The most effective exercises for weight loss laterally

Wasp waist - the dream of every woman. It gives the figure, femininity, fragility, and delicacy. The right female figure associated with an hourglass.

remove the side of exercises

No waist can be due to incorrect diet, life. Predisposition for body fat comes from the flanks, often due to genetic factors. It is not a sentence. Resistant Training the oblique abdominal muscles of a positive result.

Of course, to get rid of the fat on the waist is difficult, but possible. Must not deceive, not wasp-waist in a week. Remove to the side is a long-term and labor-intensive process.

The rules of the training

To achieve the result, note the rules for the Training:

  • Must employ at least 5 days a week. Otherwise, you will not see the desired effect, the belly and hips remain on the site.
  • Observe the right diet. Try not to an hour before and after the Training.
  • Before the Training you should be Training. It may be, jump rope, hula Hoop, do a little Jogging.
  • It is a myth that the more repetitions and the approach, the faster nakachatsya press. Choose for yourself the optimal training intensity to the heart muscle not overwhelmed.
  • Swing press is correct: in the supine position, the lower back should press to the floor. Dangerous for the lower back with a dump swing.
  • Thus, the lower part of the press, the lift worked and the legs and not the torso need to reduce.
  • Be careful! Twist, increases the entire body can be dangerous for the lower back.

Effective exercises for losing weight side

To achieve a visible result need a series of exercises for the abdominal muscles. Mainly the oblique muscles of the abdomen may be involved. Recharge your endurance and patience. The Training of problem areas should be held daily.

The Hula-Hoop. This is used an effective means for the education of a wasp-waist of our grandmothers. Hoop is not losing ground now. With him every day pursuits to spend 20-30 minutes. After a month you will necessarily achieve visible results.

What's the secret? During the Rotation of the bracket are all of the abdominal muscles tense. The load occurs on the whole issue. The abdominal muscles are tightened, they come in tone. During the rotation of the tires, massaged, smashes the body fat, has a mechanical effect. Thus, the Training was not boring, turn on the good music. Rotation of the bracket also with the reputation of the series.

Massage. It is a nice way to the edges. But you should not trust that a course of Massage will take you from the fat layer. The approach must be comprehensive. Massage is a good addition to physical activity, and dietary food.

Fitball. There are many exciting and useful exercises on aliquam ball.

Flexible uses muscle groups in almost all parts of the body. Load on gymnastic Ball end, lessons are not strenuous.

Fun class — jump on aliquam ball. Take a Ball and jump on it, without the buttocks of the Ball and the feet from the ground. The strengthening of the abdominal muscles and the legs.

slimming side

Sit on the Ball, start with the elimination of excess fat on the waist. You only need to spread the breed of your legs, to separate the feet from the ground. Then, you perform the deep twists of the torso to the right, then to the left.

Then you must lie down with your back on the floor. With the feet on the Fitball, you need to raise and lower her pelvis. Exercises for slimming the sides for women - the "twist". You can Ball also with a gymnastic. For those in the same Position of the housing from the ground dissolves. The hands behind the head. Falls short of the left elbow to the right knee back to the floor. You change the direction.

Exercises for weight loss laterally to home

Special attention in the complex exercise oblique muscles of the abdomen. So:

  • In the supine position, legs together (slightly bent in the knees), hands behind the head "in the castle". Feet extend in the right-hand side, the back must be carefully. You do exhale. Inhalation – when you return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise by using the knee on the left side. With proper execution of this exercise, you can determine the tension of oblique abdominal muscles. You do 2 sets of 30 reps.
  • You lay on your left side, place the left Hand, the right Hand behind the head. You bend your knees, lift your head and feet. Elbow just need to stretch the Hand to the side. Turn the vehicle on the right side and repeat. You do 2 sets of 30 times.
  • The feet on the width of the shoulders, the arms along the trunk. Do you tilt alternately to the right and to the left. Bend try as low as possible. You make 40 to tilt in any direction. The load can be increased by in the hands of the Kettlebell. Kettlebell plastic bottles can replace.
  • You put your feet on the width of the shoulders. Hands chained in the castle at the left hip. You need to Crouch as low as possible. The hands make a half circle above the head in the direction of the right hip. You do two sets of 30 times. This exercise for losing weight the sides, for women.
  • From the right side, you lay on the Ball. The legs are straight, the right Hand on the floor. Lift the left leg up 25 times. Turn to the left, run 25 climbs with the left foot.
  • Bike effective exercise for weight loss laterally. You lay down on the floor. Slightly lift the legs and rotate the pedals, the Simulation of the journey on a Bicycle. The lower to the ground, the legs, the greater the burden.
  • Slow running on the spot. The feet have to lift as high as possible. This exercise for the muscles of the abdomen and the buttocks. Take note of the proper breathing.

Fat burning Wraps in combination with exercises to increase the effectiveness of the slimming process. Fat burning the sides and the belly will go faster if you spread your Anti-Cellulite cream and then cling film wrap. The thermal effect is a successful combating of the deposits on the sides.

Not necessarily in the fitness center or a gym, to help in the struggle for harmony exercises for weight loss come to the side of the home. Remember that the body is used fat cells as a fuel, you need to not less than 30 minutes. The regularity of the exercises for the pages – the key to success.