Proper diet for weight loss: menus for every day

On average, closer to 30 years, many people begin to gain weight. This is especially true for women. Obesity drives people to sample different diets and complex to remove. Then the realization that must eat a certain way comes not for a short period of time, but permanently, for a lifetime. Regardless of the System chosen, the right diet for losing weight is based on common principles. Here you are.

Products for proper nutrition

Products the right diet

The result of weight loss depends on proper nutrition. The most important rule for successful weight loss – consume less calories, than they had in the course of the day consumes. The right diet should be low in calories, but nourishing products for the body.

First and foremost, it is fruit and vegetables. Healthy sun – slimming-sunflower seeds, pumpkins, and walnuts. It is recommended kinds of bread made from wheat flour, and if this is not possible, then the only right way is to be Crunches. Milk products choose low-fat, not sweet. Absolutely you should include in your diet for losing weight lean meat, fish, whole-grain products – they are necessary for the body. Drink it is recommended that green tea.

Menu food combining to lose weight

When you purchase a food in the gastro-intestinal tract acidic enzymes marked, the digestion of the other Alkaline. When in the stomach the products of the two groups (proteins and carbohydrates) do not fall to digest completely, the body is capable of. Food is poorly digestible, us of no use and is in the Form of fat. In the intestine, the processes of putrefaction, fermentation step, involving the release of gases. To avoid this, between the use of incompatible products, a minimum of 2 hours.

There is a special compatibility table food, with which you will be able, one for the right menu for weight loss.

This picture hang in the kitchen, and use them when cooking.

For weight loss is very important, not only the proper selection of food, but also to combine properly. Improving the System of food combining, you can lose excess weight a diet to the metabolism in the body, you will gain a feeling of lightness in the body, a wave of energy.

The author of the theory of food combining has developed several variants of a healthy menu, make a contribution to weight loss. They conform to the rules of the diet.

Menu 1

  • Breakfast – fruit selection. One day, she let mad, on the other – sweet.
  • On the second Breakfast – a salad without tomatoes, and the product, the starch, e.g., potato.
  • For lunch and dinner – a salad of a variety of raw vegetables, a few potatoes, and a product with a protein choice (meat, cheese, nuts).

Menu 2

  • For Breakfast, you eat grape fruit, according to taste and season: water melon, melon, plums, oranges, apples,.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad with Ricotta cheese, acidic fruits with nuts, carrots with peas, carrots with beetroot.
  • For lunch and dinner according to your taste – vegetable salad with nuts and spinach, sour fruits with cottage cheese, apples with nuts, fruit salad.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet

What did not come up with people to lose the pounds! Alone, starving, slimming weeks, others sit on a buckwheat and others for weeks, eat yogurt, waiver of any other food. What is the result you get, but for how long? To avoid a short-time increase of the weight on the previous level. Lose weight quickly – is not always good for the body.

How, exactly, you have to eat to keep your weight in Norm? Studies show that it must be the right, balanced. To understand the most important thing in weight loss, what you tag, the power supply expects. The observance of the principles of right diet to lose weight, you overweight not only lose, but also to strengthen health. Do not forget that we live to eat and not live to eat. Food must be tasty and healthy at the same time.

There are special rules, the diet for effective weight loss. By eating foods that make you think about what it is. According to the estimates of nutritionists, most of the dietary carbohydrates (60%) should, at least – proteins (10%), oils and fats – 30%.

Calorie content of the product and the ratio of protein, fat and carbs written on the packaging, you just have to count correctly. If homemade, or bought on the market, we recommend the use of a special table of the calorie content of the food.

For the average Person, Norma calories – 2400 of the day. For a man who dealt with the real weight loss – 1500 calories.

The proper balanced diet is constructed so that the greatest number of calories the body receives for lunch (50%), for Breakfast and dinner – 25%. Proper nutrition is very important.

To remove the man of the day is to water at least 2 liters. Sometimes it is to replace it with natural juice. Splits water pollutants, and directs them from the body.

The rejection of sweets

The rejection of sweets

Sweets are not always harmful to health, but quite the opposite. You are a natural antidepressant, promotes the production of endorphins ("hormones of happiness"). The refusal of them leads to the body, the deficit overeating is like other products, experience the Psycho-emotional Stress. This result will only be worse. If your goal is to lose weight, then it is important to know what candy, and what time of the day allowed.

Due to weight loss all kinds of cakes, pastries, chocolates, yeast must give up the dough.

Instead, they eat sugary fruit in any quantities: grapes, apples, Grapefruits, and Kiwis. Sugary fruit eat 200 G per day.

If you want really sweet, really strong, can occasionally treats with the least amount of calories – Marshmallows, jellies, dried fruit (prunes, apricots), honey, Halva, dark chocolate.

It is recommended that you stop taking sugar-containing food for up to 18 hours.

Breakfast with the right nutrition

Many people are not in the morning for no particular appetite to ignore, and Breakfast, knowing that it interferes with the body to lose weight. The right Breakfast – the Foundation for your upcoming day. He gives the mood, energy, protects not to tract only the shape but also the health of the gastrointestinal.

When you lose weight you need to eat Breakfast the right food. Not cookies, cheese cake, Bagels, drinking in the morning. Best Breakfast for losing weight as oatmeal. Also, Toast of white bread with a banana or wheat porridge with milk.

Good for Breakfast, fruit, yoghurt, Omelette with vegetables, a Sandwich in Pita food dry in it chicken wrapped with cheese, or boiled eggs with cheese.

In the time-eaten Breakfast to the production of the hormone Leptin in the blood, which causes inhibits, excessive appetite. Not to forget, so if you want to eat less during the day, you need to eat Breakfast.


The lunch skip harmful. When the body is more than 4 hours without power supply, with all his might to catch up at the next meal. This is especially true for people who are prone to obesity. Therefore, proper nutrition – small portions, is slimming, but in short intervals.

The right time for lunch – between 12 and 15 p.m., when our digestive system active. Nutritionists recommend to eat for lunch, vegetables salad, 100 G steamed fish or low fat meat from the Grill.

If you prefer soup for lunch, it's small potatoes, pasta, carrots, beet. When removing you make the soup the only dish for lunch.


Although folk wisdom is: "...and the dinner give the enemy", never give up dinner. Will not help you, the success with weight loss no dinner until 18 o'clock, not a complete rejection of him. You deserve only harm your body – collect stomach Hunger, so long, and ulcer. For dinner, the main thing it is necessary,– that after dinner, before sleep 3-4 hours remained. The food should not be rich in calories, eliminate the mushrooms, meat and legumes. For dinner, choose steamed vegetables, fish, cheese, Kefir, Quark.

Almost daily

Fast days

During the days of fasting the digestive system of the people, "rests", less energy is used to power the processes of digestion, it goes in a different direction – to the activation of metabolic processes, deduction of toxins from the body. Almost daily very useful for losing weight. Nutritionists should advise a fasting day in the week.

Properly, in the day of fasting of food in a bowl (fruit, yogurt, milk, oatmeal). Pick up the products, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. For example, some people broke out of apples appetite to do it fasting day on apples. You choose the food you love, because fasting is stressful for the body.


It contains useful bacteria for the intestines that is easily digestible. It is nutritious and immunostimulatory product. Select 1.5 liters of fresh yogurt (not more than 3 days), we divide it into 5 servings and drink throughout the day.

Kefir Plus Cottage Cheese

Five times a day drink Kefir. During the Breakfast, lunch and dinner, low-cottage cheese paste with 3 tablespoons of fat. At lunch, add in cottage cheese with honey or berries.


Fasting day on rice, and is particularly useful for people with high acidity, and in diseases of the joints. This product is salt in the body, heals the joint pain, envelops the walls of the stomach. Rice select unpolished, Wild. Per day eat is acceptable, up to 200 G of rice.

  • First of all the grits you have to wash the well, the water was clear.
  • Then soak overnight.
  • In the morning you can cook without salt.
  • Consume in the course of the day.
  • Except for rice, there is nothing more.
  • To drink water all day.


In the composition of buckwheat many important trace elements included for the people, and of minerals iodine, copper, iron, Magnesium, potassium. It has a lot of Vitamin C. thanks to its chemical composition, this product strengthens our hair, nails, blood vessels walls of blood.

The day for weight loss it is useful for the buckwheat with Kefir or green apples (3 pieces per day). Drink at least 2 litres of water or green tea without sugar.


In view of the fact that in the apples a lot of fiber satiety that occurs quickly. Therefore, fasting days on apples is relatively easy to pass. Better the work of the stomach and of the intestine will decrease, significantly. The Norm for the day – 1,5 kg of apples, 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water or unsweetened green tea.


Fasting day to spend on a water is not easy. To clean if you have chosen correctly"," your body, such a day of fasting for you. But before you start it, it will be correct, consult a doctor to starve to death if you have contraindications. Per day you drink at least 2.5 liters of water.


It oatmeal has a positive influence on the stomach-is commonly known intestinal tract. In the course of the day, you have a oatmeal (1 Cup of grain per day) with unsweetened green tea.

Learn more information on how to lose weight fast days.

How to reduce the appetite when slimming

If you lose a target weight, you must consume less food. But what to do when food instinct is no peace, the feeling of Hunger following you constantly? There are little Tricks for easy removal.

  • You eat little during the day, even if you don't want to eat a lot. In this case, you will not eat much. If you spend the whole day at work, take fruit or dried fruit. You can kill the appetite.
  • Don't skip Breakfast.
  • Correctly balance your menu for weight loss. Eat more vegetables and limit the carbohydrates.
  • You eat slowly, chew thoroughly, to eat, to feel your taste. The brain signals the body about the input of food in only 20 minutes after the beginning of the meal.
  • After poured some food in a plate, place about a spoonful. Maybe you will be surprised, but tired of the downsized portion.
  • Try a plate with a small volume. Then their portion is huge, it is oversaturated.
  • More sleep. There is a regularity – if the little man is asleep, he eats a lot.
  • If slimming eat more liquid or vegetables, fruits, plenty of water (melons, cucumbers). Sometimes our body is perceives as a lack of water, Hunger. Arriving home, drink slowly a glass of warm water, the feeling of hunger blunted.

Tips Dietitian

Tips Dietitian

The man lives long, if you listen to their "biological clock". He is healthy, full of energy. Thanks to the good metabolism, the food fully digested and removal of excreted products. According to the assertions of nutritionists, you need to eat at least 3 times a day: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Between snacking of light products.

With weight loss before Breakfast will really drink it to eat a glass of water at room temperature and only 30 minutes. Between Breakfast and lunch allows for a between-meal of berries or fruit. Meals take place at a distance of 2-3 hours. The optimal time for the dinner – between 17 and 20 PM. In this scenario, it is easy to reset to the extra pounds, the body recovers.

In order to lose weight faster, in addition to proper nutrition the body of physical exertion. A good Partner for slimming and support each other on the way to the goal.

If you share your tried-and-tested recipes for losing weight, you you in the comments.

The information in the article is introductory in nature. Materials article does not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give recommendations for treatment on the basis of the individual characteristics of each patient.