The training program for women on a diet

Women want to lose weight, need a clear programme of action, including the exercises in the gym and monitoring of the power supply. Only with such an approach, the fat begins to disappear, and the body acquires an eye pleasing shape. Workout plan for girls compiled, taking into account the peculiarities of the organism and the diet.

How much you want to lose weight? Choose the suitable variant:

  • 1-2 kg
  • 2-5 Kilo
  • 5-10 pounds
  • 10-20 kg
  • 20 and more kg

Healthy way to lose weight is always based on two components – proper nutrition and regular exercise. There is no other choice.

You can't make a beautiful figure, only after sitting on a diet – because by the time the pound fell back, while the quality of the body. See also — dry the girl's slimming. It is important to properly choose the program for weight loss for women.

In this article, you will learn how to eat, which exercises the emphasis should be and how to perform them correctly.

lose weight

A little about proper nutrition

The correct diet is an essential part on the way to a beautiful figure. To get involved even if you hard in the gym, but Junk Food and Soda, do not eat, a beautiful elastic body, the you.

Proper nutrition is imperative may be broken, I mean 5-6 times (3 basic techniques, 2-3 snacks) in small portions and with a small amount of time between meals. Smaller meals improve the metabolism.

In order to lose weight, should a woman eat with a calorie deficit, i.e. from the food to consume less energy than in the process of life.

It is important that the priorities in the course of the day, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The Breakfast, should dinner of complex carbohydrates and proteins, lunch – complex carbs, proteins and a little fat, dietary fiber and proteins. Snacking on the finest fresh fruit, dry fruit, nuts, or dairy products.

Cooking you cook food, cook or bake. To eliminate try, completely roasting, especially on the oil. You are drinking enough pure water — it speeds up the metabolism and give you energy. Norma of water per day is 30 ml per kg of weight. To arrange once a week fasting day, in the the to eat drink green tea and yogurt or apples.

Example, for the nutrition of the day for girls

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit/nuts (or cereal) + half a Cup of yogurt + a piece of cheese (Adyghe, or health) + tea (coffee);
  • snack: 1 fruit or a glass of yogurt;
  • Lunch: porridge (buckwheat, barley, brown rice) + all of the meat or fish, baked in the oven or steamed + salad;
  • Snack: a Cup of yogurt, or yogurt + a handful of nuts/dried fruit;
  • Dinner: vegetables (baked or steamed) + boiled chicken/fish + cottage cheese;
  • second dinner: a glass of low-fat yogurt or green tea.

The most important rules in the classroom, in the gym

In order to achieve the desired results, it is important that the Training contributed a regular character. It is advisable, throughout the day (3-4 times per week). If you go to the gym 1 times a week, the effect is simple, or it is minimal. Train every day in pursuit of the body beautiful should not be so your muscles have to recover, no time to.

Each class begins with a warm-up to warm up your muscles and to avoid injuries during the training. Warm-up cardio equipment such as exercise bike, Crosstrainer, treadmill. To do at the end of each workout-exercises, to the end, fit for the same training equipment.

The total duration of the training (Training and end) should be 1.5-2 hours. Training and aerobic strain, and strength exercises.

Workout plan to lose weight is based on the use of super cells. Under this name, a complex of two exercises. You need to in a row without a break – it is regarded as a approach in a super-cell. Then you need to rest a few minutes and re-perform two exercises in a row – that would be the second approach, etc.

To do for weight loss many approaches to (4-5) with many repetitions (20-25). You can find out which sport is better for losing weight girl. First, you need a small, but maximum bascule for you to use weight, then gradually increase the load.

Remember that it is impossible to lose weight locally, for example, only the legs or only on the belly. We must, therefore, all the body to train parts in a complex and non-utilisation of a certain area.

The maximum effect of exercise, do not forget to drink water. Dehydration during exercise can fatigue and decrease of efficiency.

Options the female training program for weight loss

Below are the some of the most interesting programs that you can use is, the girl excess weight to eliminate muscles and make them elastic.

Program No. 1 – Hand, Back, Chest, Press

  1. Warm-up. Can an exercise bike or a Crosstrainer. But it is particularly effective in the weight loss interval Jogging on the treadmill, i.e. alternating running and walking. First of all, go to, for example, 4 minutes, then 2 minutes running at a fast pace, then 4 minutes, etc., In this lesson, fat faster is burned, as in the case of ran commonly. Duration: 20-30 Minutes.
  2. Hyperextension – the focus is on the muscles of the back in the lumbar area, the back of the thighs and buttocks. The exercise with the straight back. At the beginning, enough to raise him with his own weight, then the load gradually to take a pancake in the Hand with a weight of 2.5 kg and 5 kg, etc.
  3. In the super set for the chest muscles and the back: Roll-up of the hands in the training Butterfly device"," the good, the muscles of the chest + bar to work the upper Block to the chest, if the fat is burned, and strengthens the arm muscles and the upper back.
  4. In the super set for the chest: dumbbell bench press from the chest on incline bench + junction dumbbells on the incline bench. This is a very useful exercises, in which a pair of muscles – the large chest muscle, deltoid, biceps, and triceps are used.
  5. In the super set for biceps and triceps: the rise of dumbbell standing (biceps works) + French bench press, lying on the straight line (for the triceps), using bodibar or not a heavy duty handle Board.
  6. Press: here options many of the exercises. For example, for the upper press – twist on the incline bench (at first only with its own weight, then with pancake in Hand) for the floor press – lifting the legs above the ground and lowering to the straight angle (not on the floor, and all the time kept in suspension to be set). Remember, what a beautiful belly only Rock press is not enough, here it is important to eat properly.
  7. Hitch – each 10-20 minutes of Cardio.

Program no. 2 – the leg and buttock muscles

  1. To warm up each 10-20 minutes of Cardio.
  2. In the super set: knees + squats lunges. Variations of these exercises, set – squats with ordinary staging of the feet, with wide legs, staging, plie on one leg; lunges on the spot, with a walk through the hall, Brazilian. For starters, you need to well improve the technique of performing these exercises with its own weight, then gradually increase the stress – take a dumbbell, bodibar, vultures, and post.
  3. In the super set: bench top feet + hyperextension press, with a focus on biceps femoris. If you press the Bank with the staging on the legs shoulder-width apart, develop kvadriceps, and biceps femoris. If you want to continue to work on the inner surface of the thighs, the use of large staging feet with the socks in Hand. hyperextension with a focus on the biceps femoris is rounded at the back, it must relax your back and stretch the legs and buttocks.
  4. In the super set: Roll-up, and breeding of feet in the Simulator. While the leg to work the inner part of the thigh, and in the breeding – external.
  5. In the super set: flexion and extension of the legs. When bending the legs and thighs are trained, and the straightening – kvadriceps.
  6. Hitch – each 10-20 minutes of Cardio.

If you are a beginner, and go to the gym for the first time, it is desirable to have one-two lessons with the Trainer. He will tell you what each of the simulators, use and demonstrate the correct technique of execution of the individual exercises.

Losing weight is a great work on yourself. Remember that the theme to address the complex need to do, eat right and Sport. If you can't wait for you in the suggested weight loss program for women and all of the above recommendations, the result is not a long time.

The training program for women to lose weight at home

Let's talk about you – Yes, you, cute BBW. About lovers of sweet, over those with no power want to sit for long diets, and for the physical work similar to the work of the miner, of the purchase of coal.

"Well, I can't lose weight! – honestly admit that. – Sport is hard and hurts to sit on the leaves of the salad does not taste good and hungry!" And you're right, because it is not making excuses, but honestly confessed.

We work with you to be a gentle exercise program for weight loss at home, to show if you are embarrassed, your body in the gym, and generally do not like large concentrations of people. And, of course, sort of, but you stretch, and avoid some of the harmful for the body products.

The program for losing weight for women at home – how to diet

Absurd of course, but to say that the method effectively. Although harmful. This is what you love the most? Dumplings? Cake with a sweet tea? Then we take the basis for the "method contrario". The keyword "contradiction" — literally. For a day your favorite dish, you have to push away.

How to use the dumplings to eat in one sitting? 20 piece? Cooking you 30, and literally you eat too much, even if you don't want to, and the snout full of them. And now everything is zapejte a huge Cup of tea with a big piece of cake. Not climbing – force.

You can at least once is a bad food from your favorite.

And the next day you give the stomach a break before a hard diet. What? You can even choose on the Internet – they are very many. It will be necessary to check your program for losing weight at home. The main thing is that you will somehow adhere to a hard it. What are the diets?

  1. "The Kremlin": eat as much as you want of meat and fish, but the carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes, pasta) – no, no, no!
  2. Juicy: fresh squeezed vegetable juice on an empty stomach before Breakfast ( a mix of cabbage, carrots and beets);
  3. Mono-diet: in the course of the day, there is only one product, do not mix with other;
  4. German: only eat oatmeal in the water – for Breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  5. Kluge: it is a separate power supply, where do not mix carbohydrates and proteins;
  6. Italian (miracle-diet): replace the flesh of fish and only cook with olive oil. Salinity and smoked to be canceled;
  7. Potato: eat a potato in the course of 3 – 5 days, welded in the shell or with the shell baked, the green tea drink;
  8. Japanese: one of the most strict diet for two weeks, requires a serious attitude;
the result

And, of course, in this time, not forget, an almost day – sit a day on juices, fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of pure water, the liquid at least for a while kills the Hunger. And if no force is on a diet, then just eat often, but in very small portions, let the stomach get used to.

The program for losing weight for women at home – exercise

If with food we understand, a little, then go to the next step – how to load themselves physically. Of course, ridiculous is also very full advice is given by ladies to do exercises, if you the whole house and family, and it's still two Jobs. What is the load in the bed would crawl.

But some women – the great dreamer. Then it has something hurts, then dizzy, then there is a reason for that. And, in fact: the Sofa, the remote control and the TV.

What can you recommend for her? Not to be first, nachgeprft – whether or not she's lying. If your pulse is less frequent and the pressure is high, you really gymnastics contraindicated. Also – "fast" you have to call the. But shortness of breath or excessive sweating is not an indicator for the disease is obesity, to fight with the we have.

On the second day, a few laps around the room with a deep breathing. If you have a home trainer at home is a perfect assistant for the liberation of obesity. Please – watch your TV and kick in the pedals, sweating. And again, a simple walk on the street.

And that's in this Tempo, gradually increasing the load, requires a daily workout for a spectacular weight loss program at home.

In the future, for the complete series of exercises complicate the task: when you walk on the spot lifting the knees, turn the head or body (hands on the waist). On the walks, start Jogging in the morning, at least light. By the way, this is a good Motivation. Believed you daily, the round went through the stadium. So it's not running – are more likely to be home.

To lead in the Form of their uploaded to the spine, you will be sealing the back to the wall, and tighten your abdomen, raskinte Hand and push them to the wall. So you have to wait a Moment and repeat this exercise several times a day. So you have a little stretch to the spine.

If you do not have dumbbells, then fill plastic bottles with water, and deal with them by leaning with the hands, "scissors", to the front and lift the hands up. With the help of a long strap that hooks under the leg of the Couch, do slight knee bend on the belt, as for the reins.

Pushups unlikely that you will be fit, so the wall moved away. And for the ground there are here some exercise. Lay the belly down, lift your head, hands and feet. They mimic the movement of the float, and talking about the feet in the imaginary water.

Sitting on the floor, pull your stomach, bend your back, hold your breath. You sit for so long until you need to exhale. Repeat this several times. This is a wonderful exercise for the Swap-press.