Japanese Diet: Menu for 14 days and a list of permitted foods

Vegetables for Weight Loss on the Japanese Diet

Every girl dreams of losing weight, and many have tried a variety of options. The recently introduced 14-day Japanese diet, the menu of which turned out to be quite affordable for the majority, confidently occupies the top position among women.

Menu of a girl losing weight on a Japanese diet

Why exactly the Japanese diet for 14 days

Why is this diet better than others? Let us first remember Japan. Slim, flexible women from the land of the rising sun attract the attention of men on every continent. And among them aren't all that fat, there aren't even plump chicks. Because you can glamorize models with size + as much as you like, but any sane person understands that being overweight is a problem.

Despite the fact that Japan is a country with advanced technology and makes amazing cars, its residents never overeat and prefer natural products. In the opinion of Europeans, fast food has not caught on there at all. In addition, the Japanese only saw the butter we all know a few decades ago and are still not sure what is worth eating. Snacks in this country are thin fish cakes or rice balls. It is not surprising that slim people walk through the cities.

Rice is on the menu of the Japanese diet

But back to the diet.As practice shows, the Japanese diet allows you to lose about 6-9 kg in two weeks. . . The result is excellent, especially when you consider that you don't have to spend any money on expensive products. In fact, there is no expensive fruit or anything that cannot be found with fire during the day on this diet. Everything to go down the weight loss path can be bought in the nearest store.

Food for the Japanese diet every day

To become slim and flexible like a Japanese woman, you need to stock up on the following things:

  • Rice. Everyone knows this is a popular food in the East, and it is not surprising that rice is an added part of the diet.
  • Seasonal fruits. Bananas are an exception, but let's face it, we don't live in Africa and bananas are not our national food. They are also high in starch and high in calories.
  • A fish. You can't do without it either, because fish is most of the diet for the places where that diet came to us. The main condition is that the fish should be low in fat, so you shouldn't think that you need to eat exclusively sturgeon for two weeks.
  • Beef. The product is expensive, but since the servings are small, the cost is not covered by the budget.
  • Hen. Chest. The meat is tender and dietetic. It is widely used in diets and has proven itself to be excellent.
  • Milk. Ideally, low in fat, but a small percentage is acceptable.
  • Vegetables. Again, full starch potatoes are the exception.
  • Legumes. The Japanese are fans of legumes. They make everything from it, from pasta to desserts.
  • Eggs. A source of animal protein, so don't think all about losing weight is on green grass.
A plate with fish, rice and legumes for the Japanese diet

And the most important. Coffee is not only allowed in the diet, it forms the basis of almost every breakfast. For those who cannot start the day without this drink, such a diet is simply the salvation. After all, all coffee lovers know that giving up is synonymous with death.

Japanese dietary rules

But for those who, after reading the list of products, have decided that losing weight this way is easier than ever, do not rush. Despite the fact that at first glance the Japanese diet for 14 days, the menu of which includes all the products necessary for life, seems simple, it is not.

To cool off a little the excitement of beauties who are mentally ready to buy a dress several sizes smaller, follow the rules. And let's not forget that not only slim girls came from Japan, but also tough samurai. So don't be surprised that the dietary rules are strict.

  • There is a clear diet that should not be deviated from. Unless, of course, you are interested in the result and do not just want to post a piece of grilled fish on a social network with the tag "sijunadiete". It would be better to have a little patience, and then add a photo to the results of the Japanese diet, in which you will be stunning.
  • Meals at this stage are low in calories.
  • Only three meals are allowed. For those who have tried previously to lose weight with diets based on fractionated eating, it will be quite difficult.
  • Avoid snacks during the day. Rejection of the word "absolutely". If you need a result, it is well worth referring from both home and work, anything that can lead you astray. Give the delicacies away to your colleagues - they will be happy.
  • Lack of salt, sugar, spices in the diet.
  • It is allowed to drink still water or green tea. Just don't buy teas with additives. You can indulge yourself with it after you finish the diet and now you need a simple green tea.
  • Of course, you need to remove all baked goods, candy, soda, and anything recommended to exclude from a diet. But no one said it was going to be easy because if you could lose weight with candy and buns, then there wouldn't be a single fat girl on the street.
  • Alcohol in any form is also prohibited. But let's be honest, staying for 14 days without a glass of wine and slipping into your dream dress is a sacrifice worth making.
Green tea is a legal drink in the Japanese diet.

It is also worth reading online reviews from real people about the Japanese diet to understand how this weight loss method might work for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Japanese diet

And yet every diet is two sides of the same coin. For everyone who is ready to take off their rose-colored glasses and not only dream of a slim body, but also act, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

Professionals Minus points
Fast and measurable weight loss The conditions are harsh and the body will not be easy for the first few days
Removal of toxins and waste products Cannot be used more than 2 times a year
Removal of excess fluid from the body Strict adherence to the diet and the inability to replace one day with another
Inexpensive There are a number of contraindications for health reasons
Long-term result, subject to change Diet requirements for quitting

Let's try to analyze all of this in more detail.

Undoubtedly, losing about 7-8 kg of excess weight in just half a month is an excellent result. And he is worth acting, but don't forget about willpower. Not everyone is ready to drown out hunger pangs with water or green tea, especially when there is something tastier to offer.

There are only three times a day for a person who is used to more frequent and abundant meals, it is very difficult psychologically. Therefore, after a long vacation, you should not adjust yourself to such a diet, hoping to remove everything that you have eaten in the past two weeks. In this case, the risk of collapse is too great, so it is better to prepare for the Japanese diet in advance.

Because it is a low-calorie diet, it should not be used frequently. The body needs to be adjusted to proper nutrition, and in this case, nutrition is only the first step towards harmony. Anyone who hopes that the pounds lost after eating a grilled chicken with a can of beer and salted peanuts will not return on the fifteenth day will be seriously disappointed.


In no case should this method be used during pregnancy, feeding a baby, or a serious illness. Even if a person recently developed mundane ARVI, you shouldn't start losing weight right away. Give your body time to recover.

If you have stomach problems, you should consult your doctor. In fairness, it should be noted that any person with a chronic illness should be consulted with a doctor before beginning any diet. A change in the usual diet that occurs so abruptly can lead to a negative result.

Consult a doctor before losing weight on a Japanese diet

In the early days of the diet, psychosomatic manifestations of headache or nausea may appear. In most cases, this is the body's normal response to dietary changes. But if the state of health does not improve, then do not risk it and it is better to interrupt the diet. However, if you stop the diet early, you will not have to go back to your normal diet right away. You need to eat in small portions and add a few extra snacks.

Japanese Diet: Start Losing Weight

But when the pros and cons are weighed, let's look at how the Japanese diet will change your diet in 14 days.

So, the products for the start of the diet have been bought, all temptations in the form of sweets or alcohol are eliminated, and your loved ones are prepared for the fact that you should not offer a snack.

Ideally, in a couple of days you will remove from the diet smoked meats, pastries, sweets and other products that are rightly considered harmful. This will help you tune in the right way.

Before you begin, you should understand exactly what exactly you can eat. Therefore, it is better to prepare a menu for Japanese nutrition on the table and put it on the refrigerator. Errors are almost impossible in this case. For easy control and mood lift, buy cute stickers and tape over your meals. In this case, the passage of the diet will be more visual.

the day breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Cup of black coffee 2 eggs, some cabbage, tomato juice 200 grams of fish
2 A cup of coffee + a palm-sized piece of rye bread 200 grams of fish with cabbage 100 g beef + kefir
3rd Coffee + rye croton Braised zucchini 200 grams of beef, coleslaw with butter + 2 eggs
4th Fresh carrots Fish + tomato juice fruit
5 carrot Fish + tomato juice fruit
6th coffee 200 grams of chicken + carrot and cabbage salad 2 eggs + 2 grilled carrots
7th to drink tea Beef + fruit Everyone you enjoyed this week
If you can make it through a week, you should reward yourself with something incredibly beautiful. Even so, it is halfway through and the body has already come to terms with small portions and is ready to continue to function fully
eight Green tea Chicken, carrot and cabbage salad Carrots + 2 eggs
nine Raw carrot Fish + tomato juice fruit
ten coffee Egg and carrot salad and treat yourself to a small slice of low-fat cheese fruit
eleven Coffee + rye croton Zucchini and eggplant Beef + 2 eggs + coleslaw
12th Coffee + croutons Fish with salad Beef + kefir
13th coffee Eggs + coleslaw + tomato juice A fish
fourteen coffee Fish + cabbage beef
Chicken breast with fresh vegetable salad is a delicious option on the Japanese diet

This is what the Japanese diet looks like every day. Meal portions should be small. About 200 grams It may not seem difficult for the little one, but it won't be easy for those who prefer a multi-course meal.

Little secrets of the Japanese diet

The use of vegetable oil is permissible in the diet. Ideally, this should be olive, but not always available, so you can use regular sunflowers. The main thing is not to overdo the amount. Sprinkle the salad lightly with oil, do not pour over the top.

If there is no indication of the form in which vegetables should be consumed, then you need to use cooking methods that minimize the loss of vitamins and nutrients. This can be boiling, braising or grilling. The latter option is the most attractive, because baked vegetables are much tastier than cooked ones.

Cabbage can also be boiled or steamed. The main thing is not to use in the preparation of salt and spices. It is permissible to lightly sprinkle salads with lemon juice. This is a great substitute for salt and adds a fresh note to the taste.

Freshly squeezed tomato juice in the daily menu of the Japanese diet for weight loss

Tomato juice is listed on the daily menu. Of course, you cannot use the commercially available ones and can be stored for several months. To recognize this, it is enough to read the composition on the package. The ideal option is freshly squeezed tomato juice.

If you feel hungry after eating, try to distract yourself. Getting down to business, going for a walk, especially away from the refrigerator, because the temptation to eat is not so easy to overcome.

Remember, satiety doesn't come right after you eat, so give your body a chance to deal with it on its own. If all else fails, have some water or green tea. You can and should drink throughout the day.

Get out of the Japanese diet

On the fifteenth day, you can add a cup of rice to your diet. This way you can switch to your usual food gently and not break down.For many, the Japanese diet, the results of which are immediately visible, has become a real salvation.. . . But it is important not to change your diet too drastically. Only with proper nutrition and physical activity will it be possible to keep a slim figure in the future.

A cup of rice on the fifteenth day offers a gentle exit from the Japanese diet.

For many women, the Japanese diet, the original version of which was shown in the table above, has become a serious test that allowed them to understand themselves. You should not be under any illusions and dream that you can lose weight without doing anything about it.

And don't forget that being overweight is not just an external disadvantage. With age, every pound causes discomfort, and problems will grow like a snowball. It is much easier to lose weight without the arrow on the scales being at the very edge.