How to lose weight with no diet: practical tips

In the understanding of many women-diet – a hard limit in the diet, in the vicinity of starvation. The ladies believe that the only way you can figure back to its former slenderness and flexibility But it is not so sad. Get rid of excess weight can pills without fame percusserit, and "miracle".

Tip 1: How to lose weight with no diet: practical tips

So, the first thing that is important for those who are going to lose weight without dieting – the desire to reduce the weight. Not 3 days try to get involved and to fight with obesity, and then 2 days rest and eat everything that is bad. It is important to have a specific Plan. For this, get a Notepad or notebook. You mark your starting weight, and then you draw the table. For example, the result of the most eye-catching), then a column under the key performance indicators of the weight to be weighed once in 1-2 weeks (. Also, you can measure the hip, the amounts of: chest, waist,. Can you also measure the foot at the widest. Measurements also spend time in 1-2 weeks, mark the changes.

lose weight

Another Whisker mark under exercise. When you lose weight without diet physical activity required. No one-time Training in the gym, but 20 minutes per day can make a difference. The nature of training itself can choose. Someone more like you to practice on Video lessons, and someone who loves to romp around with the dog in the Park. In any case, every day 20 minutes you are doing something. Excogitatam., you put a plus sign in the table.

A pillar for cosmetic treatments. Of course they aren't deities directly influence on weight reduction, but great help of Cellulite, sagging skin and other imperfections. Liquet your body in the soul, make the Massage of the hard sponge, spend Wraps. Over all the process you put a mark in your notebook. The optimum variant – the implementation of at least one procedure every two days.

Now the most important thing is that there are those who want to lose weight without dieting. Don't think that now you know a secret, is able, according to the food and not put on weight. There are no secrets, if you want to reduce weight, then check your diet. No one is forcing you to chew to drink just lettuce leaves and water. You train three times per day, preferably at the same time. To not snacking, preferably between meals. In case of emergency, if the Hunger is unbearable, eat an Apple.

If you want sweet, then, but up to 12 at lunch. After an hour of "X", you go on a healthy diet. Do not deny yourself in meat or fish, they eat side dishes and fresh vegetables, but everything in moderation. For example, for Breakfast you can prepare a serving of porridge, add the dried fruit, honey. You drink sweet tea with a favorite treat.

Prefer for lunch there is meat or cake, please only cook the meatballs with their own hands, and not crickets, and make steam. To Tinker with no time, cook a piece of chicken breast, add semolina and fresh vegetables. A hearty and healthy lunch. In General, the cooking method of cooking, grilling or for a couple to try. Roast while the weight reduction is not recommended. If the lunch very much like tea with sweets, then replace the usual Goodies 5-6 berries and plums. Such a Substitution is very useful.

Dinner arrange nutritious, but simple. Do not try to eat, many dishes. Cooking, for example, vegetable soup or fruit salad, it made up such as natural yogurt, and for the saturation to crunchy cottage cheese. Very tasty. And yet. Try to eat 4 hours before bedtime. This speeds up the weight loss.

With these tips, simplex, after a few weeks the first results. Weight of course will go slowly, but without Stress for the body. And, therefore, the pounds started to go faster, increase the time of physical activity. Successful slimming!

Tip 2: How to lose weight without a negative impact on the health


The right diet will never harm the health. It will be useful for the body, in your life with new emotions and new joy, of course, joy and a welcome reduction in weight.

The majority believes that people on a diet empty, turns into a hungry Wolf on the chain. The burning of the eyes, drooling, eating, he always wants more and more. But that's not all that far. Because if a question in a menu-diet approach from a scientific point of view: properly calculate the calorie content of the food, nutrition, and physical activity - the process seems at least not to a black month of the calendar. And a nice Bonus in the Form of minus kg spodvignet to great success.

Let's start:

1) in no case can drastically limit yourself to food. Practical use, but great harm to the health. The body in the absence of tax revenue food begins to counter, and after the end of such a debilitating, he diet take advantage "of you one day in such a way" and gaining even more weight!

2) Before you need to prepare the project, mentally. You will have to prove the importance of the events and that you can't go into the race.

3) Create a stable and regular diet. In practice, 5-fold approach - the best Option. Breakfast, second Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The main thing - do not overeat, do not fill to empty the stomach. You can calculate your own diet, you can special pages a lot of information.

4), and urgent advice to eliminate fatty foods from the menu. You can't buy a steamer, proved that the food cooked in it, is the taste bad food in vegetable oil. The whole thing is in the spices and the specifics of the preparation.

5) Try not to drink bottled water and black tea. Prefer to green tea and non-carbonated mineral water.

6) "morsu.", strictly food take in calculated intervals.

Of course, in the question of how to lose weight in a week these methods do not help. But in their execution a high level of results possible.And the most important thing is not to harm your body.

Tip 3: Sleep and slimming

healthy sleep

It is no secret that it works in the night our body about your health, that is, gets rid of all superfluous dross, and, including body fat. And we can help him with it, proper nutrition in the course of the day. For this purpose, it is in the morning you need to eat primarily carbohydrates, and for dinner, leave the food rich in protein. In the lunch time can be pampered in almost everything, what the heart desires.


In the first half of food allowed to eat food rich in carbohydrates. So you can Scones for sure-baked, Sandwiches, and cereal. Cito available energy from these products, fill in the necessary energy for the whole day. By the way, also fruit for Breakfast you should eat, because they are not absorbed after 14.00 from the body, but simply left to rot, causing Fermentation and gas formation. After a hearty carbohydrate Breakfast, you should not be snacking and tea until lunch time. It is not recommended for 2-3 hours. But you can drink the tea. Then, make a Snack eat an Apple or a cucumber, tomato or 3-4 tablespoons of cottage cheese, but without sour cream or yogurt.

A sumptuous lunch

In the lunch time, you may useful be pampered, delicious and savoury food. Everything is allowed: proteins, carbohydrates and also fats in a better quality. Because in the time between 11 and 16 hours, all of the elements of the food chain completely from the body to be absorbed. The brain and the muscles have enough energy for the second half of the day to eat during the lunch break, allowed, to 100 grams of carbohydrate food. Supplement you can poor a lot of vegetables, salad and eggs, fish, meat (preferably fat) or cheese. After the main dish can be a Dessert itself. Just eaten a nibble for 4-5 hours,.... Until dinner you may drink only water or unsweetened green or herbal tea.


Fish, chicken, lean cuts of Steak from beef or any dairy products to choose from - this is what you need for dinner. These products are rich in body necessary proteins, and they are very hearty. In this case, in contrast to fats and carbohydrates, proteins are not stored on pages in the Form of unwanted body fat, converted, and in the muscles. In addition, the meat is rich substance Tryptophan, which speeds up the process of the body of the hormone Serotonin. The latter helps to improve our mood, enables us to relax faster and helps better sleep. Additional tip: a glass of butter milk, Kefir, or whey before bed, losing weight to go faster.

Tips for optimal sleep

1. Sleep longer. Who wants to lose weight without harm for health, sleep 7-8 hours a day. With a lack of sleep is a muscular and not fat mass burns.

2. The last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime. Before you go to sleep, you hear a pleasant relaxing music. Also helps to fall asleep in the evening walk in the fresh air.

3. Favorable conditions in the bedroom. The optimum temperature of 18-20 degrees, humidity 70%. And no screaming colors in the bedroom.