Almost days the best of the best slimming:

Fasting day slimming in many girls and women – a kind of "magic wand" that helps to regain the figure and the weight in the standard according to gastronomy rampant for a day. And they are not wrong – in fact, there are recipes for fasting days for weight loss, which make it possible to lose up to 3.5 kg critical weight in the shortest amount of time.


When selecting a product for the effective day of fasting, refer to your preferences in meal, but also a potential result. For example, unpopular cucumbers a stunning effect may be the loss of up to 3.5 kg, while the ever-popular meal in the diet can help get rid of the maximum of 1.5 kg.

What are the benefits of the fast days are slimming

Fasting days for weight loss in General, in three cases practiced:

  • after a period of a rich gluttony, if physical after-effects of gluttony;
  • as the last stage of a long diet or Detox programs;
  • and finally, as a regular practice of self-monitoring of weight, a kind of prevention against obesity.

You can't say one way or another fasting day to fit in more degree to one of these goals and, to a lesser to all others. Rather, should not solely like on the basis of their eating habits – Kefir is not Decisive for the choice of methodology, "wheat" in the book, live a day without vegetables diet you select to cucumbers, etc.

Also, can come, and from the result – for example, if you have to return the maximum possible number of collected Kilos, then it is better to choose a discharge on cucumbers or apples.

But it is important to understand – losing weight with the help of the discharge of the day, is not due to the loss of fat, but by almost 95% - by the withdrawal of excess fluid and the excess "food waste" (products of decomposition substances, toxins, non-assimilated food, as a result, the exhaust gas temperature is increased in the bowel, etc.).

Day of fasting lose weight to cucumber – minus 3.5 kg

The popularity of all diets yf juehwf[, as, indeed, and the discharge day on cucumbers is based on two unique qualities of this vegetable first, it contains a small amount of calories. But the most important thing is for those who want to lose weight, is that in the cucumber is present, a substance that significantly slows down the process of conversion of carbohydrates into fat. In view of the fact that cucumber up to 3.5 kg - this type of discharge and cleaning can can lose as the most effective and discharge day.

Properties. Cucumber fasting day – the lowest in calories, often daily amount of calories in this mode barely reaches 300. Therefore, it is better if you will spend this day at home, without special physical and mental stresses.

The pros and cons. The clear and sought-after, Plus the discharge of the day, cucumber – its high efficiency, in some cases, you can lose up to 3.5 kg being overweight.

The menu for the day. 1.5 kg of fresh thick cucumber spread over 5-6 meals. Eat without salt, sauces and spices, but you can add 1-2 tbsp of bran and 2 eggs a day.

Fasting day on apples – minus 3 kg

European micro-biologists have shown that frequent consumption of apples increases in the intestine, a special kind of bacteria that prevent the process of putrefaction, and promote the quality of the digestion. Accordingly, no formation of the so-called "food waste", which is a direct prevention of the development of obesity. And the American colleagues-scientists in the course of the experiments came to the conclusion that those women who eat 3 apples per day (in addition to diet) lose weight faster than those who ignore this fruit in your daily diet.

Properties. Many professional nutritionists advise, in addition to fresh fruit, in the framework of the Apple fasting day food, and even baked apples.

The pros and cons. Apples are not only enrich the body with iron and vitamins, but also a contribution to the reduction of "bad" cholesterol. In addition, kvarcetin and Naringin flavonoids, abundant in apples, to protect the cells of the lung the development of malignant tumors. By cons, the Apple-discharge property attributed to apples can stimulate the appetite.

The menu for the day. For fast refueling of 1.5 kg of apples, acidic or neutral varieties (but not sweet!). In the course of the day, you use the well-known formula: if you're hungry – eat an Apple, and if you don't want an Apple – then you are not hungry. In addition to fruits, every day, to drink 1.5 liters of pure water without Gas.

Fasting day on yogurt – minus 2 kg


This type of unloading and cleaning – one of the most popular, each woman sat at least once in your life, Yes, "" a day or two of yogurt. Milk can being overweight put back product on average, 2 kg and normalizes the work of intestine (including – has a mild laxative effect).

Properties. Since Kefir itself is a liquid, while the discharge of the day, this product may not drink "cherished" and is mandatory in any diet 8 glasses of water. Limited to 0.5 liters of mineral water without Gas.

The pros and cons. Kefir – a very useful product, and not only in terms of weight loss but also health. It normalizes blood pressure, improves intestinal flora, is a good prevention of dental caries, but also often recommended by doctors as the prevention of breast cancer. The disadvantages of fasting day Kefir only discharge attributed to the end of the feature of this product is the best yet plan, on this day, Business Meetings, and long-distance travel.

The menu for the day. 1-1,5 L of low-fat yogurt (no more than 1%) drink 5-6 approaches in the course of the day. It turns out about every 2-3 hours.

Day of fasting on buckwheat – minus 1.5 kg

In each seeds of the buckwheat a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements. So fasting day on the book is a pleasant exception to the rule is wheat, because any Mono-diet, even one day, it is always a terrible imbalance in the body substances. In the case of buckwheat – imbalance is not so scary.

Properties. The main feature of buckwheat discharge – a process for the preparation of this product. The grits in any case, do not need to cook. Only zaparivat! For example, since the evening you have to fill a part of buckwheat to two parts boiling can water and swell until the morning. For the diet and fasting days on buckwheat only whole-grain products.

The pros and cons. The advantages of the discharge of the day on buckwheat in the first place, the high use of the product itself. In addition, buckwheat slimming, as a "slow carbohydrate" well saturates, but does not increase the level of sugar in the blood – that is, you feel the sense of satiety for a long time. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons for the high popularity of such a diet. Disadvantages are, except that it is not the spectacular losses in kilograms – more than 1.5 kg per day is hardly going to go away.

The menu for the day. Theoretically, there can be so many Greci, how much the "fit". But as it should without any salt, oil, milk, sauces, and other spices – do not worry, many fit in them. Preferably, you will eat 1 Cup of steamed buckwheat every 2-3 hours. In addition, per day you need to drink about 2 liters of pure water without Gas.