How to lose weight fast at home without dieting?

During his employment consultant for proper nutrition, many people who want to lose weight know. But to not only lose weight, and do it quickly! The pink dream of every girl. And even better — there is everything what you want, and lose weight. If you belong to this category of people, I will disappoint You — the magic pill! In order to lose weight, you need to monitor their diet and do minimal exercise, at least.

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But there are some secrets that help you lose weight effectively and quick! If you regulate these, you can use your weight to 5 kg per week and even more! The result depends on the initial weight. The more weight the faster the pounds go!

If your goal is it now, farewell to the bored amounts in order to look more attractive or to improve health, then this article is for you!

Where to start a homemade slimming?

And you start with the Motivation! Without Motivation you have shown, unfortunately, nothing. Only want is not enough. You must visualize the goal. For example, if you have a favorite dress (skirt, Jeans, etc.), do not enter. Set goals and again to show, in this wonderful things. Or are you looking for your photo, where you were in a good shape and hang it in a prominent place (can be a photo of beautiful girls who want to be like). You can find your way to work. And start to lose weight today, be prepared. Don't wait for tomorrow, next Monday, next year.

The most important rules to lose weight quickly at home.

1. Water budget for the acceleration of the metabolism.

Every day you must drink at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. Exactly Water. Juices, soups, teas, and milk. You have to drink no fear, if you have swelling. On the contrary, if you drink enough, excess fluid from the body output. It is tested on many of my "losing weight". And a larger amount of water should be drunk in the first half of the day. Immediately after waking drink a glass of water, then a glass before eating. This is typed half a Liter already.

Why so much water to drink in the morning? Because they per night, strong water loss from the body. Water breathing, then morning urine. In the morning you will see water in the red to almost 1 litre! So, water stocks, replenishing of crucial importance.

Water cleanses the intestines, making the food more digestible. Be sure to drink a glass of water before each meal, if you want to lose weight quickly. Always carry a bottle of water and drink often in small SIPS between meals. The increase in the number of drinks of water leads to the production of stress hormones, and start the process of digestion of fat.

2. You reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates in order to lose weight quickly.

What is one of the simple carbohydrates? This is our favorite sweets, pastries, potatoes, white rice, noodles made from the flour of the highest grade, the porridges of the quick preparation, Breakfast cereals, juices, and soda. This is everything you need from your diet to exclude, if you want to lose weight quickly. This point is cures of the most difficult, according to most of slimming. Because many of the "addiction pulls sweet", many so-called "carbohydrate". If you eat such foods, the carbohydrates are digested very quickly into the blood a lot of sugar and in the pancreas much Insulin falls once, in order to remove this sugar quickly. If the sugar is too long in the blood, then the problems with the blood vessels start.

Excess sugar is quickly processed by the liver into fat. And you say that this sugar your brain needs. The brain really of glucose, but not in such quantities as need. Glucose has to get from slow carbohydrates (complex). The slow split and in the blood a little sugar is necessary for life. Slow carbohydrates give the energy immediately and much as easy, and a little bit for a long time.

Don't think rice is a dietary food. Actually, it is essentially the same simple carbohydrates, like candy. Unpolished rice can be brown, grey, black. Noodles can be wheat to eat hard. The potatoes are better to avoid.

There is a further possibility for reducing the amount of carbohydrates and to lose weight fast. This so-called functional Food, food in glass. That is, a portion of such a product fits the required amount of protein, micro - and macro-elements, low in carbohydrates.

Such food is eaten, get all the necessary nutrients, comes a feeling of satiety, but the body gets fewer calories and carbohydrates than the regular food. It can instead of Breakfast or dinner. But it only replaces a meal.

3. Dramatically reduce decrease the consumption of fat for quickly.

fatty-food In the case of a loss of weight can reduce the amount of fat in the ration up to 30 gr. However, do not do it, because the body begins enough healthy fats for the construction of

Hormones, cell renewal, etc., take from the menu of animal fats: Butter, lard, fatty meat, sausages. You limit fat herbal. In a tablespoon 17 grams of sunflower oil, the equivalent of 153 calories!

Do not eat anything fried. Cooking on pair, bake in foil, sleeves, and cooking without added fat. Also fish oil tablets to buy would for the maintenance of the organism in the period of decline.

4. Smaller meals for the home to remove it.

Recommend eating fractional. Often, but slowly. Eat every 2-4 hours. The first Breakfast should immediately Wake up after. If you have large distances in between the meals, then the next time run the risk of eating more than necessary. In addition, if you are not long, the body sees this as a threat, and when receiving the most Power will try to send you a "Reserve", that is, in fat.

This article is quite difficult if you are busy and shake the whole day through the city. But we should stock up in advance your menu for the day, the necessary meal in the morning for the whole day.

5. Eliminating alcohol for effective weight loss.

If you have decided to lose weight quickly, then with alcohol, to say goodbye. He breaks the hormonal background, which will prevent you lose weight quickly. And also very rich in calories is alcohol.

6. To lose weight quickly — reduce the amount of salt.

The daily intake of salt — teaspoon without top. It is in the composition of all the dishes. For that reason, try less salt. Avoid ready-made products, you are always very much salt (cheese, sausage, ready meals, Mayonnaise, sauces, canned food).

Salt retains water in the body. This leads to edema, Cellulite and obesity. Reducing salt in the diet and increase in water lead to a very good result reducing weight.

7. For fast weight loss you increase the amount of Protein in the diet.


Protein — the most important building material for our muscles, cells, hormones, enzymes. Lose weight on various diets possible loss of muscle mass, in a row, to win back the quickly the weight. You increase in your menu, the number of low-fat cottage cheese, fish, lean meat, soy products (Tofu, soy milk, soy). Soy its protein composition is not inferior to meat, but more digestible, because the vegetable protein has a short chain of amino acids. More about squirrel read in this article.

8. Cause you to lose a diary.

Be sure to make a note of everything you eat during the day. In detail, in grams. Don't skip anything. Some think that a spoon could damage, jam, or Ketchup. But during the rapid weight loss of the food is immediately deposited into fat, which is only very slow results. After you achieve the desired result, it will be necessary to reconsider your diet. It will be possible, delicious treat yourself to something. But it must be careful to know in what time and in what quantities can be facilitation of the permit. But as long as you do not clean the tummy and hips — withdrawal from the diet.

Possible, calculate the number of calories in your diary. You should be 1200-1500, it depends on your starting weight, activity, gender.

9. You make a simple exercise.

In the case of the fast weight loss need to move more. If there is no possibility to walk to a Fitness center or gym, walking engage. Of the day not less than 10 thousand steps. This is the number of steps, accelerates the metabolism and provides the body to lose weight. If desired, you can such a useful invention, such as step counter. It will show how many steps you have walked a day and how many calories lost.

You do the exercises at any time. During the cleaning, the washing of dishes can dance, dissipate legs apart, etc. The more movement, the faster is the disappearance of fat, because you spend more calories. Because the basic rule of weight loss has not been canceled: need to spend more calories than you get.

But if you have a beautiful body, and not only evil, then exercises for the waist and belly.

10. Cosmetic home treatments for effective weight loss.

fiz exercises

To do in order to speed up the result, homemade Wraps. Improve the condition of the skin, help get rid of Cellulite. Very good honey-winding. For starters, the skin must be cleaned with a scrub. Then a little grease, honey and cling film wrap. Press and hold for about 40 minutes, then wash with water. Spend Wraps regularly, at least every 3-4 days. There are other ways than to spend at home Wraps with the help of oil, clay, mud.