Recipes for slimming belly at home

To lose weight! To this end, different ways to wear: recorded in the fitness room, cosmetic treatments, and cars to the practice of alternative medicine. But the leading method for the liberation of obesity were and are diet. Experts have developed many diets, which promise, for the fulfillment of his dream. Simple and complex, quick and long-lasting, effective and not very. What to decide?


The rules of the easiest diet weight loss

Need to count any calories, keep it to 18: 00 and you are limited by the strictly regimented diet. The easiest diet can want to eat what and when you and decrease significantly. Only need 5 observe simple rules:

  • To eat, 1 times a day for 1 hour, allowed to what you want. It is important that it happens on a daily basis at the same time;
  • The rest of the meals, foods with a low content of carbohydrates (0-3) in an unlimited amount. Allowed meat, eggs, sour cream, low-fat cheese;
  • Per day you you need to eat 2 cups of raw or cooked vegetables: all kinds of lettuce, cabbage, vegetables and herbs, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, beets, eggplant, peppers, olives. Except for potatoes, corn, peas, green;
  • There are small portions need to chew, slowly, thoroughly;
  • In the course of the day, drinking 8 glasses of requires pure water, so that all the carbonated drinks.

According to the rules of the simple lose weight, per week 2-4 kg overweight.

What exactly is possible and what is not?

The list of approved products for easy diet is simple: of course, the milk with a low proportion of fat, cooked meat, cereals, and fresh vegetables. More precisely, you can eat:

  • Dairy products — yogurt and cottage cheese in the diet daily needs. Do not take fat-0%, and, say, 1%. Now, what is the meaning of zero? In addition, in dairy products useful immunity to bacteria. And this is very important in the time of the diet as suffers from while in the restrictions in the diet in the first place;
  • Meat, Poultry, Fish. In any case, boiled or baked. For the pork taboo. You eat beef, veal, chicken (better fillet of beef) poultry, Turkey. Rabbit meat. Fish is allowed, white, or red. Diversify your so needy) menu: bake fish Steak with lemon juice, chicken fillet, marinate it in low-fat sour cream before baking, cook the meat in water with the Bay leaf and the spices. So it tastes better and is more fun);
  • Grain. Buckwheat, rice (preferably brown), porridge, millet — your allies and friends. It is better not to cook, but zaparivat — pour for the night with boiling water. So all the nutrients remain;
  • Nuts. The most useful walnuts, sesame seeds and poppy seeds in this case. You eat several kernels of walnuts after lunch, a tablespoon of raw sesame seeds in the morning and in the evening, after the meal, and so much poppy. You will see that your Code and the hairs are just amazing);
  • fresh vegetables — cabbage, carrots, cucumbers help you curb the Hunger and no calories;
  • Fruit. Do not choose a very sweet — apples of the variety simirenko, tangerines, oranges, Grapefruits, and other Goodies.
  • green tea, mineral water, non-aerated, juices. In the General Regime of the drink desirable to take an important place in this topic. Drink you need a lot of to the body cleansed of toxins.

Under the ban — carbonated drinks, sugar, salt, flour, sweets, smoked/salted/fried. All of this promotes the storage of superfluous fat, water retention in the body, the formation of Cellulite and other unwanted. Prohibited alcohol, coffee, Smoking undesirable.

How to make a menu "under"?

A perfect menu for weight loss all of the principles of a healthy balanced diet and the individual preferences of the man, his health and Lifestyle into account. Compilation of the personal diets nutritionists deal. But also, the laity do quite a force.

Simple individual food compositions for weight loss, you need to:

  • You Have To Rethink Your Eating Habits. To resolve fixed once and for all, to eat right;
  • Explore Your Dining Plan. Records and compares the products with keep in the fridge, you can figure out what is missing in the diet, and that, on the contrary, in excess;
  • To count calories. Active people need a daily intake of 1200-1500 kcal, passive enough 1000 kcal. In the Winter, these are the values for 200-300 kcal added;
  • Work To Explore Plan. So you choose the type of supply – density of 3 x the unique meals with two intermediate or smaller meals in small portions up to 7 times per day;
  • You determine the volume of the food. Breakfast: 25% of the total volume, second Breakfast, and afternoon meal – 10%, lunch – 35% dinner – 20%. To not eat too much;
  • Fat, fried, sweet and diversification of food grains and vegetables eliminate food fresh fruit and water in an amount of 1.5 L per day;
  • Consider the preferences in meal. Should not force it, for example, spinach if it is disgusting. So only the Chance of failure diet is on the rise. But in the menu, a large number of sweet, from love to him, is also bad;
  • The menu should be so prepared and varied, and the food quality.

With these principles, you can organize your personal diet-food plan that will easily remain the whole life.


Whether lazy "to lose" weight?

How much no diets would be developed for doctors, there are certainly people who refuse to know a thousand reasons, this way of losing weight. Does not allow a Regime of diet has a lot of, not appetizing to eat, complexity, counting calories, etc. But all of the arguments breaks simple diet to lose weight for lazy, invented specifically for those who force yourself difficult. For 14 days you trip data, a record amount of 12 kg, the weight is reset.

The essence of the diet comes down to two principles:

  1. To drink 15 minutes prior to meal 2 cups of plain water;
  2. During the meal, and 2 hours after drinking.

This also applies to snacking. Even before you eat a cookie, drink the same 2 cups of water.

Filling the stomach, the water curbs Hunger and reduces the amount of servings. For extra amounts of food, there is simply no space. The best diet – eat, drink and be slim!

How to lose easy weight for 7 days?

Significantly lose weight in a week monodiets allow. Most of them are hard, insoluble, poor in vitamins. Overreliance on, you bring not benefit, but harm to the body. But that will not happen if you to a simple oatmeal diet for weight loss per week.

A simple, cost-effective and uncomplicated, oatmeal diet has a lot of Fans.

Conditions Diet:

  • for Breakfast, lunch and dinner is based on a plate (200-250 gr.) Oatmeal, cooked in water, without additives
  • in the breaks of each fruit may eat 1, except high-calorie bananas and sweet grapes
  • in addition, you should drink 1.5-2 litres of clear water, green or herbal tea.

Can drink it is only a half hour before or one hour after meals.

If you are ready to lose weight, it is important, within 7 days, gradually introduce the milk and milk products, lean meat and chicken, combine pulp from other types of cereals. In this case, the result in the minus will enjoy 4-5 kg for a long time.

Lose weight 5 kg in 7 days

Lose per week, five kg of reality and not fiction. Such success is possible, adhering to the simple diet is based on useful and loved by many product – eggs.

Recently, doctors claimed that eating eggs in large quantities are harmful for the health as they improve cholesterol. Today the contrary is proved: the eggs – necessary for the body to lose rich in vitamins product, the weight. Leave a long satiety and appetite reduce, with the right combination with other foods, contributes to the rapid burning of fat. Suggest trying the easiest diet to lose weight 5 kg per week.

"Egg Diet"

Diet 1 week only eggs, vegetables, fruit, and water in unlimited amounts. The proportion of eggs should not exceed 2. It is recommended, from the menu, potatoes, grapes, bananas, dates and figs. At best, the combination of eggs and oranges works: the eggs contribute to the strengthening of the muscle mass and oranges, in this time, act as an active fat burner.

Which diet will help with the sides and the belly?

the result

There is hardly a woman, dreaming instead, the press and the wasp waist the flanks and hanging several folds on the belly. There are simple diet weight loss belly and flanks, which will help you get rid of excess fat in these spicy.

The main principle of the diet weight loss in the belly and flanks – the normalization of the work of the gastro-intestinal tract. To do this, you need to your System power supply to reconsider:

  • There is often, in small portions, with an interval of 3-4 hours;
  • Give up fried, sweet and oily;
  • Every day eat fiber-rich foods – vegetables, cereals, legumes;
  • Eat more acidic fruits – oranges, Grapefruits, green apples;
  • Meat, fish and seafood, chicken, steamed or cooking;
  • Drink plenty of fluids pure water without carbon dioxide, green tea, decoction of rose hips, and other useful herbs;
  • Renunciation of alcohol and cigarettes, slows down the metabolism and thus the process of weight loss.

Examples of diets for losing weight in the belly and flanks:

1. "Diet for 3 days"

1. Day: Breakfast – 100 ml green tea, so much Apple or carrot juice (freshly squeezed). After 2 hours of – 5 - gr. Nuts. Lunch – 100 gr. cooked wild rice, fresh vegetable salad, 1 of sour fruit. Dinner – 50 gr. Fish, 200 gr. fried vegetables;

2. Day: Breakfast – Apple or 1/2 Grapefruit, 2 hours for salad and a glass of carrot juice. Lunch – 100 gr. Buckwheat, a salad of 2 tomatoes, grapes and herbal decoction. Dinner – 200 gr. the fillet of chicken, Ragout of vegetables, a Cup of tea;

3. Day: Breakfast – 150 gr. Oat flour, after 2 hours – 2 slices of fried Apple. Lunch 150 gr. Fish, 70 gr. Salad of grated carrots with sour cream, 200 ml of still mineral water. Dinner – a glass of butter milk and 1 banana.

A diet endure with such a limited number of products, you can lose in the waist by up to 4-5 cm.

2."Two Dishes From" Rice-Diet

For 5 days in which you eat only 1 plate of rice, and 1 — seafood/fish. Mix in one working cycle, two products are not, however, allowed to add herbs or sour Apple.

This diet is similar to the traditional diet of the Japanese, known for their elegance and a slim waist.

Food for "Home" diets

Simple diet in the home, the possibility of preparing ordinary, but delicious dishes that offers love to the whole family, eat a comfortable environment is slimming. Such a diet contains different combinations of well-known long, fast, and Mono-diet, the basis of the diet food with lots of vitamins and low in calories.

Options Menu


  • Breakfast: a Sandwich with a piece of Butter, cheese, rye bread, fresh green tea;
  • Lunch: stew made of beans, potatoes, onions and carrots (160 G), pineapple juice;
  • Lunch: Polenta (100 gr.), 4 TL of 10% sour cream;
  • Dinner: hard-boiled quail egg, 100 gr. Turkey breast, steamed, and a glass of grapefruit juice.


  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs made from 2 eggs, green tea;
  • Lunch: 120 gr. Beef pot-roast, 130 gr. Oatmeal, green tea;
  • Snack: 170 ml sour milk-average fat content;
  • Dinner: green Apple, 100 gr. grated carrots, herbal tea.


  • Breakfast: milk rice porridge without additives, with a small piece of Butter, green tea;
  • Lunch: broth, Turkey, vegetable (100 ml), a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with lemon juice, green tea;
  • Snack: 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Dinner: 2 ripe bananas, 150 ml of freshly squeezed Apple-carrot juice.

Homemade diet is absolutely not hungry, well-matured, and achieve permanent results over a longer period of time and keep it in the future.

lose weight

Simple diet for fast weight loss — how???

Preparation for a major celebration, with the intention of a holiday by the sea, not to lose for more security at the Business Meeting is unnecessary, a few pounds. Just for the case of emergency, bring the figure to put in order, invented the "quick" diet, which are able to give a shocking result for a short period of time.

Very effective simple diet for fast weight loss "4 x 4".

Your sense is that for each of the 4-day diet, you should drink 4 cups of milk and 4 bananas to eat. The type of use of the products does not matter, the main thing – there is nothing else. In the water of the body, you can not limit. After the completion of the diet, the body superfluous 4 kg left.

Quick diets don't often repeat because of problems with health and the possibility to set even more weight.

What simple diet can offer men?

To bend down difficult to tie the laces? Under overhanging belly is not visible in your belt? If a man is aware of this Problem, it the time to think about weight loss. The gym is good, but the best results are achieved when combining physical activity with a diet.

The main difference of such a diet of female – the need of consuming a larger number of calories up to 1700 per day, the prohibition on prolonged fasting and monodiets.

In fact, a simple diet for weight loss for men is limited to the compliance with the principles of a healthy diet:

  • Power supply: 4-unique, without snacking and to eat in the night;
  • Servings: savory, but the small – do not overeat;
  • Allowed: boiled, steamed or baked beef and chicken, vegetables in Form of salads without oil or Mayonnaise, oatmeal, water, unsweetened tea and coffee;
  • Excluded: fried, flour, sweet, alcohol, salt.

In the case of adherence to the diet for 10 days, can lose 3-7 kg.