How to fight, you start with obesity

Why it wasn't working, and now need to be successful

How to fight, you start with obesity

To fight time, if you decided to are overweight, then you already have a psychological Motivation: they are dissatisfied with their appearance, and you want to improve your health. Such desires help похвальны and always help you achieve your goals, but only a little. You will certainly have already tried to lose weight, but you don't have it. Let's look at the most important error in the fight against obesity. Unfortunately, these are usually fights with the consequences, and you have to start with basic.

In order to effectively lose weight and to support, their weight in the standard, it is necessary to organize your thinking.

It is a very difficult task, but you can decide for yourself, once and for all.

The fact that the food is a kind of drug for the body. You go into the mode of normal nutrition after a prolonged period of abundant food is not as difficult as inveterate smokers to quit Smoking.

First, you need to answer a simple question: you eat to live or live to eat?

As long as you live, to eat, eat and eat, you will have no success with the elimination of excess weight. Because I'm hungry, because it's always hungry, or because you want to pamper yourself delicious, or to be due to the fact that soothe the soul is bad, or you have to and don't be nervous, or focus...

Thoughts create the world. You, who introduce you to. Socrates said that it was thinking strictly necessary about how we live, and make the appropriate conclusions.

Improve your thoughts and your life will improve.

The fight with unnecessary diet requires not only a change in your thinking, but also the active pursuit of the spiritual life-style. You have probably noticed that spiritual people very rarely thick.

Once you have the higher spiritual interests, they lost the desire to eat a lot and enjoy the gluttony. To move, by the way, the Orthodox believers easy, and the long and strict fasting, just because in the almost time, you can devote your thoughts to God and prayer, without distraction by worldly enticements.

To eat less, you will learn your behavior by PA question, and if she pulls out again to eat. Are you looking for the causes and the time in which there is a violation of the diet. You realize your mistake, you will be easier to change your behavior.

Often, injuries arise in the organization of festivals at home or at work, when visiting Restaurants, cafes and fast-Food establishments as a "MakDonalds".

Try to organize your life to avoid frequent, regular festivals, especially with the use of alcoholic beverages, and if you are even deeper in such conditions, then you can select the best suitable and healthy dishes for you and only "peck". You must always be prepared for such situations psychologically, all of which can cross out your good approaches.

Usually the person is relaxed in the evenings in front of the TV, eat your lunch late dinner and more gaining everything that came to Hand, and under drastic events on the TV screen.

Don't you eat in the evening out of boredom. In your home should not be under the TV food: crackers, cookies, Chips, and beer.

You make no inventories calorie-rich foods. These products are only a one-time fee to buy and in minimum amounts.

To house only low-calorie Food.

At home, you must only low calorie food

You should not keep at home beer and alcoholic beverages. Beer gives weight to increase the mass of the body grows, such as the yeasts, which are contained in him. Every alcohol contains empty calories and destroys your health. In a prominent place there should be no food, neither in the rooms nor in the kitchen. At a glance, only drinking water can.

You can, if you go to the fridge, you get a large inscription:

Don't touch me, you have eaten already.

Lovers of the local "Gags" can accompany you open the fridge door the sound of alarming sirens or abusive phrase, the talking electronics expressed.

You have no fear that the changeover to a different diet in them the forces out.

Actually, man must eat of the day very little, only it should be of high quality, and healthy to give the body everything necessary to live and work Forget appearances of all kinds of culinary fashion.

The transition from the reinforced diet to smaller portions should be gradual, otherwise it will switch very hard in a new way.

Conversion of the power supply must start with the psychological setting:

"I'm not to overeat, I want to be healthy, I eat moderately and only three times a day".

And then you only eat three times a day and nothing to "snack" in the breaks.

Should begin with establish your diet exactly to stop eating between meals. Some people need to meals, possibly four, wherein the total amount of food should the three-time variant.

Thus, there is less and less, you have to get used to small portions. This can be achieved by the following simple methods.

Instead of a large dining plate is small and not very deep basin.

The spoon should be dessert, the plug must be small. If you sticks in the wood, the second dish is the best, there is exactly one chopstick. Rods enable us to capture a very small portion and there are longer than with a spoon or a fork. The person eats less and is longer, but faster saturated.

Better to keep your Cutlery were nice and replaced joy with your images. By clicking on simple and healthy food, should food, the attention to the beauty of the fed. The beauty of food and Cutlery will help them to compensate for what look like before the gifts and the taste of the gourmet-calorie meals.

Suppress appetite: it is high-calorie products, and there is only a low-calorie, contain a lot of fiber.

It should be very slowly, then the saturation will come faster and the Assimilation of food is more than complete, that will help you to eat less.

You drink during the meal, not worth it. Better you drink a lot later after the meal. If you like you can drink before the meal, for twenty minutes before a meal drink a half a Cup or less sour or sourish fresh juice or a drink made from diluted fruit juice.

If you do not resist breaks between meals, you can eat some fruit. Only! Or drink slowly a glass of water at room temperature. The feeling of Hunger disappears. If that's not enough, take one or two tablets micro cellulose (MCC), they swell in the stomach, and you have the feeling that you have eaten something. These pills also help clean substances your body of harmful toxins.

Most modern people lack to eat a little extra, sitting in front of the TV or on the Computer, and sometimes even in the lunch break and have Breakfast with them. In no case can not keep the TV in the kitchen.

Now they eat only at the table in the kitchen! In pleasant peace and quiet or the quiet flowing of music, of viewing the landscape behind the window and enjoy the view of fruit and other healthy foods.

If you want to spend but still in front of the TV a lot of time and she pulls out the food while watching TV, use the disturbing movement. If, during the commercial break you have decided to run in the kitchen to eat, then you should lie instead the sound from the TV and back on the Mat, bend the knees. First, you should the rise of the basin to the top with a focus on two legs. In the upper Position, relax and then return to the starting position. The excavation of the basin should trigger a breath, the return to the starting position - exhale. You do so a few times, and then switch to the lifting of the pelvis with emphasis on one leg, the other leg in the straight line at an angle, so that it seems by the continuation of the support legs. Breathing is coordinated in a similar way. By advertising a number of proposals for a break, you will feel that she is sick.

Your diet should be healthy and completely in the composition. You must strive to follow the natural way of life. The closer you are to your lifestyle, including your diet and level of physical activity corresponds to the natural destiny of man, the more you will be healthy.

In any case, you should not "starve to death". The permanent under-nutrition (in General, in the absence of vitaminized food) only harmful to the body, and robs him of his powers. It is a path to the impoverishment of the body. Some fanatical недоедающие people bring up dystrophy.

Really should lose weight, eat a wholesome and healthy food.

In the process of active natural you should only be positive thoughts that you weight gradually loose, remove attractive? to feel better. You must treat yourself with love. N

Those people who are thinking about self-hate, despise your body, and resented the fact accumulated fat, no positive results in natural weight loss.

Useful, inspired:

"My weight is not much more than the Norm, but it is still constantly on the carry five-pound dumbbell that I don't want to carry the load."

"My weight is much larger than the Norm, and that it weight still to wear puddy (dauphud or more). I carrying unnecessary cargo 365 days of the year, every year. So no longer can".

"My body is tired of unnecessary congestion and can be sick. I love me, I do not regret my heart, I don't want to be sick, and I want to lose weight".

It is important to note that the carrying of payloads is much worse than weight. Live broadcast requires no additional power supply, because it is a part of the body, which is also necessary.

All of your thoughts and actions must be positive. You start to lose weight only with the joy of what you say goodbye with his past state and go to a new, better look and a better well-being.

If you decide for yourself, what do you eat to live and not live to eat, you can feel the development of the indifferent relation to the type of food. Here also the psychological training to people with a certain force of will. If you manage, to master, to eat the setting, you will live much easier. So, do the following.

Earlier, they have certainly tried losing weight through various diets, but it is not helping them. Not only, after a while your weight even increases. Now D doesn't that happen to you. To lose in a natural way, weight body lives a healthy life, to improve all physiological processes in him gradually, and the health improves, the weight decreases gradually.

The majority of diets for weight reduction are based on the small consumption of a group of products for a long time, which only leads to a deterioration of health. The weight lost by the loss of water and Protein in the body's muscles, fat in such diets, consumed relatively little. The same protein lose structures of the muscles and severely dehydrates the body very harmful to health. Loss of muscle mass does not bring weakness and apathy, so that you want with no additional physical burden. Finally, you have so little work to do with their work and house work. Such a diet promotes the preservation, and even the accumulation of excess weight. Loss of Protein structures leads to loss of key metabolic enzymes active in digestion is involved. As a result of the processes of digestion even more are injured. And because the enzymes allow you to burn up active fat in the body.

Her weight seems to have declined slightly, but don't know what price you. How much is really in the body fat is not burned - ordinary scales tell you. But you should know that the flimsy monotonous diets are harmful to your health, and your weight is reduced by the dissipation of the body substances, as in food, many necessary components are missing for a long time. In such a diet in the body, a strong feeling of Hunger that torments her. In the result, they throw begin such a diet and there's still more, at the end of all the Bach. And the psychological result of such a diet is terrible - you lose faith in your power and ability to correct the Situation with obesity for the better. This means that to start you out of a bad mood again, there are many, in consequence of your weight is increasing even more.

Now you must all of the products to you in reasonable quantities in the course of the day. Feelings occur acute Hunger, you can move a lot, and your weight decreases gradually up to the limits you set. Stabilized diet and physical activity to achieve normal weight, where N strengthen your health in harmony with its physiology.

Suppress appetite can

All diets and supplements, the suggests that the to lose weight fast and even fast fat burning, dangerous for your health. In this mode, the body forms many harmful substances - free radicals, the damage to the tissue and the aging of the body. If the fat in the body lost ü very fast, then the reaction of the conversion of a portion of the proteins in the fat comes from. In the body fuel protein disrupted exchange and there comes a painful disease with a very poor health condition. According to similar methods your health losing weight very difficult.

Recourse lose weight in natural methods, you will lose your weight slowly, pollutants are destroyed and excreted by the in the case of high physical activity. Your diet fully, forces are only added, and their health improves to the background of the lowering of the weight. So this time, with a weight reduction you will have success. The main thing - confidence in yourself, your goal and not give up the business halfway.