Overweight people don't stay long: health: weakens the heart, painful joints, and varies the blood pressure and sugar in blood. Obesity is an excessive increase in the adipose tissue, resulting in a threat to life and health of the people. Overweight wins imperceptible, but to get rid of it is quite difficult, especially if you already have health problems.

Obesity as a disease, massive was alarming century, and today, of him suffering for 1.5 billion people on the planet. The leadership of the United States and Europe, where every third person suffers from obesity. In Russia 25% of people have an unhealthy abundance, but it is not considered a disease. To get expert help in the fight against obesity is difficult to cope with, everyone is trying to the Problem alone. Scientific studies confirmed long ago that the causes of obesity are the culture of "fast Food" in connection with a sitting way of life. It would seem, than that is easier: balance nutrition, sign up in the gym and you is health and happiness. When it comes to 5-10 pounds, maybe, such a scheme leads to success. But when the body burdened by the dozens of superfluous pounds, without the help of specialists: psychologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, it will not go.

Diagnosis of obesity

Our body is prone to rest, but the one with my childhood to an active lifestyle, feel the silence as discomfort. Such people immediately have the feeling of the pounds and declare war on them. In the rest of the women and men of the first signs of overweight do not stand out, and to procrastinate losing weight. And some fall into the other extreme: in the pursuit of пресловутыми "90-60-90" in front of the anorexia, even though they originally had normal stature.

So, what is overweight, and if it is necessary, the Alarm about him

The medicine looks at the overweight as a result of metabolic disorders in which an excessive accumulation of fat tissue, and the conditions for the development of deadly diseases. For the diagnosis of obesity doctors Body Mass Index (BMI, BMI). Digital recording is determined as the weight of a person corresponds to his growth. You can calculate the BMI, you can: your weight (in kg) divided by the growth rate (m), erected in the square. If your body height 1.66 m and a body weight of 85 kg: BMI = 85/1,662 = 30,8, corresponds to the of obesity 1. Degree.

Symptoms of obesity

From the table it is seen that in this condition the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, Diabetes mellitus, increased. To correct this weight, medical help is needed.

Symptoms of obesity

Overweight and obesity do not appear suddenly. First stale the waist and hips, only to spoil the mood, but does not inspire fear. How can I find out what the Problem is dangerous and urgent?

The first signs

You pay attention to some worrying signs of excess weight:

  • At night appears to be snoring, sleep restless.
  • Sport, active recreation is not for you - what to do with such a dimensions!
  • Zone Cellulite appear on the abdomen and hips.
  • You always want to have, and if this is not possible, Irritation.
  • Bouts of high blood pressure are becoming more common.
  • Pain in the back, knee, swollen legs.
  • Waist size and weight grow, in spite of the restriction in the diet.

Notice of such changes in health, do not put off a visit to the doctor - with this everyone is to begin the right weight loss. Obesity bailiwick of endocrinologists, only he can take account of all the causes of excess weight.

Practice tip: For the transition to a proper diet to consult a nutritionist and create a resistant subject, to lose weight, helps the psychotherapist.


To find out why it is overweight, you need to make analysis. The biochemical research of the blood cholesterol, glucose, Insulin will show how the metabolic processes of the standard, and how they influence the development of obesity. The analysis of blood on hormones to determine whether the obesity of the endocrine nature. You may need a course of treatment of hormonal drugs.

Why is the extra weight

The General cause of obesity - slow metabolism in the course of the Assimilation of high-calorie food. Excess calories in no time, the body can be used and turn into the fat reserves.

This is a Situation many factors:

  • Overeating: a need and there are many delicious; wrong eating habits (eating for on-the-go, plenty of dinner); "sweet addiction"; custom sajedat the Stress of "delicious"; the love of the beer, etc.
  • Lack of movement: slow-moving work; the life behind the wheel; leisure time in front of the TV or Computer.
  • Age-related changes: after 30 years, metabolic processes in humans, slows down; appears to be the exceed floor weight of a body in a normal diet.
  • The lack of important vitamins and trace elements in food.
  • Endocrine disorders: functional disorders of the thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, ovaries.
  • Intake of corticosteroids and antidepressants.

If the pregnant woman eating carbohydrate is not a food well-balanced in proteins, in fetuses with a congenital predisposition to being overweight.

Ways to combat obesity

Common mistakes while losing weight - the desire to relieve excess pounds with the help of any opportunities, whether it be nutrition, Fitness, pills, nutritional supplements or Massage. For the success in this case is most necessary means is to complex to be effective.

Diet for weight loss

Diet lose weight can't choose, just because you helped someone from the known circle. In any diet, there are health limitations and disadvantages, the endure it.

Important! How to eat for weight loss, you need to decide according to the investigation, to know their weaknesses and health problems.

General requirements food for weight loss are characteristic of all diets:

  • Excluded high-calorie foods: fat and деликатесное meat, Muffin, sugar and sweets.
  • Are recommended: vegetables, fruits, lean meat, lean fish.
  • Are allowed: biscuits, bread, dairy products.

In the diet is important, don't allow to stuff hungry, eat little and often, snacking on the go, and the night. To take walking in the store and the guests, the on a full stomach.

Why is the extra weight

Physical Activity

The recording in the gym or running in the morning to relieve efficient way to excess pounds, but they are for years later moved. Easier for them to start to actively move today: a couple of stops to the foot of the work, daily climbing of stairs instead of the Elevator, - it should be a habit and a need. Good cardioion give Cycling, swimming, Nordic walking. But what to do when a man is ashamed of his impressive dimensions? Dance Mat in the room - a good way to move, have fun complex, seem to have their dances funny.

Tip. Master a series of exercises at home Yoga, the combination of cardioion with Power Training. With a correctly selected plant 200-400 kcal are burned in a session.


Radically get rid of excess mass, with the help of Massage will not work, but it is a good addition to a diet and physical exercise. Different of its kind: lymphatic drainage, Anti-Cellulite-vacuum-Massage, Jet showers, work on problem areas, improve the blood circulation in them, increase the muscle tone. With the help of Massage you can prevent the sag and flabby skin in areas of intense weight loss.

Tablets and nutritional supplements

Food supplements and diet pills do not take without consulting a specialist. Prescribers for the drive of the metabolism back to normal. A not enough vitamins, certain other micro-nutrients, the third is it is necessary to clean the intestine and bring products of an exchange. In the Phase of the obesity-relevant hormone preparations. Even to reduce appetite language will not take pills without consulting a doctor. For interventions in metabolic processes need a reason and the exact dosage.

What obesity threatens

What obesity threatens

Obesity is not so much defect, as an enormous burden on all systems of the body.

  • The heart muscle has to pump blood through the body, enormous size, and push it through the vessels, chosen cholesterol. High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke is a logical consequence of the obesity.
  • The liver clogged products of fat metabolism, from steatosis Degeneration of the liver cells develops.
  • The gastro-intestinal tract by an abundance of food, the work of digestive organs: Gastritis, stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, heartburn, constipation, digestive disorders are left untouched, - is far not the full list of the problems with being overweight.
  • Endocrine diseases, mainly Diabetes mellitus - compulsory companion of the overweight.
  • Muscle-skeletal System is deformed under the effect of the massive body: pain in the spine, the joints, full of man condemns himself to sedentary life.

Being overweight is a step on the way to the dangerous diseases. At the beginning of this way everyone can stop and choose another direction.