Diet by blood type: essence, menu, reviews

What do you imagine when you hear the word "diet"? An obese woman staring longingly at a plate of vegetables? A sick man clutching a recipe with the traditional: "You can't have fat, spicy. . . "? Or maybe that unfortunate figure the insidious Libra showed you in the morning? In this case, pay attention to diet and blood type nutrition. It is this type of diet that tells you exactly what to take off the shelves, around the eyesdon't close when you step on the scales, the blood type diet menu is varied so you won't have to starve to death.

Food for a diet by blood type

However, a blood type diet is only suitable if you have the willpower. Reviews about the system are ambiguous, but many have managed to get great results, it is quite possible that you can too. Let's take a closer look at the types of foods and learn how to choose a diet by blood type.

Diet and nutrition by blood group

The story that Peter D'Adamo (inventor of the blood group diet) invented is like a beautiful legend.

The first people who appeared on earth did not yet know how to till the land and grow their own food. All ancients ate the same thing: what they could catch. Therefore, according to the doctor, they all had one blood type: the first.

Apparently the monotonous eating of meat quickly bored people, and so the first hobby gardeners appeared. That is, people began to till the land and receive crops, and the food became much more varied and tasty. Not everyone fell in love with vegetables and fruits, so the blood types did not immediately change to the second, but began to differ. For meat eaters - the first, for those who also began to eat plant foods - the second.

The third blood type appeared when the peoples began to migrate and they had to eat everything that came along the way, sometimes without paying attention to the taste.

Time passed, evolution transformed the club-overgrown savages into civilized people, and the first and second groups were formed into the fourth. Those who know the D'Adamo theory call them "cities". They can also be called "aristocrats" because, according to the doctor, red caviar and expensive wine are best for this variety.

We are all descendants of these amazing old people, which means we should feed ourselves accordingly: this is the main idea of Dr. D'Adamo.

Diet and nutrition by blood group are thus reduced to choosing the right menu for the system.

How to choose a diet by blood type

How to choose a diet by blood type is an urgent question, but the answer is simple: take a special test.

In expensive clinics, they offer a full examination before the diet: here both the composition and blood group, as well as tests for intolerance to the body of certain foods. Perhaps such a thorough business approach really helps to adapt quickly to new nutritional conditions. But if this service is too expensive for you, just do a blood type test and you can start dieting.

Diet by blood group: menu

Special tables have been developed that describe the diet menu in detail by blood group. Products for each group are divided into three types: recommended, prohibited and neutral. Let's write down the main points of nutrition by blood type.

Menu for the first blood group

  • Recommended: meat and fish diet, some vegetables (broccoli, beetroot, pumpkin).
  • Neutral products: cottage cheese, butter, cereals, green tea.
  • Prohibited: smoked meat and fish, pickles, milk and sour milk products, flour products made from wheat, strong alcohol and black tea.

Menu for the second blood group

  • Recommended: a plant-based diet, you can use any fruit, some fish and meat (chicken or turkey), mushrooms, herbal teas and coffee.
  • Neutral products: yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, muesli and white wine.
  • Prohibited: meat and offal (except the above), caviar, dairy products including ice cream, flour products (except rye and buckwheat flour), cruciferous vegetables, citrus fruits, strong alcohol and black tea.

Menu for the third blood group

  • Recommended: lamb, rabbit and eggs, most types of fish, dairy products, some vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beets), bananas, grapes, green tea.
  • Neutral foods: beef, flour products including baked goods, all fruits (except pomegranate and avocado) and vegetables (except potatoes).
  • Prohibited: poultry, seafood, cereals and alcoholic beverages.

Menu for the fourth blood group

  • Recommended: lamb, rabbit and turkey, fish, red caviar, fermented milk products, rye and oat flour and products made from them, vegetables and fruits.
  • Neutral products: eggs, wheat flour products, herbal teas, white and red wine.
  • Prohibited: all meat, with the exception of the three permitted types of whole milk, cereals, carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

As you can see from the recommendations, the menu for the blood type diet is very diverse and in any type of food it is quite possible to find the elements that suit you.

Diet by blood type: reviews and results

Now that you have learned about the principles of the D'Adamo diet, you are likely interested in reviews of the blood type diet.

Opinions on this type of diet, as usual, have been divided into two irreconcilable camps. Some mouth foam argues that it is impossible to lose weight this way, and it is generally not worth calling a diet a system that does not limit the amount of food, but only prohibits certain types of food. Others adore Dr. D'Adamo and happily demonstrate the results of following his recommendations. Who should you believe?

The opinion of experts is clear: they call a diet by blood type a panacea, arguing that it cannot produce results, besides, it can be dangerous - since it is not properly researched.

This position is shared by many nutritionists and doctors, for example Robert Carroll, Victor Herbert and Francis van Rijnen.

But there are others. For example, people who managed not only to lose weight, but also to heal the body, strengthen immunity and improve metabolism. The blood type diet helped them with this. Reviews of people who have lost weight surprise the imagination of those who have not yet decided on a diet. There are stories of someone losing 20 pounds in a month and photos of slim girls in bikinis and assurances that people stopped getting sick by starting to eat D'Adamo.

Losing weight with this method or choosing another is your choice. Given the variety of permitted foods, it can be assumed that you will not starve to death with such a diet anyway. But after making a decision to lose weight, it is imperative to consult a nutritionist, or at least a therapist. Only a doctor can prescribe you a diet that will eliminate excess weight and not harm your health.