First and foremost, the cause of the buildup of extra pounds in problem areas of the man himself, his laziness, and not the desire is in the elementary laws.

Diet to remove belly and flanks

No diet, and conspiracies are not able to give, your waist and hips, the slenderness and attractiveness. Maybe you will achieve the desired result, but short. Once you click on the usual diet, all of your pounds back to you. Conclusion - one of the main ingredients of slimming for the abdomen and flanks - the right diet.

Please note that very often we can provoke in our diet, the consumption of bloating and gas formation. Fermentation in the bowel can lead to constipation, and this is a sure sign that you are not eating correctly, and on any weight loss once and for all forget. What to do? What and how to do it properly for a beautiful waist and side?

Let's start with the fact that it is impossible, when you strive, whatever it is, to lose weight. Although these rules must, of course, useful also for slim people, such as the following foods anyone.

Remove the belly and flanks should be excluded from your diet:

  1. all of the baked goods (cookies, pasta, bread, etc.);
  2. all back the sugar (cake, candy, cake, etc.);
  3. Alcohol (it activates the process of fermentation in the gut);
  4. Potatoes and rice;
  5. oil and Margarine;
  6. carbonated drinks and juices.

What is included in the diet?


Products for weight loss belly and flanks

The work of the stomach, normalize-intestinal tract, you should eat low-fat dairy products: Kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Instead of sweet prefer dried apricots or apples. These products materials are a source of fiber, which helps fast-food to enforce. And this is very important, because slimming for the abdomen and flanks, is based mostly on Protein-based. Such products the maximum number of protein and virtually no carbohydrate is included, will help you to quickly remove fat deposits in problem areas. But as you know, protein-rich foods are very hard to digest and is absorbed by the body. For these and fiber need. You eat an Apple in 11 and 16 o'clock. To give the best solution to the preference, the green-strength varieties. To eliminate bananas completely, as in a fruit of the total daily record of the calories it contains.

About dried apricots, so you can berries you can eat after lunch, in an amount of 5-6. Apricot - very sweet, therefore, you can replace the Dessert.

We have the proper functioning of the intestine, we will now consider how the process of combustion of subcutaneous fat. This will help us to protein-rich food. It is no secret that energy takes the body in the first line of the faster carbs, which come to us from the following products, noodles, fatty meats, biscuits, cakes and much more. If you eat Protein products, they offer you the long carbohydrates, that is, those who digested much longer than in the case of fast carbohydrates. Therefore, after eating our body can not a sufficient amount of energy for the work and begins to "enjoy" is already collected from the resources of their excess weight. So the work according to the combustion of the excess weight begins. A balanced diet of (mostly) Protein base will help you to lose in a short time, a few extra pounds. In General, is to say that such a diet should not only instructions, but a way of life.

Slimming for abdomen and thighs fasting does not mean, on the contrary, eat often, but in small portions. At the beginning, for someone who likes it painful, but studies show that man gets used to a new diet for 5-7 days.

The approximate menu of the day can be compiled as follows:

Breakfast - scrambled eggs (1-2 eggs) with chicken or Turkey breast, two slices of cheese and organic yogurt (no additives), coffee or tea without sugar.

Snack - green Apple and yogurt.

Lunch - a Cup of broth with a piece of boiled meat, salad of cucumber, tomato and peppers with the oil (Mayonnaise abandoned), tea without sugar with dried apricots.

Snack - Apple or peppers.

Dinner - boiled fish or meat with Sauerkraut. If that's not enough, you can fish with a light salad, food boiled in ink and clams. Tea without sugar.

Late dinner - if you feel hungry, you do not need to endure it. On the night you drink a glass of Kefir (it helps to constrict the stomach and bloating remove), or eat a piece of meat.

In the morning you can wheat eat boiled beans or a book. A serving should be no more than 200 grams, so a glass of. In the late afternoon calorie content of the food should be reduced.

Such a diet is guaranteed that will help you unnecessary pounds in problem areas, moreover, this diet makes you starve, so you very quickly get used to such a life style.


Physical exercises to remove belly and flanks

Do not forget about physical exercise. Because the energy we need from food, and find their way. If this ends up the case, it is on the abdomen, flanks, hips and fat thighs in the Form of the body. Therefore, it is very important to regular physical activity, especially if you are driving a sedentary life style.

In addition to advice and exercise with the tire. If you are trained, you can choose a model with plastic Spikes buy in, if you are just starting your battle a little easier Metal Hoop is just for you. The lighter the tire, the harder it is to turn, and you spend more in order to you effortlessly. Do not abuse for this employment. The best Option tires do not rotate through the day more than 30 minutes.

Wraps to remove belly and flanks

Quickly body to burn fat help, homemade Wraps with mustard.

It is recommended that such a procedure prior to the Sport and wash the mustard all the lessons. Physical loads enable to expand the sweat and the pores, so that the nutrients quickly penetrate under the skin. The so-called Sauna-effect that helps to achieve the desired result.

To lose the proposed method, the weight of many of the experts recognized the most effective and correct. Don't torture yourself with senseless diets and exorbitant physical stress. Proper diet and regular charge - the most important key to success. We wish you all the best!