Ten morning habits that help you lose weight

An important factor in weight gain are formed wrong habits, for the coming years. You don't give up so easy, but if once make the effort and change your attitude to food, not wait for the results long. By the morning the simple rules, you will easily get the extra pounds get rid of and be able to keep Fit

1. Wake up at the same time

Mode of the day — one of the most important prerequisites for the proper functioning of all systems of the body, so do not underestimate it. Wake up at the same time, in order to better control your appetite and thus weight.

2. Get enough sleep

This point is directly related to the previous one. If you would like to spend the morning with health benefits and character, then it is important, not just a Regime of sleep, but also to get enough sleep. Otherwise, you will turn your body to the power saving mode and all the extra calories will be immediately adjourned, in the Form of subcutaneous fat tissue.

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3. On an empty stomach weighed

We ask that you not on a weight hang, but regular checks are necessary. This will help you to understand how the body responds to the chosen diet, so try before Breakfast weighed and the weight recorded. You can do this by, for example, the App on your phone.

4. Do not forget about the water

Water to drink throughout the day, but in the morning it is especially important to drink a glass of still water, the body awake. If desired, add a slice of lemon, a sprig of mint or honey. This will help you to improve speed up the metabolism and digestion, which have a direct influence on the process of weight loss.

5. Do not miss the Breakfast

Scientists have proved that people who regularly flow Breakfast, eat in the course of the day too much. Most of the time the top of the hunger is not falls on the evening to spend if all those extra calories the time and deposited at the waist or on the thighs as fat. A simple Breakfast will help you to avoid to monitor a better nutrition and overeating.

6. Forget the sweet baked goods for Breakfast

If you practice on a continual Basis French-style Breakfast consisting of a Croissant or other sweet pastry and a Cup of coffee, in the course of time this habit is not the best way impact on your figure. In addition to the Breakfast, you will continue to be so after a few hours hungry again.

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7. You prepare Breakfast in advance

One of the most common excuses for those who do not like Breakfast, is the lack of time. In order to save precious morning minutes, prepare the Breakfast the night before. It may be, Bunting, soaked with water, juice or milk. In the morning you just take out from the fridge and add a little fruit or nuts. At the request of the porridge can warm up in the microwave.

8. You need to eat more Protein for Breakfast

Another secret of harmony is the Breakfast, rich in protein. Omelet with vegetables, cottage cheese with nuts and seeds or a slice of one-piece crusty bread with the salmon, salted, will give you enough energy for a productive Start to the day, but not damage waist.

9. Do not ignore the spices and seasonings

Many under-estimate the effect of various herbs and spices on the metabolism, but in vain. Just add a little Paprika and freshly ground black pepper in omelet or Sandwich, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg porridge, yogurt or cottage cheese, and the dish is not just sparkle with new colors, but also help you improve the metabolism.

10. Replace the coffee with green tea

Green tea stimulates not bad coffee, but due to the high content of catechins, it promotes the burning of fat and boosts the metabolism. This is a simple tip helps you to burn active calories during the day. And if you speed up to the process, add a little lemon to green tea and ginger.