Exercises to lose weight quickly at home

exercises for losing weight

Each spring we start the fight with obesity. In the course of hard diet and Training are "wear and tear". Some turn even on a miracle pill. But even babies know that a fundamental role in the war with the hated kilograms, of course, physical exercises for quick weight loss.

Great if you participate in sports club on a continuous Basis. Unfortunately, many don't have enough time/money/patience. An excellent result of the Training at home.

Best (doctors recommended) class duration – 20-30 minutes.

Try the following set of physical exercises and surprise your friends with a spectacular result.

Warm-up and exercises for fast weight loss

Each workout should start with warm-up. Muscles and joints need to be prepared. This will take you from sprains and injuries of varying severity.

Warming up is recommended, according to the principle "from top to bottom". In other words, first the neck, shoulders, hands, and so continue to crumble. Finish warm-up exercises for the feet.

So start. Heavily at first you RUB the palms of your hands until you have a balance. Mayhem you are the face, ears and neck. Then you make a couple of rotational movements of each joint on both sides.

Crumble the shoulders and arms. Perform circular movements with the shoulders forward a few times, then to the rear. Arms straight, palms parallel to the ground and look in opposite directions (as if you while the penguin). Turning behind the elbow in different directions, and behind them — camshafts.

Stand up straight, stretch the back. They make the curves in opposite directions, so that the lower part of the body immobile. The head looks all the time. Perform 25 Repetitions.

exercises for weight loss jump

Then make a circular motion of the housing. After 10 revolutions in each direction. The legs are still immobile.

More of the foot crumble. Every sock on the floor and turning in different directions. Then we move on to the socks up and down. The heel must not touch the ground.

A series of exercises in order to lose weight quickly at home

Exercise for slenderness of the gese

Put your feet slightly wider than shoulders, bend the knees (most effective angle). You are in this pose to be as sustainable as possible.

Exercise "Knee-Bends"

Make 2-3 sets of 25-35 reps. While the knee-the knee bend should be directly over the feet.

Exercise "Jump Of"

Put yourself in the squat. From such a Position will jump to the maximum height and back to the starting point. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise "Scissors"

You lay on your back, stretch the legs upwards and put your hands under your lower back. You cross the legs and spread them apart as far as possible. Only 10 Reps.

Exercise for slim legs

Stand on the knees, stretching the arms in front of you. At a brisk pace you put on each buttock, tilting the housing for the balance. Repeat 20 to 30 times.

Exercise "Medium-amplitudo"

Stand up, legs used apart slightly wider than the shoulders, and socks in opposite directions. Make you half-consumandam at a slow pace, below you will linger longer. With the same speed back to the original Position. Perform 20 reps for 2 approaches.

Exercise "Mahi Feet"

You lay sideways. Bend the leg which is below. Upper side of the feet make gentle climbs, with a maximum Amplitude. Make of Mach 20. Repeat in the opposite direction.

Exercise for the belly

You lay on your back, place the hands under the back of the head, the legs are stretched. Pull the knees to the chest and the shoulders and the head will tear you up from the floor and pull the knees. You go back to the original Position. You are in the lead after 20 times of 2 approaches.

Exercise "Oblique Twist"

Lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees. The hands to the neck, crossed. Now you drag the elbow to the opposite knee. Repeat 20 times. Now on the opposite side.

Exercise for the lower press

To be continued on the back, stretch the extended leg at an angle of 450 to the ground and keep them as much as you can. You Make 10 Approaches.

Exercise for the development of all the abdominal muscles

Starting position – the same. Hands up to the sides and touch the floor, palms down. Stretch the legs straight up. Slowly lower the legs down, back up, lower them alternately to the left and to the right. Make them 12 times in all directions.

Exercise "Dimidium-pontem"

exercises for weight loss rotation

Continue lying on your back. Feet, knees touch hunched on the floor, hands pull along the body. Lift the pelvis, such as can up and down. You lead the movement 20 to 30 times.

Exercise for the back muscles

Supine position, place the arms and legs perpendicular to the ground. Alternately tearing from the ground, hip and shoulder blade as if you are trying to get you up to the ceiling. You Do 20 Repetitions.

Exercise "swallow"

You turn back to the belly. You raise the extended leg and the hands on the maximum amount. They pull in opposite directions. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise "Push-UPS"

In "Bar". Lower the knee to the floor. Press 10 times from the ground.

The exercise "Reverse pushups"

With the back tied to a chair. You sit on the edge and touch the hands to the sides of the fuselage. Bend the legs at a right angle and put the heels on the floor. Taz, 5 cm over the edge of the chair, the back should be straight. Bend the elbow at an angle of 900. You rise to the top. To breed elbows categorically inadmissible in different directions. Repeat 15 times.

Exercise for the hands

Stand up straight, lift your hands in front of him. Hold in this Position as in the position longer.

Exercise "Hitch"

The Training necessarily end tension rod. You sit down on the ground, spread the legs to their maximum width; gently pull the housing forward, to the left, to the right. You lay down on the floor and you drag your hands and feet to the cross in opposite directions (ie, pull the left arm and the right leg and Vice versa).

Exercises to lose weight at home support toned muscles, and increases the quality of the work of the whole organism. You can achieve fast results, if you the entire system to run on a regular basis.

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