each time increase the number.

Squats and jump

  1. You need to make use of just the hands behind the head, feet shoulder width.
  2. A little sit down and with such a Position jump as high as possible.

It is desirable to do 10 times without a break, but if it doesn't work the first time, start with a smaller amount.


  1. You take the ass, the back is slightly inclined backwards, the legs to bend a little under the tribes, and levers (so they broke away from the ground), the arms to extend directly in front of him.
  2. More Torso back be turned to the left, in position, on the right side.

Such exercises are quite 15, but start with 10.


  1. For this exercise, no high stool (either self-made Upland).
  2. Standing at a distance of 30cm from the top of a hill to jump.

For beginners, the mountain-maybe a couple of inches. Such repetitions should be 10 at night, you must with 5.

If the exercises are done, be sure to drink water.

Danger lose weight fast

Danger lose weight fast

What was a good diet, it is not without a trace of the body, and sometimes it is not only positive effects but also negative. As already mentioned, Stress is in the first line, and each organism responds to such changes differently. Don't pace yourself Hunger, give up, complete nutrition, protein, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and fats, since this can health in a negative way.

When the body does not get him the necessary materials, violated the vital processes, that may cause the disease. Therefore, it is very important to the diet, to consult the beginning of taking the medication, physical exercises with your doctor about the safety of the chosen method.

Nice is that they approach healthy, strong and happy as possible, such a fact only then, if the question lose weight with full responsibility. A healthy body must receive full and proper nutrition, and it is not necessary to examine, not to hurt. The right Option would be to appeal to the Person who will help you choose slimming the correct variant.