Diet weight loss belly and flanks

In order to reduce the weight, you have to play sports, and eat quality, healthy food. But to lose weight in the belly and sides – not an easy task, these places are the problem, and correct hard. And the volume of help, a special diet, which makes it possible to eat practically without restrictions and with health benefits.

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The reasons for the emergence of fat deposits

They noted that the Problem of fat deposits on the belly and the sides more for women than for men. The representatives of the strong half of humanity, rarely protruding from the pants appears to be drooping belly or flanks. Exceptions to this are men who don't care at all about your diet, eat Junk Food, Soda, love of beer and a sedentary lifestyle.

So, in women, deposits rule of law, to appear even without the party to beer and burgers. And in the context of this characteristic with a replica. Nature has ensured that the mother of the little fat reserves for the incubation of the child during the famine. were In addition, the layer of fat tissue to be used for the protection of the future of the baby.

But in the maintenance of the organism in the tone of the stomach remains flat, even in the case of women in old age. But change the Situation a variety of factors, the fat the development of obesity and body:

  • The wrong diet. First and foremost, the consumption of sugar and flour products, the growth of fat tissue stimulates. But even if you create these products, but also of fast food, the wrong ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates, the body begins to reserves. Therefore, it is impossible to completely abandon it carbohydrates.
  • Stress. Nervous Stress provokes the production of Cortisol – a stress hormone. And there is the Installation, to move the body fat Reserve. And if you often experience Stress, well, avoid the sides and of the abdomen, it will feed problematic.
  • A sedentary way of life. Decreased activity practical weight gain. This is associated with a decrease in metabolism and the deterioration of the digestion. If you have a sedentary job, choose 2-3 days per week visiting the gym. Enough for 1-2 hours of intense training, in order to keep the body in shape and reduce the risk of obesity.
  • The hormonal imbalance. Diseases of the endocrine system lead to a dysfunction of many systems of the body. And the growth of fat tissue on the belly and sides – one of the consequences of diseases of the thyroid gland and hormonal imbalance. To reduce the weight is very difficult, bearing in mind that a hard diet, and intensive loads.
  • Age. The older the person, the worse metabolism. For this reason, weight gain is after 30 years a lot easier than in 20 years.

One of the most common issues – large volume of the abdomen and flanks, normal weight. In this case, the focus is on physical stress, in order to speed up the process of weight loss.

The principles of the diet


To lose weight in the belly and on the sides, first the cause of the weight gain must. If you have any problems in the endocrinology, then absolutely go for treatment. The normal function of the thyroid gland eliminate other factors that provoked weight gain:

  • You are eating often, but small portions. Hard diet and hunger strikes brings more harm, the use.
  • Refrain you were on candy, soda, and baking.
  • Increase your physical activity. If you do not have time to the gym, at home, engage in aerobics, Yoga, or take a stroll in the evening hours.
  • Fits already climbing the stairs.
  • Take note of the fluid intake and drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water. In summer, the body needs more – not less than 2 liters per day.
  • You can dispense salt or reduce your consumption. Unusual and good only for the first 5-7 days, taste it, then you have to eat get used to the new taste and it seems to make them more fun.
  • Pay attention to calories. You buy the kitchen scale, weigh each eaten the product and make a note of it in the food magazine. This will help calculate the number of calories and adjusting, so I a little bit to normality.

Approved Products

A menu to remove belly and flanks, you need to pick up the card includes useful products with low calorie content. The diet should contain:

  • Vegetables – mandatory products in almost unlimited quantities (except potatoes);
  • Fruits – source of glucose, especially needed when the complete absence of sugar;
  • Meat – buy lean cuts of: chicken, rabbit, veal, beef, fish;
  • Grain you prefer buckwheat, rice, millet, lentils;
  • Vegetable oils – special benefits for the body are olive and flax oil;
  • Dairy products – not necessarily to buy, Kefir, natural yogurt and cottage cheese.

In the compilation of the menu, you take into account the ability of certain products to improve the metabolism and bring the extra fats from the body. With them, you are faster a beautiful waist. These products include:

  • Cucumbers;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Avocado;
  • Cabbage;
  • Legumes;
  • Mustard;
  • Spices (Pepper, Horseradish);

Prohibited Products

Some foods must be completely excluded from the diet, in order to speed up the excretion of excess fat deposits. This includes:

  • Sweets and sugar;
  • Flour products;
  • Sausage, canned food, smoked products;
  • roasted and heavily salted foods;
  • Alcohol;
  • Mayonnaise, Ketchup;
  • boxed juices.

The products mentioned are the enemies of a beautiful figure, so that in the event of failure of the NACHET fat from the sides and of the abdomen.

Menu-diet weight loss belly and flanks

There are many weight loss diets. In the selection you should the goals take into account have to lose the faster the weight, the more stringent is the power supply. If you are talking about the right diet that are not harmful for health, it has several components:

  • Small portions – the size of each should not be gr of more than 250.
  • Smaller meals per day must have at least 3 full meals and 2 between meals.
  • Temperature – food should be warm.
  • Hydration – are you drinking every morning a glass of warm water, then throughout the day for 30 minutes before eating and one hour after taking.
  • Right products – from meat to vegetables to combine grains with vegetables. And here are the cereals, with meat combined bad.

Menu diet remove belly and flanks at 1 day

If you choose the right diet to remove belly and flanks, the example menu for 1 day can help you.

  • Breakfast. Porridge on the water with the Apple.
  • Perekus. Sandwich with cheese, green tea.
  • Lunch. Chicken soup, baked fish with vegetable salad.
  • Perekus. 1 Grapefruit.
  • Dinner. Salad with seafood.
  • Late Dinner. Yogurt or cottage cheese.

If in between meals you experience Hunger, you can quench it with nuts, yogurt or any fruit.

Menu diet slimming abdomen and flanks to 4 days

To the body get rid of fat, the rules of a healthy diet need constantly. In the ideal case – the whole of life, the risks of various diseases and to warn weight gain.

Approximate menu for the 4 days looks like:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 Baked Curd-Cheese Cake Cooked Chicken Breast, Vegetable Stew Fishing Ear
2 Boiled Eggs, Toast Cream soup of vegetables, a piece of boiled fish Beef baked with zucchini and carrots
3 Oatmeal with milk Buckwheat Porridge, Vegetable Salad Braised veal with vegetables
4 Rice with vegetables Chicken soup The meat in the pot

Menu diet slimming abdomen and flanks 1 week

Effective diet for weight loss belly and flanks, implies the rejection of sweets. And not to be a deficit of carbohydrates, porridge in the diet more fruits and cereals.

Menu for the week looks like this:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 Oat porridge with berries Beetroot with chicken Sauerkraut, boiled saithe
2 Cottage cheese Meat casserole Vegetable salad
3 Buckwheat with tomatoes Meat soup with potatoes Fish baked in foil with vegetables
4 Quark Cheese Cake Vegetable soup-mashed Boiled beef, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers
5 Curd Casserole Ear Meatballs with rice
6 Oats prefer porridge with fruit Chicken breast, stewed in tomato sauce Millet Milk Porridge
7 Boiled Eggs Vegetable salad, cooked chicken breast Vegetable stew with pieces of veal

Effective diet for weight loss at home

If you are trying to quickly get rid of belly and flanks, you should try a stricter diet. Help you lose up to 5 pounds per week. But they stay only under the condition that there is no different diseases.

What diets help you lose weight:

  • Buckwheat-diet – nutrition means 5-7 days a buckwheat pancake;
  • Kefir diet within 3-5 days, only drink Kefir;
  • Diet on the water – eat right and do all 3 days for almost days in which to drink only water;
  • Cabbage soup diet – cook dishes made of cabbage for 5-7 days;
  • Rice diet – eat only boiled rice for 5 days.

Nutritionists and doctors are skeptical of Mono-diet, because they bring enormous damage to the body. First and foremost, it is a heavy burden, and secondly – the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

Exercise for belly and flanks

In order to lose weight zones, in the problem you choose any sports. But particularly effective:

  • Jogging;
  • Jump rope;
  • swimming;
  • the work with weights.

The best exercises to pick for losing weight with the Trainer or doctor. Necessarily, the age, body weight, complete, as well as diseases considered.

In house conditions without harm to health can be a complex exercise, which includes:

  • Squats – 20 times;
  • Ironing – 60 Seconds;
  • twist – up 15 times for each side;
  • sideways tilts to 15 times for each side;
  • Jump Rope – 1 Minute.

The fulfilment of the listed exercises for 3-4 times per week, you will notice significant improvements in your figure, eat the main thing to not be lazy, and not nervous about anything!