Diet Proper nutrition


The extra inches at the waist, blemished skin, split ends, brittle nails – all this sometimes indicates disturbances in the diet. You need to rethink eating habits, and in a few weeks, the Situation begins to improve. You are what you eat, so eat must be done correctly. This is the topic of today's article is dedicated to.


Proper nutrition is first and foremost useful. The stomach normalizes the intestine, stabilizes blood pressure, minimizes the exacerbation of chronic diseases, improves condition of hair, skin and nails. All others will go the extra pounds. Yes, this process is not as fast as by Express if slimming diet, but the weight did not return after a few weeks, as it is for tough measures on the burning of fat.

There is a diet PP weight advantages, compared to conventional programs. So, the System not only allows, but recommends to classify it as a between meal, you just need to choose the right one. Therefore, you need to tormented not by pain in the stomach, headache, fatigue. In addition, it allows you to adjust the meal plan under the company's own taste preference and Situation. Now you do not have a bad feeling, once at a Party, because on every table there is something that is not in contradiction with the rules of the diet.

There are disadvantages? To be ranked as some of the long-term nature of the program, because the first solid solder is fixed only in a couple of weeks. But in the future the results will only improve. For more efficiency review the diet with exercise, massages and wraps to combine.

How to pick up

There are more than a dozen diets for weight reduction. Some allow you to lose up to 10 pounds per week, to carry others in addition to the problems with the health. Not always the System, which can lead to effectively a Person to a great result the other. And only diet the right diet is suitable for everyone. It not only allows you to keep your figure in tip-top shape, but also strengthens the health, activity, and gives a good mood. That's why PP should not be a temporary event, and in a style of life.

How to start

The transition to PP does not require such an effort, as accepted, buckwheat or rice diet. In the beginning you should organize your thoughts and to recognize that such metamorphoses will go only on advantage, and only then will the changeover to drastic measures, should be:

1. Replace vegetable animal fats. Particularly useful is the OLIVE and coconut, but to give of sunflower oil and castor oil, as it is too rich in calories. Pressing from the olives is not only useful for cardiovascular System, but a stable body weight helps maintain.
2. Instead of wheat bread you buy whole grain flour or rye flour.
3. For Breakfast they eat cereals, boiled water. To enhance the flavor, add pieces of fresh/frozen fruit or honey.
4. You enter into the diet of more meat and fish dishes. You can eat boiled, steamed, steam, and cooked the meat in the oven, but not revised. It is proved that the sausages, pies, etc. provoke the development of colorectal cancer.
5. You are not limited to seafood. They are rich in iodine, with a deficit in the metabolism is disturbed, and sometimes more delayed subcutaneous fat.
6. You eat more plant-based foods. It contains fiber, which for normal bowel activity. Enter in the menu pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cabbage.
7. Pay attention to the glycemic index of the products used. The lower the number, the slower it is digested, that suspends Offensive of hunger.
8. Dispose of fatty acids, the Trans -. You will find in Margarine, and in purchase of baking – cakes, pastries and biscuits. You say "basta!" fast-food, potato chips and frozen ready-made meals, but also Mayonnaise and sauces at its base.
9. Drink at least two liters of pure water per day, tea, juice, and herbal concoctions. You drink water for 10 minutes before eating or half an hour later, after a meal, because the liquid dilutes the gastric juice, whereby the degrading process of digestion.
10. You dispense alcoholic beverages. They provoke the appetite, and reduce a sense of proportion.

Now you know how you go on a diet, the right diet, it's time to talk about how the basic rules are not adhered to.


How to get to the

Nutrition proper nutrition includes the implementation of several rules. In the network there are a large number of information about how to sit properly, we have decided to share with the essential requirements.

1. Arrange 5-6 Meals. The body is in any case should not suffer from Hunger, because in this case, turn into fat also ate the carrots. You eat after 2.5-3 hours, so much time is needed to digest the food.
2. Protein foods do not combine with high-carbohydrate, as in the digestion of the first all other enzymes are involved as the second, sometimes even antagonistichnye. In order not to overload the digestive system, they exercise a separate power supply.
3. You can reduce the calorie content of the food by the proper selection of the ingredients. I.e. don't have to choose to reduce the usual portions and low-calorie foods. You need to eat more foods of plant origin, bran, lean meat, eggs, but the consumption of sugar-containing, starch-minimize-containing foods and fats.
4. Do not miss the sweets – eat them in the first half of the day and you prefer natural (honey, jam, marmalade, Marshmallows, jellies). Fruit and dried fruit allowed until 5 o'clock in the evening.
5. If you don't, try after eating the feeling of Hunger, you take it with oranges and/or apples, you better drink a glass of butter milk or yogurt.
6. When eating, you think only of her. Do not be distracted by television, phone calls or the game in your Smartphone.

The daily diet of the diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Options Diet

Many dieters know that it is a safe diet based on proper nutrition. As such, apart from that of which we have already spoken, believe Japanese, Chinese, Protein, without uglevodnuyu, MAGGI, buckwheat and rice. Now, let us, to understand ourselves with them and try them, they are really so helpful.



One of the fashionable slimming most programs now. Many are convinced that after 13 days (and the duration) is not only that you will lose up to 8 pounds, such as those that tried this diet already convinced, but corrected and health. This belief is based on the fact that many hundreds of years in Japan, and probably the follow your diet allows it be healthier for everyone. Give up almost 2 weeks have sugar, salt, alcohol, flour, including confectionery. Basis of the diet of rice, fish, fruits and vegetables, green tea. But the manner of preparation of dietary dishes has nothing to do with the traditional cuisine of the country of the rising sun.

To minimize the thermal treatment of the products (it's not about the fish), then you still have a Maximum of useful properties.

Nutritional diet is not balanced, so that the organism is experiencing severe Stress, and after the event, with the slender remains of Mach effect since the diet normalizes metabolism, builds on the work of the digestive tract. Practice the methodology may not more frequently than once in 2 years.


For the Asian people eating the source of pounds and diet is not, without the basics of life is possible. The Chinese eat rice, vegetables, seafood, necessarily once a day, soup and drink green tea. Such a diet can keep the residents of the middle Kingdom to the Form, the ability to work and good health.

The most important rule, the consequences of the Chinese and everyone has to want to adhere to to lose weight – there are low-calorie products, including eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables. In addition, lots of fluid to drink water and green tea. The last neutralizes the toxins and improves digestion, but also prevents the effects of free radicals. Is prohibited the consumption of salt, sugar, fat, flour, milk, alcohol, and potatoes. The methodology is based on 2 weeks, it requires adequate preparation and the corresponding output.


Protein – the most important building material for the cells. Primarily used part of it to the construction, and only the remnants converted into fat. Therefore, Protein programs for burning extra pounds are considered to be one of the most effective. There are several types of such programs, it combines the list of approved products. Traditionally, the diet lasts for two weeks. If you are on a diet, then you may eat the fruit of lean meat (very good chicken, Turkey, beef, rabbit), fish, low-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, milk, cheese), eggs are not suitable, - starchy vegetables, green apples and citrus. Allows little bit of complex carbohydrates (for example, 5 tablespoons of consuming buckwheat or oatmeal for Breakfast). Serving BZHU, according to the above-described formulas, and to be deducted 20%.

The most important rules:

1. Each meal must contain proteins.
2. Carbohydrates and fruits you should only until 14:00.
3. Limit intake of sugar and salt, if necessary, you can replace the latest soy sauce.
4. The maximum daily dose of vegetable fat – 2 tablespoons, to dispense of the animals.
5. You exercise on a regular basis.

At observance of all recommendations, the first plumb line is marked after only a couple of weeks. If you do not have problems with the digestive tract and the kidneys from Protein menu better. Such food provokes constipation, so eat more plant-based foods. Contraindicated the methodology is clots in the tendency to the formation of blood and increased blood clotting.


Without Carbohydrate

It is believed that carbohydrates are to wear nothing except extra inches around the waist, that is why it is so popular in the last time without carbohydrate diet. In fact, a deficit of carbohydrates, ketosis threatens – departure decay products of Protein.

The carbohydrates from the diet to eliminate in any case it is impossible! From them we draw energy, they are a guarantee of good mood and high activity. You just need to menus correctly-consuming.

First and foremost, they dispense with fast carbohydrates – favorite-cake, chocolate and chocolates. Serving of carbohydrates must be calculated according to the formulas, data to the beginning of the conversation, and provide a menu closer to the results obtained in accordance with the parameters PP.

Don't you think, that without carbohydrate diet with a solid sinker in the first week. Please have patience, because only after a month, Stand on the scale, you will see that become easier. Do not forget, in addition to a Revision of the ration, select the day, exercise, drink plenty of fluids, complex take a Multivitamin.


Protein diet MAGGI is based on chemical reactions in the body. This is why it is often to be attributed to the PP. The basis of the diet – eggs, and citrus fruits, the first to be supplied with all the necessary trace elements, vitamins. Practice the methodology is not if. you are allergic and pregnant and lactating women For the specified period of time, you can lose up to 25 kg. However, the results inspired, renewed by the diet, repeat may, not more frequently than once in 2 years.

The Golden Rules

1. You drink a lot of water, are allowed unsweetened teas and black coffee.
2. In hunger pangs, you eat fresh vegetables.
3. Eliminate salt, spices and flavor enhancers.
4. Avoid fats, including vegetable.
5. Sport prefer swimming, walking, Yoga.

If there is a failure, then all have to start from the beginning!



Rice – a perfect product. So not only the inhabitants of Japan and China, but also nutritionists believe. It contains many important vitamins and elements, as well as amino acids and antioxidants.

One of the reasons for obesity slagging. The rice acts as a natural toothbrush, which detoxifies excellent and gives a good health and mood.

The regular consumption of rice stabilized the work of the nervous system, normalizes the work of digestive tract, supports the energy balance. The most useful of brown rice, so the dishes thereof, and the right diet are in the diet. They eat rice as a side dish, it goes well with vegetables, meat and fish. But for a better result you give in the habit of eating on an empty stomach two tablespoons of slightly underdone grits. After such a meal nothing to drink for a couple of hours.

Note: image does not provoke constipation, so do not forget to drink water and eat food rich in fiber.

There is-and week program for burning excess fat, which is not contrary to the PP postulates, but requires a complete absence of salt.


A conversation about the proper diet would be incomplete wheat without the mention of the book. Call you as the Queen of the croup, and not without reason, because with the right preparation, it saturates the body with minerals, phospholipids, organic acids, carotenoids and vitamins of group B. a Maximum of useful properties of porridge, do not need to cook, and zaparivat with boiling water in a ratio of 1:2.

Want to lose weight, in General, the strict monodiets, enable it, choose it, since a few days, only porridge. Thinking, talking, and what lack of Protein and fat threatening is unnecessary. Nutritionists, therefore, advise to lose weight menu diet the right diet and grain as a side dish to the vegetables. By the way, with a protein food rich in combined sugar and flour is bad.

If you want to lose weight in the shortest amount of time, then grechnevo-Kefir-variant, the essence of which in a daily consumption of buckwheat, and low-fat yogurt. Drink can be added to porridge or as a snack. In addition to the basic products, fruits, honey and apples, allowed to dry, and to drink unlimited amounts of water.

This diet use more frequently than once per year, contraindicated!